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The coercion,exploitation,psychological and sexual abuse of women in pornography (Part one)

Ref to girls- “We are not happy until you are not happy" Max Hardcore

"They choose to do it!"

"They are consenting adults!"

"It's free speech!"

"They are sluts and deserve what they get!"

"They get paid!"

"It's empowering for women!"

"Some women like rough sex!"

These words are some of the typical responses from the porn producers, pro-sex lobby and the consumers of pornography; that appear on many social media sites. These are the words that justify, minimise and deny the blatant and most prevalent abuse and sexual violence against girls and women who perform in commercial, mainstream pornography.

 Aggression and violence towards women in pornography

Some of the common sexual acts that women are expected to perform in contemporary mainstream pornography

Gagging - Otherwise known as deep-throating,throat fucking and facial abuse. Hard, violent penetration of a woman's throat that induces gagging and vomiting.
Choking - The strangulation of a woman, sometimes up to the point of unconsciousness.
Anal - pornography features anal penetration with a penis, dildo, other objects, or some combination of them.
Double penetration - (a.k.a. DP) pornography depicts simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration of one woman. Double Stuffed (a.k.a. DS), Double Vaginal (a.k.a. DV), or Double Anal (a.k.a. DAP) pornography involves the penetration of one orifice by two penises or other objects.
Facial  - pornography involving male ejaculation onto a performer’s face.
Cum-shot -  pornography features a collection of male ejaculation scenes.
Gang bang - depicts numerous men having sex with one woman. Otherwise known as gang rape.
ATM  - (ass to mouth) pornography shows the transfer of a performer's penis (or other object) from a second performer's anus to that same second performer's (or another performer's) mouth in a single shot. A variant of A2M is ATOM (ass to other mouth) where a performer inserts his penis directly from one recipient's anus into a second recipient's mouth.
Gaping - (aka rosebudding) refers to scenes of anal sex with a focus on the recipient's anus remaining open for a period of time after the erect penis or dildo is removed. A sub-set of gaping is the "'tunnel cumshot", wherein the male ejaculates directly into the gaping anus.
Rimming - pornography centering around analingus.
Fisting - pornography features the insertion of an entire hand into a performer's vagina or anus. A sub-set of vaginal fisting attempts to photograph the female cervix immediately after the fist (or large dildo or speculum) is removed from the now-gaping vagina.
Insertion - features performers inserting various odd objects into their anus or vaginas
Amateur - professionally made porn that features amateur actors/actresses, often appearing for the first time in a pornographic film.
BDSM - bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism. Can include torturous acts such as beating,whipping which leave visual marks. Water-boarding and electrocution.
Rough sex - similar to pornography featuring sadomasochism, and typically features a Top who humiliates and/or degrades a Bottom while being physically violent towards them. Typically featured are hitting, choking, name-calling and hair-pulling. Many of these activities might be based on rape.

Other types of sexual acts found on the internet

Menstrual - or "red rhapsody" pornography features sexual activities involving women who are menstruating, with a focus on the menstrual blood.
Scat - or "brown" pornography features defecation, manipulation of faeces, or consumption of faeces, in reality or fantasy.
Milking - pornography features lactating women being milked or milking themselves (not to be confused with milk enemas).
Water sports - pornography features sexual activities involving urine, often the male performer urinates into the woman's mouth.
Emetophilia - pornography involving vomiting and gagging. Often the woman is made to
lick up the vomit off the penis or off the floor.
Preggo - pornography features pregnant performers being penetrated and may include erotic lactation as a fetish.
Saliva - pornography involves salivation and saliva, where the women is spat on or male
performer spits into the woman's mouth.
Crying  pornography that features women crying.
Swirling  - featuring male performers penetrating women,held upside-down with their heads
inside a toilet bowl.
Bukkake pornography involves a performer, usually female, onto whom several men ejaculate, usually on the face. ie- Bakers dozen.
Felching - involves drinking (via suction / soda straw) recently ejaculated semen from the vagina or anus.
Gokkun  - is a Japanese term for sexual activity in which a woman consumes the semen of one or more men, usually from some kind of container. Pornographic films with gokkun scenes have had up to 200 men participating.
Bestiality - Sexual contact or sexual intercourse between a person and an animal.

The young women who enter the porn industry 

The sex industry, be it pornography, stripping or prostitution; Abuses and destroys young women to such an extent, that they no longer feel like human beings.
They are merely fleshed robots, sexual fodder, whores, sluts, meat holes and sexual receptacle's, who arrived at these meat markets via multiple reasons; Typically, the inevitable consequences of life's tragedies and trauma's.

Just like prostitution, the porn industry (Pornography is filmed prostitution) is full of predatory older males who procure many young women in different ways, such as coercion by pimp boyfriends, who are drug dependant or just desire money. Some of these pimps also become  pornographers themselves. Sometimes these young women are trafficked or are just extremely vulnerable. Many of them are runaways, escaping dysfunctional homes that have experienced child sexual abuse and/or rape. They are usually drug or alcohol dependant. These victims have 'Complex' PTSD which is a pattern of behaviours in which the victim continues to abuse themselves in order to ward off the PTSD symptoms, that are far more painful and traumatic than the actual abuse,where the victim shuts down all emotions and feelings. Therefore, this safety mechanism often manifests into high-risk sexual behaviours, which often becomes the prerequisite to promiscuity,prostitution and performance in pornography. In which there is a continuation of abuse, self loathing, self harm, self sexual denigration, dissociation and a re-inaction of the abuse itself.

Child sexual abuse, links to later sexual exploitation and high-risk sexual behaviours

Is There a Relationship Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Sexual Masochism in Women?

There are also very young women who have escaped highly oppressive and religious homes, who seek a path of what they perceive as 'Empowerment' and complete 'Freedom' and as a 'fuck you' to their families. (eg- Porn performer 'Belladonna')
 Or they are escaping poverty, trying to pay their way through college or single mothers in great debt etc. Young, wealthy, well educated young women do not ordinarily choose pornography or prostitution as a career path.

 Also, our porn culture glamorises and normalises pornography through different media such as films, advertisements and music videos. Or celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who promotes pornography by her sex tape and naked selfies; to teenage girls who are extremely naive and gullible. Young people are easily influenced by certain media such as the movie 'Saving private Ryan' which incited many young men into joining the forces, who could not comprehend the realistic hell until they were in a real war zone.
Most of these 'Teens' (I say teens because most enter at the age of eighteen and nineteen) do one porn shoot and they are done. Their first shoot is usually with an older male or males, who humiliate, degrade and are sexually aggressive towards her. Pornographers love  the real fear and pain of 'Young, fresh meat'. 

The porn industry is and never will be regulated or indeed ethical.The same goes for independents. (This will be another blog post shortly)
Firstly, Most of the commercial porn produced is in the San Fernando valley, California and has emerged from organised crime. We are talking billions of dollars. And so many companies have vested interests in porn production, such as hotel chains, telephone companies, the sex toy industry and websites like pornhub. These male dominated industries are making massive profits from exploiting these young,vulnerable women in pornography.

 How many extremely wealthy female porn performers do you know?

 Apart from very few women like Jenna Jameson, who did make a lot of money from porn, but lost her mind and two of her children in the process. She is still to this day, recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Jameson came from poverty, was neglected and was also raped by a friends uncle and gang raped at sixteen. While in high school, she began taking drugs. At the age of seventeen, she was coerced into stripping by her boyfriend.

 Most of this pornography is shot by older males and male talent, behind closed doors in private houses and locations. Often the young woman is alone, so there is already a power imbalance and a sense of intimidation. 

The porn directors inform the performers that they can use a 'safe word' when they wish for a particular act to stop. (Which is stated in a contract) But there are many anecdotal accounts by performers who say that they couldn't use a safe word, because they were gagged and restrained or that they were ignored until the scene ended. There are also many women who say that they were sexually assaulted and raped by either the directors or male performers,either on the porn shoot or off it.
Ex porn actors say they were often not told the details of what they will be asked to do, until right before they are expected to do it. Where they learn they will be obligated to perform an act they may not be willing to. Aggression, lack of pay or threat of no work is often used to make them conform.
Testimonies have shown that although a performer may at one time say they they are happy with what they are doing, they often come out later to say that in fact they were not. And for whatever reason they were compelled or coerced to lie.
Porn performers also suffer from many STD's which include chlamydia, that has no symptoms and can cause infertility.
 Last year the porn industry and California voters rejected a law to make condoms compulsory in porn, even though they suffer more STD's than the population (So much for the performers health) 
 1 in 4 Porn Stars Has Had Gonorrhea or Chlamydia
 Also, porn performers often find it difficult to leave pornography, because the sex industry is highly stigmatised and adding pornography to their cv's is clearly not beneficial and detrimental in finding other jobs/careers.

 Pornstar statistics 

The average life expectancy for a porn star is thirty seven. Many die from drug overdoses,alcohol complications,suicide and AID's.
More than a dozen porn performers under the age of 55 died over the course of 2013.
Last weekend, the industry was faced with another death as Amber Rayne was found dead in her Los Angeles home. She was only 31 years old.
Dead porn stars
Dead playboy playmates

Pornography emerged from organised crime and was once illegal to possess, make or distribute in many countries. It was an underground market and was mainly produced and distributed out of countries like Denmark, who became the first country in the world to legalize pornography in 1969. (The ban on pornography in Denmark was lifted in 1967) Child sexual abuse imagery was also legal until 1980. Denmark was also a centre for the production of animal pornography (Bestiality).

The women in the 'Golden age' of Pornography

Bodil Joensen

Bodil Joensen
Born in rural Denmark in 1944, Bodil Joensen was raised on a farm where she had an horrific and brutal childhood at the hands of her religious, abusive mother. Regularly beaten and denied any emotional comfort, Bodil found solace with animals. The suffering of her childhood became worse when at the age of twelve, she was raped by a man while waiting for a train home from school. Her mother blamed her daughter for the rape and punished her for her sins. This brutality only pushed Bodil to identify more closely with animals than with humans, leading to her first teenage sex act with the family dog.
At fifteen, Bodil ran away from home and began work on a neighboring farm. She took great interest in the insemination of pigs, which eventually led to Bodil starting her own successful porcine insemination business.
Denmarks change in the law led Bodil to approach pornographer Ole Ege, offering to make a film, originally a “documentary.” This led Ege to co-produce Bodil’s first film 'A Summer’s Day' a documentary on her sex life with animals, directed by Shinkichi Tajiri.
A Summer’s Day was the first bestiality film ever made and (surprisingly) it won Grand Prix at the pornographic film festival Wet Dreams in Amsterdam 1970. The award made Bodil an underground porn star, and she went on to make 40 bestiality movies.
These films had a limited market and it was not until the arrival of home videos in 1980’s that the porn industry made a fortune out of distributing and selling back catalogues of hardcore films.
With strict pornography laws in the UK, these films were smuggled into the country and distributed via sex shops and by mail order. In 1981, four of Bodil’s films were edited together along with a similar film called Animal Lover to create Animal Farm (also known as Barnyard Fun.) Being caught in possession of this movie in Britain was punishable by a prison sentence.
As the film made money for its producers and distributors, Bodil herself was in a painful and tragic decline. By now a severe alcoholic, Bodil was addicted to painkillers, and was supporting her daughter and maintaining the upkeep of her farm by working as a prostitute and performing in live sex shows with animals.

 In 1985, after being traumatized and exploited for most of her life, Bodil Joensen aged just forty, died of cirrhosis of the liver.

Documentary: The real Animal farm- (No explicit content, but extremely disturbing)

Linda Susan Boreman (aka Linda Lovelace)

Linda Boreman
Was an American pornographic actress famous for her performance in the 1972 hardcore porn film Deep Throat. Although the film was an enormous success at the time, it was later alleged by Boreman that her abusive husband, Chuck Traynor, had threatened and coerced her into the performance. Boreman described what went on behind the scenes in her autobiography Ordeal. She later became a Christian and a spokeswoman for the anti-pornography movement.
Boreman became involved with Chuck Traynor. According to Boreman, Traynor was charming and attentive at first, then became violent and controlling. She said he forced her to move to New York, where he became her manager, pimp, and husband.
 Coerced by Traynor, Boreman was soon performing as Linda Lovelace in hardcore "loops," short 8-mm silent films made for peep shows. Boreman starred in a 1969 bestiality film titled Dogarama (also known as Dog Fucker) In the documentary 'The real Linda Lovelace' her publisher states "If Linda sees a dog, she can't even say the word 'Dog' She can only spell it out 'D.O.G."

Charges against Chuck Traynor

In her suit to divorce Traynor, she said that he forced her into pornography at gunpoint, and that in Deep Throat bruises from his beatings can be seen on her legs. She said that her husband "would force her to do these things by pointing an M16 rifle at her head." Boreman said in her autobiography that her marriage had been plagued by violence, rape, forced prostitution, and private pornography.
 She wrote in Ordeal: When in response to his suggestions I let him know I would not become involved in prostitution in any way and told him I intended to leave, [Traynor] beat me up physically and the constant mental abuse began. I literally became a prisoner, I was not allowed out of his sight, not even to use the bathroom, where he watched me through a hole in the door. He slept on top of me at night, he listened to my telephone calls with a .45 automatic eight shot pointed at me. I was beaten physically and suffered mental abuse each and every day thereafter. He undermined my ties with other people and forced me to marry him on advice from his lawyer.
My initiation into prostitution was a gang rape by five men, arranged by Mr. Traynor. It was the turning point in my life. He threatened to shoot me with the pistol if I didn't go through with it. I had never experienced anal sex before and it ripped me apart. They treated me like an inflatable plastic doll, picking me up and moving me here and there. They spread my legs this way and that, shoving their things at me and into me, they were playing musical chairs with parts of my body. I have never been so frightened and disgraced and humiliated in my life. I felt like garbage. I engaged in sex acts for pornography against my will to avoid being killed... The lives of my family were threatened.

 The Peraino family financed and produced the most profitable pornographic film of all time — Deep Throat.
Anthony Peraino

 Tony Peraino was a "made man" member of the Profaci crime family most likely sometime before the books were closed for membership in the late 1950s, and like his father he climbed the ranks of the New York Mafia to become one of Colombo crime family's biggest earners. Peraino helped develop pornography into one of organized crime's biggest moneymakers after narcotics and labour racketeering. He was aided by his brother Joe "The Whale" Peraino, his sons Louis "Butchie" Peraino and Joseph C. Peraino, and his nephew, Joseph Peraino.

The Peraino family financed and produced the most profitable pornographic film of all time — Deep Throat, starring the first porn star ever, Linda Lovelace. Louis produced the movie and his father Anthony loaned him the initial $22,500 in production costs. The Perainos used a unique procedure by leasing the theatres and employees for all proceeds. To ensure compliance, they sent their own employees or associates known as "checkers" to run the movie houses.
 Anthony and Louis used profits from Deep Throat to build a vast financial empire in the 1970s that included, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), "ownership of garment companies in New York and Miami and investment companies".
The Perainos controlled various adult and porn industry interests based in New York, Los Angeles and South Florida, from adult bookstores, to peep shows and adult movie theaters. Joseph Peraino later became involved in the distribution of another very successful pornographic film, the Devil in Miss Jones, and from his base of operations in California's San Fernando Valley, Peraino would maintain a tight grip on the Colombo crime family's interests in the porn industry well into the 1990s.

Documentary : The real Linda Lovelace.

Bambi Woods

Bambi woods
Was the stage name of a 'now-retired' pornographic actress and exotic dancer best known for her appearance as the title character in the 1978 film Debbie Does Dallas. Her meteoric success in the Golden Age of Porn, and disappearance intrigued adult industry writers and caused interest in her whereabouts, and a myth about her having met a sordid fate several years after her heyday began to be accepted as fact. 'According to the director' of Debbie Does Dallas there was no sensational truth or mystery, as he had 'Woods' traced decades later, and found she simply did not wish to disrupt her life with publicity.
The film was highly successful, selling 50,000 copies when it made it to videotape, making it the most successful video release of a porn film in its time. It is regarded as one of the most important releases during the so-called "Golden Age of Porn" and remains one of the best-known pornographic films. The producer/director, Jim Clark, said he created the stage name 'Bambi Woods' in an allusion to the Disney character: "I named her Bambi Woods. There wasn't any real reason behind it. Bambi ... a deer. In the woods. Do you want to get deeper?". One reviewer in a TV documentary about the film expressed the opinion that Woods's demeanour during sex scenes was in keeping with her pseudonym, being reminiscent of a deer caught in car headlights.
 Woods’s pornographic film career occurred towards the end of the Golden Age of Porn, when the filmmakers operated in a legal grey area, making them vulnerable to extortion by organised criminals who controlled distribution. Unlike current pornography in the US, there was no mandatory verification and record keeping of participants’ true identities, and the real names of even the most prolific remained unknown outside their profession until decades later when the identities of almost all famous performers were circulated on the internet. Despite the huge profits being made, female performers’ fees rarely exceeded the low hundreds of dollars. Although Woods ostensibly performed in Debbie Does Dallas as a one-off to clear a debt, she spent all her earnings, so the still-owed friend arranged for her to become an exotic dancer. She was also reputed to have only earned $400 a day for shooting
Debbie does Dallas, whilst the movie continues to make millions of dollars for the producers.

"I moved to New York and was working for a small grocery store on Broadway when I ran into financial difficulties and a opportunity of a lifetime at the same moment. From a complete nobody to a feature flick. The time was right and I took the leap." "I had a friend whom had done a couple of gigs with and I owed her money. She told me that some producers had called her and were looking for some new faces and said I should go down and talk to them. She told me I was going to get paid something like a thousand dollars a day but when I talked with them, they were only offering three hundred and fifty a day." Bambi, nevertheless, accepted and was cast as Debbie in the now legendary movie 'Debbie Does Dallas' (1978).

 The director of the film was originally planning on making a film called 'Teenage Services'. Things changed when he met Bambi: "A young woman came into the studio that I was working in at the time, told me her story of woe coming back from Dallas trying out for the cheerleaders down there. So I called up my partner at the time and said I got an idea, why don't we scrap this and we'll do this! He said, "sounds like a good idea to me". And that"s how it was born? It was really born out of her personality. She was as bubbly as you could get. She seemed to be healthy in her attitude to sex. The only thing she had a problem with that I was not aware of at the time was she had a drug problem. I named her Bambi Woods."
Bambi had no intention of becoming a porn star. "The only reason I went in the first place was because I needed the money. I didn"t go looking for it but I needed the money." After 'Debbie Does Dallas' was released, she supported herself by working as a stripper at New York's Melody Burlesque Theater with other top names such as Seka, Kandi Barbour and Lysa Thatcher. Fred Lincoln, porn actor, director and producer later recalled: "I was the first person to ever put porno girls in theaters and nightclubs in New York. I did it by convincing this guy, Bernie, to hire Bambi Woods. He paid her three thousand dollars and told me, "If she don't make this money back, you gotta pay us." She packed the club." One visitor remembered having "Bambi Woods sprawled out totally nude across my lap, hands permitted anywhere - she just wanted a buck every 2-3 minutes or so."
 The fate of Bambi Woods in the mid-1980s became a mystery and later the subject of a documentary, 'Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered'. According to the Art Director of the original 'Debbie' movie, "She was a little bit shy and a little bit hesitant? She was a private girl from a tremendously different upbringing and she was all of a sudden in a whole different world." Clark claims, "I heard that in 1986 she died of an overdose, but I"m certain not sure." According to Eric Edwards, on the other hand, "From what I heard from other sources I think that her parents rescued her from this industry and took her away into seclusion and probably gave her counselling." Source

Documentary:  Debbie does Dallas uncovered (No-one knows the whereabouts of Bambi Woods and although many of the male actors appear in this film, apart from one; All the other female actors refused.)
Arcadia Lake who also appeared in the movie, died in 1990 of drug overdose

Jenna Jameson

In the introduction to her book:How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale.
Jenna says: “For two decades I looked men in the eye and denied everything. And then for years, in private, I wrestled with myself. The truth won".

Jenna Jameson
Born Jenna Marie Massoli; April 9, 1974
Is an American entrepreneur, webcam model and former pornographic film actress, who has been called the world's most famous adult entertainment performer and "The Queen of Porn"
 She started acting in erotic videos in 1993 after having worked as a stripper and glamour model. By 1996, she had won the "top newcomer" award from each of the three major adult-movie organizations. She has since won more than 35 adult-video awards, and has been inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organization and Adult Video News Halls of Fame.
 Jameson announced her retirement from pornography at the 2008 AVN Awards, stating that she would never return to the industry. Although she no longer performs in pornographic films, she has been working as a webcam model since 2013.
She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her father, Laurence Henry Massoli, was a police officer. Her mother, Judith Brooke Hunt, was a Las Vegas showgirl who danced in the Folies Bergère show at the Tropicana Resort & Casino. Her mother died of melanoma on February 20, 1976, two months prior to her daughter's second birthday. The cancer treatments bankrupted the family and they relocated in Nevada, Arizona, usually living in a trailer home or living with her paternal grandmother. She and her older brother, Tony were raised Catholic, though they were essentially left to parent each other.
Jameson was a frequent entrant in beauty pageants as a child, and enrolled in ballet classes throughout her childhood.
Jameson wrote in her autobiography that in October 1990, when she was 16 years old and while the family was living on a cattle ranch in Fromberg, Montana, she was beaten with rocks and gang raped by four boys after a football game at Fromberg High School. The incident began after she attempted to hitchhike home, and that she entered the car of the four boys while believing that she would be driven to her home.
 She reported being raped a second time while still 16, by "Preacher", her boyfriend Jack's biker uncle. Preacher has denied the rape ever occurred. Rather than tell her father, she left home and moved in with Jack in her first serious relationship.
 She tried to follow in her mother's career as a Las Vegas showgirl, but most shows rejected her for not having the then-typical height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
 Her boyfriend Jack encouraged her to apply for jobs as a dancer, and in 1991, though under-age, she began dancing in Las Vegas strip clubs using a fake identification. After she was rejected from the Crazy Horse Too strip club because of her orthodontia, she removed her braces with pliers and was accepted.
 While in high school, she began taking drugs – cocaine, LSD, and methamphetamine – accompanied by her brother (who was addicted to heroin) and at times her father. Her addiction worsened during her four years with her boyfriend. She eventually stopped eating properly and became too thin to model; Jack left her in 1994. She weighed 76 pounds (34 kg) when a friend put her in a wheelchair and sent her to her father, who was then living in California, in order to detox; her father did not recognize her when she got off the plane.

 In October 2006, it was reported that Jameson began dating mixed martial artist and former UFC champion Tito Ortiz
 Jameson announced in August 2008 that she and Ortiz were expecting twins in April 2009. On March 16, 2009, Jameson gave birth to twin boys, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette.Jameson and Ortiz split up in March 2013. Ortiz was granted full custody of the twins.
 On May 25, 2012, Jameson was arrested in California and charged with three misdemeanor counts for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, driving with a blood-alcohol level over the state legal limit, and driving on a suspended license
  In 2013, self-proclaimed socialite and writer Britney Markham became Jameson's personal assistant after having met on Twitter. In a 2014 interview with LA Weekly, Markham claimed that Jameson would make requests for drugs. Markham posited that the pills of choice were Xanax, Ambien and Suboxone along with alcohol. On August 5, 2016, Jameson announced that she and her Israeli boyfriend, Lior Bitton, were expecting their first child together.

 Jenna Jameson's 25 Good Reasons Why No One Would Ever Want To Become a Porn Star

 Traci Lords

Traci Lords
(Born Nora Louise Kuzma on May 7, 1968) is an American actress, singer, model, writer, producer, and director. She achieved notoriety in the mid-1980s after authorities discovered that she was under-age when she posed nude and appeared in numerous pornographic films. A native of Steubenville, Ohio, Lords initially landed a job as a nude model at the age of fifteen using a fake driver's license. After being featured in the September 1984 issue of Penthouse magazine, she appeared in dozens of illegal videos between 1984 and 1986, and became one of the most sought-after pornographic actresses of the era. During May 1986, when law enforcement discovered she had been under-age while making all but one of her hardcore films, distributors and video rental stores were ordered to remove all her videos to avoid the risk of prosecution for trafficking in child pornography. The withdrawal of her films cost the industry millions of dollars and her case became the biggest scandal to affect the adult film industry.

 Her father was an alcoholic who would abuse her mother on a regular basis. According to her, he would come home drunk and accuse her of having boyfriends in the house. During that time, Lords would often spend time with her grandmother who lived nearby. Her parents divorced when she was seven years old and Lords moved with her mother and sisters to her great-grandmother's house.
 According to Lords, she and her sister Lorraine both developed early; this fuelled their father's concerns about their sexuality. "I think my father hated women. He dealt with us until we were eleven, then he started to lay this guilt on us about sex." At the age of ten, Lords was allegedly raped by a sixteen-year-old boy whom she had befriended at her friend's birthday party. When she was twelve, Lords moved with her mother and sisters to Lawndale, California, along with her mother's new boyfriend. It was the last time she saw her father. In September 1982, she began attending the Redondo Union High School in Redondo Beach, California. During her early school years, Lords developed a rebellious attitude. She was angry at her mother, blaming her for their poverty, and found a father figure in her mother's boyfriend. Roger Hayes, as she calls him in her autobiography, was a cocaine dealer and molested Lords in her sleep. After her mother broke up with him due to his drug use, she began dating his friend. Lords refused to follow them to a new place and was left with her older sister Lorraine. Her mother and two younger sisters eventually ended up in a women's shelter until her mother was able to find a new apartment.

 At the age of 14, Lords became pregnant by her high school boyfriend. Afraid of her mother's reaction, she went to Hayes for help. He arranged for her to have an abortion without her mother's knowledge. Looking for a job to get some money, she was introduced to his friend for whom she started working as a babysitter. She offered to solve Lords' job problems by helping her get a fake driver's license. She provided Lords with a new birth certificate on condition that she would say she had stolen it if she was ever caught. With a new driver's license with the name Kristie Elizabeth Nussman that stated she was 22 rather than 15-years-old, Lords lined up a few job interviews. In February 1984, she answered a newspaper advertisement for Jim South's World Modeling Talent Agency. Posing as her stepfather, Hayes drove her to the agency. After signing a contract, she began working as a nude model.
 During late May 1986 (around three weeks after Lords' 18th birthday), authorities discovered she had been underage when she appeared in about 75 pornographic movies. She had lied to law enforcement, photographers, producers, directors, co-workers, and the general public for two years. The owners of her movie agency and X-Citement Video, Inc. were arrested.
 On July 17, 1986, video rental shops and adult movie theaters in the USA were ordered to withdraw from their shelves all hardcore material featuring Lords. John Weston, attorney of the Adult Film Association of America, said distributors should withdraw any movie made before May 1986, featuring Lords "in sexual conduct, no matter how briefly". The withdrawal of Lords' movies from the market cost the industry millions of dollars. Government prosecutors declared Lords was a victim of a manipulative industry, maintaining that she was drugged and made to do non-consensual acts.
  "Traci, I Love You" was the last porn film that featured Traci Lords; it was ironic that Lords decided to quit the industry immediately after she became of legal age. Lords was offered enormous sums of money to continue in porn, but she declined the requests.
 After spending several months in therapy, Lords decided to concentrate on acting. She enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, where she studied method acting for three months.

 Her autobiography, Traci Lords: Underneath It All, was published during July 2003 by Harper-Collins. In the book, Lords chronicled her childhood, career and mostly her past in the pornography movie industry. The book received positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success making The New York Times Best Seller list. It was criticized by porno movie industry insiders. In the book, Lords revealed that she received only $35,000 as total compensation for all her porno movies, including the $5,000 for her under-age appearance in Penthouse.

 Sylvia Maria Kristel

Sylvia Kristel
Was a Dutch actress (28 September 1952 – 18 October 2012) who performed in over 50 films, including as the lead character in five of the seven Emmanuelle films. Kristel was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, the elder daughter of an innkeeper, Jean-Nicholas Kristel, and his wife Pietje Hendrika Lamme. In her 2006 autobiography, Nue, she stated that she was sexually abused by an elderly hotel guest when she was nine years old, an experience she otherwise refused to discuss. Her parents divorced when she was 14 years old after her father abandoned the family for another woman. "It was the saddest thing that ever happened to me", she said of the experience of her parents' separation.
 Kristel began modeling when she was 17. She entered the Miss TV Europe contest in 1973 and won. Multilingual, she spoke Dutch, English, French, German and Italian fluently, and several other languages to a lesser extent. Kristel gained international attention in 1974 for playing the title character in the softcore film Emmanuelle, which remains one of the most successful French films ever produced. After the success of Emmanuelle, she often played roles that capitalised on that sexually provocative image. One film titled 'Because of the cats' Aka 'The rape' in the UK (1973) Contained some of the most blatant exploitive and gratuitous rape scenes that had ever appeared in mainstream movies.

 Although Private Lessons was one of the highest-grossing independent films of 1981 (ranking #28 in US domestic gross), Kristel reportedly saw none of the profits and continued to appear in movies and last played Emmanuelle in the early 1990s.
 In September 2006, Kristel's autobiography Nue (Nude) was published in France. It was translated into English as Undressing Emmanuelle: A Memoir, by Fourth Estate, 2 July 2007  in which she told of a turbulent personal life blighted by addictions to drugs, alcohol, and her quest for a father figure, which resulted in some destructive relationships with older men. The book received some positive reviews. On 12 June 2012, she suffered a stroke and was hospitalized in critical condition. Four months later, she died in her sleep at age 60 from esophageal and lung cancer.


 Emmanuelle is the lead character in a series of French soft porn erotic movies based on a character created by Emmanuelle Arsan in the novel Emmanuelle (1959)
Emmanuelle appeared as the nom de plume of Marayat Rollet-Andriane, a French-Thai actress born in the 1930s in Bangkok. Her 1957 book The Joys of a Woman detailed the sexual exploits of Emmanuelle, the "bored housewife" of a French diplomat. Rollet-Andriane's book caused a sensation in France and was banned.
The producer of another Arsan/Rollet-Andriane film Laure, Ovidio Assonitis, claimed that all books published under the nom-de-plume Emmanuelle Arsan were written by her husband Louis-Jacques Rollet-Andriane rather than by Marayat .

 The first Emmanuelle film was the 1974 French theatrical feature Emmanuelle starring Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel  in the title role. She came to be the actress best identified with the role. This film pushed the boundaries of what was then acceptable on screen, with sex scenes, skinny-dipping, masturbation, the "Mile High Club", rape, and a scene in which a dancer lights a cigarette and puffs it with her vagina. This film was created and directed by French director Just Jaeckin.Unlike many films that tried to avoid an X-rating, the first Emmanuelle film embraced it, and became a success with a viewing audience estimated at 300 million. It remains one of France's most successful films, and played in the Arc de Triomphe theatre for over eleven years. In France and the US the film was uncut, but British censors balked at masturbation and explicit sex. Heavy cuts were made to the film including the complete removal of the opium den rape and the infamous 'cigarette' sequence in the club.
The film-makers promoted Emmanuelle as an erotic 'Feminist film' Convincing many women, that it was about 'Empowerment' and 'Sexual freedom' And that a woman wrote it! When in reality, it was a man that wrote it and merely a soft lensed porn movie.

Because Emmanuelle was shot in Thailand and there was no script, the rape scene shocked Sylvia Kristel, because firstly she didn't know it was going to happen and also the director (Just Jaeckin.) asked two local Thai men (Who were not even actors) to shoot the scene. She was also given
marijuana on set to calm her down.

 One of the most controversial and disturbing scenes in Emmanuelle, was footage of what looks to be a young girl between 12-16 years old. Who gyrates completely naked on a stage, inserts a cigarette into her vagina and then blows out the smoke. Although it was removed from cinema screens, it remains uncut in the videos.
Several sequels starring Kristel followed, beginning with Emmanuelle 2 known as Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman in its U.S. release, and also Emmanuelle l’antivierge in some European press materials, including the soundtrack LP and CD. Kristel sold her interest for $150,000, missing on a share of the film's $26m domestic gross. She was paid $6,000 for her role but negotiated a $100,000 contract for the sequel, Emmanuelle 2. The film played to packed houses in Paris, running for years. Emmanuelle was also an international hit and has played to 300 million. French distribution company Studio Canal has acquired home video rights for a number of Emmanuelle movies and has released remastered DVDs of the films. Taking video and DVD into account revenue is estimated close to 650 million.
Whilst the producers of Emmanuelle continued to make many more Emmanuelles, related movies, tv shows and substantial profits. Sylvia Kristel was subsequently taken back to live in Amsterdam by her manager who firmly believed that she was dying from heavy cocaine and alcohol use, her body weight dropped considerably and she was constantly in a stupor.
Her final years were spent on a meagre living, up until her death in 2012.
Documentary: The dark side of porn: Hunting Emmanuelle

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn Chambers (April 22, 1952 – April 12, 2009) was an American pornographic film actress, exotic dancer, model, actress, and vice-presidential candidate. She was best known for her 1972 hardcore film début Behind the Green Door and her 1980 pornographic film Insatiable. She ranked at No. 6 on the list of Top 50 Porn Stars of All Time by AVN, and ranked as one of Playboy's Top 100 Sex Stars of the Century in 1999.

 Her father tried to discourage her from pursuing a modelling career, citing brutal competition. "Ever since I was a little kid, I've always wanted to be an actress," "When I was about 16 I learned how to write my mother’s name on notes to get out of school", she said. "And then I'd take the train into the city to go to auditions". While in high school she landed some modelling assignments and a small role in the film The Owl and the Pussycat (1970), which starred Barbara Streisand and in which Chambers was credited as Evelyn Lang. During her early career as a model, her most prominent job was as the "Ivory Soap girl" on the Ivory Snow soap flake box, posing as a mother holding a baby under the tag line "99 & 44/100% pure"

 Upon the release of The Owl and the Pussycat, Chambers was sent to Los Angeles and San Francisco on a promotional tour along with co-star Roz Kelly. After that she did not receive any roles except for a low-budget film, writer-director-producer Sean S. Cunningham's Together (1971), in which she appeared nude. In 1970, she moved from Westport to San Francisco, where she held several jobs that included topless model and bottomless dancer. "I moved to San Francisco thinking it was the entertainment capital of the world, which it is indeed not," she said.
Chambers sought work in theatre and dance groups in San Francisco to no avail. In 1972, at the age of nineteen she saw an advertisement in the San Francisco Chronicle for a casting call for what was billed as a "major motion picture". She rushed to the audition only to find it was for a pornographic film, which was to be called Behind the Green Door. She was about to leave when producers Artie and Jim Mitchell noticed her resemblance to Cybill Shepherd. They invited her upstairs to their offices and told her the film's plot. Chambers was highly dubious about accepting a role in a pornographic film, fearing it might ruin her chances at breaking into the mainstream. Although she wasn't happy about doing a film with sex in it, she thought about how movies like 'Last tango in Paris' had sex scenes and it had become extremely popular. She was an ambitious young women and the older,savvy and charming Mitchell brothers were persuasive.
 "Each sequence was a surprise to me", she said in 1987. "They never told me what was happening next. I just did it as it happened"
 After filming concluded, she informed the Mitchell Brothers that she was "the Ivory Snow Girl"; the Mitchells capitalized on this by billing her as the "99 and 44/100% pure" girl.
 Chambers was relatively unknown prior to Behind the Green Door; however, the film made her a star. Green Door, along with Deep Throat, released the same year, and The Devil in Miss Jones, ushered in what is commonly known as the porno chic era. Critics have since debated whether she was really having orgasms in her scenes or just acting. She stated in one early interview that they were real, but denied it in an interview many years later.

Following Behind the Green Door, the Mitchell Brothers and Chambers teamed up for Resurrection of Eve, released in September 1973.  Following Eve, Chambers was anxious to transition her fame into other areas of entertainment. At the time the Mitchell Brothers were still her managers. "They were always talking about some half-assed idea I knew wouldn't come off", Chambers said in 1992. "'Flakes' is a terrible word but they were, in a cute sort of way". Chambers had always considered the brothers as her own brothers but when she abruptly announced that she was leaving them to take up with Chuck Traynor, they were appalled and had a falling out with Chambers.
In retaliation, the brothers created a documentary in 1976 called Inside Marilyn Chambers, which was composed of alternate shots and out-takes from Green Door and Eve, as well as interviews with some of her co-stars. This was done without Chambers' knowledge but when she learned of it just prior to its release, she negotiated a deal that would offer her 10% of the gross as long as she would contribute interviews to the film and promote it nationally. "I hated the film and I still do", she said later. "It's supposed to be the story of my life, and it's not true. Jim and Art ripped me off. They felt I'd betrayed them ... I felt they'd betrayed me, and for many years, we didn't speak. Only when money was to be made did we start talking again." Chambers reunited with the Mitchell Brothers in 1979 for two 30-minute features called Beyond de Sade and Never a Tender Moment, which explored BDSM. The films, which were shot at the Mitchell Brothers Theatre. In 1974, she starred in the dinner theatre production of The Mind With the Dirty Man in Las Vegas.  In 1976, she starred in a short-lived musical revue off-Broadway called Le Bellybutton. The one-woman show Sex Surrogate, in 1979, caused controversy in Vegas as it featured full-frontal nudity, which was banned from all casinos. In 1983, the play was spun off into a 26-part syndicated soap opera called Love Ya Florence Nightingale. It was broadcast on cable television channels such as the Playboy Channel.
 Although she had tried for several years to shed her image as a porn star, Chambers returned to the adult film industry with 1980's Insatiable. In the film she played actress, model, and heiress Sandra Chase, whose appetite for sex is, as the title suggests, insatiable.
  Despite her return to the adult film world, Chambers dreamed of launching a successful mainstream acting career, but was unable to do so.
 In a 2004 interview, Chambers said "My advice to somebody who wants to go into adult films is: Absolutely not! It's heart-breaking. It leaves you kind of empty. So have a day job and don't quit it"

 Two years ago, Ms. Chambers told the Providence Journal that the adult-film business "chews women up and spits them out. It's a business I'd never want my daughter to be in."

Chambers was married three times. First was to Doug Chapin, whom she met while he was playing bagpipes for money on the streets of San Francisco. They married in 1971. She divorced Chapin in 1974 and married Chuck Traynor, who was recently divorced from Linda Lovelace, shortly thereafter. He also became her manager and they were together for 10 years.
In the mid-1980s Chambers was "on her way to an early grave, consuming massive amounts of alcohol and cocaine daily, when she met her husband-to-be", William Taylor, Jr. a truck driver, on a blind date. After their first date he called her to say that he couldn't see her because he was a recovering heroin addict. Chambers got so angry she kicked a wall and broke her leg. Taylor came to visit Chambers in the hospital, and upon her release they began a romance and Chambers entered Narcotics Anonymous.

Many people in the porn industry, including Chambers, disputed Lovelace’s account of her time with Traynor. “Marilyn didn’t believe any of it,” says McGinn. “She read Linda’s book and said 75 percent was absolute B.S. He was not a very nice guy, and maybe Linda was very meek … Nobody would touch Marilyn. She would kick your ass.”
Chambers did acknowledge that Traynor, who died of a heart attack in 2002, did hit her once—but says she hit him right back, according to McGinn. “She hit him back really hard. She said, ‘I broke two fingernails, because my arms were like propellers.’”
 Marilyn Chambers and Chuck Traynor divorced in 1985 after 11 years of marriage—reportedly after she agreed to give Traynor, who allegedly owned half the royalties from her films, her half as well. "He was a really bad guy," said Chambers’s brother Bill Briggs in a 2009 story in Connecticut magazine. "Basically he said, 'You can leave, but you're not getting anything.' So she left everything behind. She had made all of them—the Mitchells [producers of Behind the Green Door] included—rich, and she never had a lot of money after that."

Green Door raked in a reported $50 million on a shoestring budget. The “golden age of porn” had begun, and Chambers had done as much as anyone to usher it in.
Forty years later, Lovelace, who died in a car accident in 2002, is still a household name, an icon of the sexual revolution. Yet Marilyn Chambers—who came to fame in the same year, who struggled with the same goal of finding mainstream success, who even married the same man—died in relative anonymity in a trailer park, surviving on porn residuals, Comic-Con appearances, and a job at a car dealership.

She died at the age of 56 in 2009 of a cerebral hemorrhage and aneurysm related to heart disease. Toxicology results found small traces of the painkiller hydrocodone and the antidepressant Citalopram in her system, but not enough to have played a role in her death.
McGinn says she discovered a tattered copy of Chamber’s 1975 autobiography My Story near her pillow. “I don’t think she was proud of the book,” says McGinn matter-of-factly. “You can tell Chuck [Traynor] is writing every word. Part of it says, ‘Chuck is the greatest man I ever knew and the love of my life.’ I said, ‘You wrote a book?’ And she said, ‘Sort of.’ ‘Sort of’ tells me everything.”
Valerie Gobos, who is currently working on a documentary and movie about Chambers, shares the sentiment. “I don’t think she regretted becoming Marilyn Chambers. She did what she felt she needed to do to become a star. She wanted to be famous and she accomplished that.”
But her friend Steve Miner disagrees. He sees her life as a cautionary tale about the pornography industry. Except in this case, he believes, Marilyn Chambers is not second to Linda Lovelace. “Hers is not a story about a victim but a protagonist that makes bad choices,” Miner says. “It paid off in very short terms. It clearly didn’t pay off in the long term. It just seems like the whole porn industry is a road to ruin. Marilyn is the ultimate example for me.”

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