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The sexually deviant fantasies within the modding & gaming community

 "Couples should explore their mutual fantasies. There's no such thing as a mutual fantasy. Yours bore us; ours offend you"

Bill Maher.

Just like the pornography industry, the gaming industry is extremely male dominated.

male workers heavily dominate most of the core content creation roles and women make up only 5% of the programming in the video game industry





And just like the pornography industry, these sexist and self entitled males do not want women in their work spaces, as they do not perceive or want females as equal human beings. How can they have women 'work' at the same level of men, when women need to be their subordinate, willing sexual objects that have to be overpowered,humiliated,degraded,dominated,enslaved,sexually assaulted and tortured for masturbation and entertainment. 

Inside the Skyrim sex modding community where almost no taboo is off limits



Combining pornography and gaming.

The terms Mods, Modding and Modders all have indistinct definitions but it is largely accepted as the foremost way in which gamers excel their participation from consumer to producer. Mod is short for ‘modification’ of pre-existing game content by users. Mods are made by the general public or a developer, and can be entirely new games in themselves.

Whilst most of the modding community create wonderful and innocuous content for gamers. There are a significant number of gamers who create extremely sexually depraved and violent content. Ranging from sexual torture to rape, necrophilia and bestiality. 

There are also developers and gamers who make realistic videos of rape, which includes adult males and children. Most of this is in the form of 'Hentai' Which is a catch-all term to describe a genre of anime and manga pornography. Hentai is of Japanese origin and translates to 'Pervert'. Hentai can be found on major pornography sites, such as pornhub.

  Most of the characters are female and although many appear to have the body of an adult woman, the faces are  childlike. Some are obviously little girls, who are in the guise of 'sprites' 'Nymphs' or 'Cat/wolf/monster-girls' Whilst others are just blatantly..little girls. 

In 2014, Skyrim's 'LoversLab' announced a policy change regarding under-age characters. Co-incidentally, 2014 was the same year that Japan banned the possession of child sex-abuse images.

Japan is still considered one of the world centres for the exchange and consumption of images of child sexual abuse. Crimes related to child sexual abuse have reportedly been on the rise in Japan. Police uncovered 1,644 cases last year, (2013) about 10 times higher than a decade ago.
 The ban excludes “manga” comics – those aimed at adults as well as children, “anime” video and computer-generated graphics, following calls to protect freedom of expression.But Nakasatomi said the global trend was to ban drawings or so-called two-dimensional porn in addition to other forms.It is “wrong to assume there are no victims” in paedophilic manga and anime since repeated exposure may encourage consumers to act out their fantasies, he said.

Skyrim's 'LoversLab' announcement


 The most prolific consumers of hentai are men. Eroge games in particular combine three favoured media, cartoons, pornography and gaming, into an experience. The hentai genre engages a wide audience that expands yearly, and desires better quality and storylines, or works which push the creative envelope. Animators make new games because there is a demand for them, and because they depict things that the gamers do not have the courage to do in real life, or that might just be illegal, these games are an outlet for suppressed desire. 

'Lewdgamer' is a popular 'Adult' gaming review and streaming site,  although claims to 'Destroy your childhood'


 This is Lewd Gamers tumblr page where he reviews games that include bestiality, eroge(gore/violent sex) rape/gang rape, incest and CGI child abuse imagery.





  'Robot pornography'







This is lewdgamers twitter page with18.3K followers.

 This is lewdgamers ethics policy oh his website.

 Interview with lewdgamer


 I believe that this is Ryan Caldwell (AKA lewdLogic) on youtube.

  Here are some of  Lewdgamers posts on his website and social media..

(Please note- I cannot post many images or I have heavily cropped them, because the content would be considered 'Non-photographic' child sex abuse)




 'Lewdgamers' tumblir account


This does not depict an adult female.






Minecraft Porn is on the Rise According to Pornhub

Of course 'LewdGamer' is not happy about the digital age verification and censorship of extreme pornography in the UK.

And of course..

Pornography Probably Isn’t Hurting Women After All, According to Extensive Study

Bestiality, sexual torture, rape, incest and necrophilia. These are the disturbing and violent fantasies that gamers and developers are creating for men and most likely teen and even younger boys. These fantasies are a gateway to the worst kinds of real pornography, which uses and exploits real women. Normalising such deviant and depraved sexually violent acts to young, malleable minds is irresponsible and incredibly damaging. Not just to the young males psyche, beliefs and behaviours, but to girls and women's fear and safety in a culture of sexual harassment,domestic and sexual assaults and rape. Incest is also a popular theme in sex modding and hentai pornography. It is well researched that brothers account for 92% of sibling sexual abuse offenders and 71% of the victims are female.


The following are just some of the posts and images that I found on popular sites.(I cannot and will not post many of them, as they are too obscene and disturbing) I decided to stop after a certain amount of searching as I was getting really uncomfortable and actually worried and concerned about my searches, especially in regards to a lot of the 'child' sexual imagery that constantly appeared. This was an extremely dark and disturbing rabbit hole, that I quickly ran out of, afraid of what I may find in it's depths.

'Fans of Tomb Raider and bestiality alike will be interested to hear that Studio Fow has brought the two of them together in a new animation. Watch Lara Croft get down on all fours and do the dirty with a doggy in Lara’s Nightmare.'

Skyrim LoversLab in which any age can just click to enter.

The sexually violent scenes are blurred on Youtube

The white text is the 'Gaming for perverts' conversation during the videos.

Bestiality via SexLab. I have cropped these as they are obscene, depraved and on youtube for children to see. (I did report them to youtube)





Sky rim porn is hosted on pornhub

This is a CGI parody of little red riding hood by studio FOW. It is narrated by a male. There is oral,anal and vaginal penetration. Halfway through the video another wolf participates in the double penetration of the female.

A 'Christmas' CGI video of two females ejecting baubles and liquid out of their genitals.

This video features a young female who is sexually tortured and repeatedly raped by two males.

Pornhub also features and supports Hentai which features disturbing sexual violence, in which many of the female characters resemble under-age girls. I became extremely disturbed by some of this and reported to relevant authorities.


I cannot show much of this video, it is too sexually graphic and violent. The female appears to be some kind of 'sprite' who is sexually tortured by a pair of male hands on the screen.

This is an incredibly sexually graphic and disturbing video of child incest on pornhub.

This video depicts continuous and disturbing violent rapes by an older male. 

This female is continuously raped by a number of older men.

This is an extremely disturbing video of what is obviously young girls being raped by an adult male.(He even has his face pix-elated as in real CSA imagery) Although the females are not real children, it is 'child sex abuse' computer generated images, which is illegal in some countries. This is one of those that I reported.
*22/01/2017 (This video is no longer available in your country)

Here, you can see that the adult males face is pix-elated.

Notice the amount of views, likes and the #tags

Here is more evidence of the availability of CGI of child abuse imagery on pornhub.
I obviously cannot post the images on here and most of what I see are thumbnails, as I do not click on the actual videos.
*I was not sure as to the content of this video, until it became was only a few seconds long as it was a trailer.

This is the end of the trailer. This up-loader obviously knows that what he is posting is illegal and restricted. But, is allowed to post these trailers on pornhub, he is also funded on patreon and has a website 

This is his main channel on pornhub which has so far received 41,093,007 video views.

Just one of his 'activity' posts (I have cropped it, as it is obviously a child)

This appears to be another one of his channels called 'Loli-Pop' 

Just two of his video trailers, which shows young girls, these are just the thumbnails as I will not click on the actual videos.

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