Tuesday, 3 July 2018

What Men 'Really' Do To Sex Dolls

Nothing advances innovation like the male sex drive and wealth.
Especially in the realm of the multi billion dollar SexTech industry, which includes pornography, sex toys, sex dolls and robots.
Sex dolls and sex robots are made by men - for men, and although a few 'male' sex dolls have been manufactured, the majority of them are realistic representations of women and girls.
The problem here, is that sex dolls sexually objectify and reduce women and girls to just mere 'sexual function' and are marketed as a product for males, just like prostituted women and girls, mail order brides and porn actresses.

Sex dolls promote societal views on the value and worth of females and normalise the commodification of their bodies. And just like pornography and prostitution, normalises the subordination, inferiority and availability of females, for the males sexual gratification. Females are then perceived by society as sexual chattel, that can be bought and sold, and is morally (and often legally) acceptable because 'Men have needs and can't help themselves' These males who buy women, view them as dissimilar, inferior, and are just 'play toys' for them, to do anything they want to, and because they have paid for their bodies; they are entitled to them.
This also applies to sex offenders, for a human being is easier to abuse, if they are viewed only as sexual objects. Women and girls are literally reduced to three orifices, nothing more...nothing less.

All those 'lonely' men

The sex doll/robot manufacturers and much of the media would have you believe that males purchase them because they are 'Lonely'  'Depressed' 'Sexually frustrated' 'Disabled' 'Unattractive' 'Socially inept' 'Can't relate to real women' Some even suggest that they might help 'Couples with different sex drives' or help stop 'Rapists from raping women' or 'Paedophiles from molesting and raping real children'

So are these manufacturers and promoters of sex dolls incredibly benevolent males who care so much about 'male suffering' Or are they just sexually driven pimps who make and sell replicas of women and girls bodies- to their male customers for money?
[It's a pity that these manufacturers aren't using their skilful technologies to greatly improve the lives of the disfigured and the disabled, instead of catering to the sexual fantasies and fetishes of men. Now that would be the definition of benevolence..]

The following are screen-shots from the 'Silicon Wives' website, who's literature is very sexist and misogynistic.


 And of course, sex dolls are better than women...

 'Sperm theft' being one of them...

 A 'Cure' for paedophiles

 An 'Expert' on paedophilia who's followers consists of many paedophiles, and regularly chats with them on twitter.

 The reasons why men use sex dolls/robots
 [not in any particular order]

1) Extremely high/ insatiable sex drive
2) Sexually frustrated/ substitute partner/Novelty/
3) Doll fetish
4) Body part fetish ie: foot/torso/legs. also hair/tights/underwear fetish etc.
5) Somnophilia - arousal of a sleeping/drugged/intoxicated or non-responsive/unconscious woman. (often a result of abusing a sleeping sibling in child abuse offending)
6) Agalmatophilia - a paraphilia involving sexual attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin or other similar figurative object.
7) Misogyny - A hatred of 'attractive' women. So seeks sexual gratification and dominance over a pornographic representation, because the male cannot obtain, and is rejected by attractive women.
8) Necrophilia - Necrophiliacs could act out their fantasies on women and child sex dolls.
[Please see the bottom of this blog for details about this]

9) Paedophilia - Child sex dolls would be an added level of a fantasy aid, in conjunction with child abuse imagery, children's clothes/pants,blankets,cushions,toys etc. literature. A realistic representation and anatomically correct child sex doll would be used to practise on/normalise 'adult/child sex' to themselves, other paedophiles and to children.
10) Abduction/bondage/rape fantasies on both women and girls.

The 'Vagankle' for foot fetishes

Sex offenders

Unfortunately, we live in a world of sexual offenders. Males that sexually assault, abduct, rape, torture and murder (mainly) women and girls.
Many of these crimes are driven by fantasy, and it is pornography that fuels the fantasies of sex offenders, by eroticising, normalising and inciting sexual offences.
So, sex dolls are a continuum of pornography and other fantasy aids, but possess a more real and tactile medium than just pixels on a screen. Therefore, their fantasies and arousal would be intensified and their fetishes and deviant behaviours would be reinforced. Also, because escalation is always present, many will cross the line into reality.

Exclusive paraphiliacs and fetishists are impotent when it comes to normal sexual activities and relationships. They can only become aroused and achieve orgasm by their own deviant sexual proclivities. Also, the taboo nature of these acts, become intensely arousing, due to the very fact that they are forbidden. 

Paedophiles and sex dolls

Before the internet, paedophiles were often solitary and isolated with their paraphilias, and apart from a few networks of paedophile rings who communicated with obscure messages/adverts in newspapers and magazines, and were usually involved with child abuse images and trafficking of children. They would keep to themselves and not ever disclose their urges, their crimes, possession of child imagery or contact sexual abuse of a child/children.
But since the rise in community forums/chat rooms/boards and social media, the online presence of paedophiles has escalated beyond measure. Therefore reinforcing and normalising their belief that paedophilia is normal and natural. They not only share child abuse imagery, sexual encounters with children, research by 'sexologists' that babies and children 'enjoy sex with adults' are unharmed by it and only cry abuse, because of societies attitudes to child sexual abuse. Are able to easily groom and meet children in chat rooms (in which they often send pornography/or links to) They encourage and respect each other and earn kudos for amassing huge amounts of child abuse imagery, and particularly if they themselves appear in these images or videos, abusing children.
I cannot relay how incredibly intense an offending paedophiles sex drive is. I can only compare it to a domestic, well fed cat who's primordial urge to kill is so powerful that nothing can stop it from killing as many small creatures as it can in it's lifetime. There is no cure for the offending paedophiles behaviour, just as there is no cure for the cat.

Two of the key factors in sexual offending is fantasy and escalation, and the key factor in crossing the line, is impotency. When the sex offenders fantasy aids, no longer arouse him because he has exceeded all fantasy mediums, like pornography/child abuse imagery etc. He is so desensitised that he can no longer function sexually and becomes intensely angry and frustrated.
I believe that it would also get to this point, if a paedophile also had a sex doll. Possibly even more so, as he would feel 'so close, yet so far' and would become more frustrated than just masturbating to pixels. I also believe that many paedophiles would use a child sex doll to lure girls into his home, as a demonstration of 'sex with adults is normal' and as a buffer to the real thing. What could be better bait than a 'Doll' for little girls..

[I myself was lured with a doll puppet, by a sex offender when I was 6 years old. He let me play with her for a week or so, before telling me, that if I was good, he would let me keep her'
He took her out of my hands one day, and whilst abusing me..repeatedly said 'You're a good girl']
The doll is on the floor in one of my paintings

Although in the UK it is illegal to import child sex dolls, it is not against the law to own one.
Most of the males caught importing child sex dolls, were arrested because they also were in possession of child abuse imagery. Most got off lightly, because for some reason, the law doesn't really perceive child abuse imagery as real child victims, created by the demand of paedophiles who consume it. If they didn't consume it, there would never of been- the now millions of children abused for internet 'child pornography'

Paedophiles are masters of deception and are incredibly adept at lying, denying and minimising their offences.
Brian Leach

The child abuse imagery, a story of the sexual abuse of a child and a child sex doll...fantasy aids that can lead to real child sexual abuse.
Paedophiles come from all walks of life and are of every age. This man is 92 years, he sexually groomed what he thought was an 11 year old girl in chat rooms and attempted to meet her for sex. He stated that he was 'Lonely' Many of them use Viagra.

One of the images showed a girl of six being raped by a man wearing a clown mask.

And yes, there are cases of males who were in possession of child abuse imagery, child sex dolls and real contact abuse of children.

This is the extent of the fantasy, leading to an offending paedophile, who not only used child abuse imagery to masturbate to, he wrote notes about sexually assaulting girls, had their underwear above his bed, children's toys and a child sex doll.  [link]

This 'psychosexual therapist' does not seem to understand paedophiles, and sounds rather confused on the subject of child sex dolls. She points out five factors that lead to 'people' being attracted to minors, which to me, just sounds like excuses and justifications. She then states that 'There is a risk with those using child sex dolls' and then states 'That she would not object to trying them out.. In a managed environment'???

This is the opinion of a forensic criminologist, who actually understands the predatory paedophile.

And here are two examples of what the sex doll manufacturers say.
This is an article featuring Shin Takagi a self confessed paedophile, who makes child sex dolls.

This is Shin Takagi's website which only contains 'girl' sex dolls.


Here is a child sex doll manufacturer who appeared in this excellent documentary 'The future of Sex, Sex robots and us, talking about them to reporter James Young. It was at this point that James became visibly distressed and emotional..he was reduced to tears by the sight of anatomically correct child sex dolls. Apart from the sex dolls and the manufacturers of them, James Young was the only human being that appeared in this film.

Also in this documentary, James visits Dr Sergi Santos and his wife Maritza, creators of one of the world’s most advanced sex robots.

According to his wife, Sergi Santos has a huge sex drive, and in order to sate his needs, he has sex with his robots. Young asks her about how she feels about that. She also says "If he's calmer, then it makes the day easier for all of us" That implies that Santos has 'issues' and others suffer, if he doesn't get what he wants..

Doll fetishists destroy Sergi's sex doll.

Sergi Santos joined in a conversation on twitter, about the above documentary. I asked him a simple question about 'what did his wife mean about him being calmer?'
He then began ranting and accused me of being an abuser. I seriously think that he has a lot of issues. The following are just a few screen-shots of it.

(Sergi is talking in the third person here).. narcissistic, self-obsessed and detached from reality...perchance...oh and anger..

Another man who joined in that conversation (before Sergi's tweets) was 'DaveCat' who immediately blocked me, although I never engaged with him or mentioned him.

So, that got me curious...

Many people have heard of Davecat (not his real name) He has appeared in documentaries, news articles and much media over many years. He is a 'Doll lover' who prefers sex dolls to real women. He says that the reason for this is that he has had depression, suffers with loneliness and cannot form relationships with women.

Hmmm...let's take a closer look at Davecat and his unbearable loneliness...

From his own website..

A photography of davecat as a boy with his mother.

Yep, davecat has a doll fetish since he was a young boy.

And a foot fetish...
He has two dangling sex doll legs next to his computer.

Davecat doesn't seem to like real women and admits that he is a control freak.

He also likes 'Anime' and all things Japanese..

Davecat now has three dolls (that we know of) and a pair of dangling legs to cure his 'Loneliness'

Because Davecat blocked me, I decided to take a look at the twitter accounts that he has made for his dolls..

Amongst other extremely 'young' looking accounts, his 'Dolls' follow this account, which is highly disturbing..

Some of 'SAKITAN'S' tweets

And this account..who make extremely young sex dolls..

Some of their tweets..

Images from 4 Woods website.

Now, why would Davecat be following child sex dolls.....

Doll forums
There are a number of doll forums on the internet, in which males connect and share their experiences with their dolls. They review these sex dolls, in the same way that punters review prostitutes and strippers on punter forums.

The invisible men project

Like many of these sex dolls, even though they have breasts, the face is childlike..

Pornography and sex dolls

There are literally innumerable amounts of males filming themselves penetrating sex dolls, child sex dolls,miniature sex dolls and even children's dolls and toys.
On pornhub and XHamster alone, there are thousands. I stuck to popular mainstream pornography sites, because I was too concerned to go on the more obscure/darker sites.( I did type in Heavy-R, but after feeling sick at the google images of 'scat porn' I decided not to go there)
So, let's take a look at all those poor 'Lonely' men and their sex dolls...
*Trigger warning
Please be aware that some of these images may cause distress. 
(I have blurred all male genitalia) 
[Please click on images to enlarge] 


When you search for 'sex dolls' other recommendations appear, which appear to be very young girls.

There are also many manufacturers sex doll adverts on pornography websites

 'You can watch these perfect blonde dolls as they are being used for any pleasure a man can want. Their clothes are ripped off and they are prepared for a hard fuck'

Like many of these males, they use pornography to aid their fantasies. They also keep looking into the camera, as they are aroused by themselves filming the scene and connecting with other doll fetishists.

Whilst others blur their faces or use masks.

A male films himself penetrating a small sex doll, a torso and a tiny sex doll, whilst watching a video of a cheerleader dancing.

Another male who films himself penetrating a sex doll whilst watching pornography

 This is a sex doll manufacturers video for bondage fetishists.

'Adult breasts, but a child's face'

This is some footage that appeared at the end of a manufacturers sex doll video, to show how sex dolls can 'enhance' a couples sex life. The male looked happy, but not the female.

Another disturbing video made by a sex doll manufacturer, to appeal to males with a 'Tights' fetish. Although this sex doll has breasts, just look at her facial features.

Another popular tiny doll with large breasts and child facial features. This is how males can legally import and own a child sex doll, they just claim that it is an adult doll.

 This sex doll accurately resembles an adult female.

There are also many weird and deviant males who film themselves with inflatable dolls and children's inflatable/plush toys.

(This is the toy featured above- that you can buy adapted for penetration)

There are also thousands of males filming themselves masturbating and ejaculating onto children's dolls and miniature figurines. 

Many of these males, obviously have issues with women. Also, ejaculating on a females face is an act of degradation and humiliation.

This one obviously has mommy and other deviant issues.

(The woman in the above image is a photograph of his mother when younger)

This male has no qualms about showing his face.

This male films himself pushing a whole Barbie doll into his rectum, and pushing it out.

He then ejaculates onto the dolls faces.

Two adult males film themselves masturbating and ejaculating onto a figurine.

Two males masturbate to Anime pornography

This male films himself masturbating into a fleshlight.

'Baby wants some milk' A male films himself ejaculating onto a child's baby doll.

Male films himself ejaculating onto two children's dolls who are gagged and tied up.

Male films himself in a hotel bedroom, with a large sized Barbie doll, a fleshlight in the matress and pornography playing on his laptop.

These last images are of males filming themselves with 'mini/tiny/petite/Anime sex dolls with penetrable orifices, and which obviously resemble children and some real child sex dolls. They often use other fantasy aids like children's clothes, blankets,pillows, toys and accessories in these videos. (I have refrained from showing too much of these, as they are far too disturbing.

This is an advert from a sex doll doll manufacturer.

A male films himself penetrating a tiny sex doll. He uses little girls Disney princess pillows to
aid his fantasy.

Male films himself penetrating and ejaculating onto a child sex doll. 

This is a male being filmed in an incest fantasy. This is a real child sex doll. He molests, makes it's hand masturbate him and penetrates it. There is conversation, but the language is in Japanese.

 These are some video suggestions that appear next to the above video.

This is a male filming himself tying up, blindfolding, gagging and penetrating a child sex doll

After reading and seeing some disturbing things regarding necrophilia, I have decided to place this at the bottom of the page (NO images!) just reddit discussions on necrophilia.
I did click a link on one of the comments, in which I literally just scrolled a tiny way down, because the necro pornography (real or fake) was far too disturbing for me to continue.

An article (about a necrophiliac) in vice magazine - seem to believe that necrophilia isn't a big deal and that society should embrace it like any other 'cultural attitude'

Living and Loving as a Necrophiliac