Wednesday, 30 October 2019

The Pro-Porn Campaigners Are Celebrating..Again. [Part One]

This year has seen three major Government decisions in regards to pornography.

The first one occurred in January, in which the Crown prosecution service (CPS) announced that it had relaxed guidelines about what constitutes 'Obscene' pornography. So people can no longer be
prosecuted for possessing or distributing extreme material such as 'Fisting' 'Sadomasochism' 'Torture with instruments' and activities involving 'perversion' such as urinating or defecating on or into a body.

The second one occurred in June of this year, in which the department of education (DfE) published
statutory guidance about how relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education should be implemented and mandatory in all schools across England by 2020. 

And the third one occurred on the 16th of October, in which the secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport Nicky Morgan made a statement that the government will not be commencing part 3 of the Digital Economy Act in regards to age-verification for online pornography.

These three decisions have greatly disappointed those activists who oppose pornography and absolutely delighted those who are pro-porn campaigners.

The reasons why these decisions have disappointed anti-porn activists is because a significant amount of us are not only individual radical feminists and groups, but survivors of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking and/or male sexual violence such as exploitation, assaults and rape.  We fight the sex industries and we expose/spread awareness about male physical and sexual violence, not just for ourselves, but for all victims.
We are not 'Prudes' 'Sex negative' 'Anti-sex' 'Man haters' or 'Feminazis' We are very much pro-sex and those are just words that the porn lobbyists use to try and demonise and shut us up. It is a common tactic of abusers.

The reasons why these decisions have delighted pro-porn activists is because they are either porn consumers, participants, pornographers, producers, porn peddlers, porn performers and sexologists, who either just desire pornography or earn money from it. Therefore, they are the ones who will benefit greatly from these decisions, in terms of -
a) Enable independent pornographers to carry on producing extreme pornography/won't have to pay expensive age-verification costs.
b) People will no longer be prosecuted for extreme pornography and can continue to consume or produce/distribute that material.
c) Porn viewers can comfortably continue to watch deviant pornography without the worry that authorities are 'spying on them'
d) This all normalises and makes deviancy/paraphilias more socially acceptable to the detriment to women.

Apart from calling anti-porn activists derogatory names, they often use words and phrases in the media and press, such as 'Moral panic' 'Sex panic' 'Porn panic'  'Pearl clutching' 'Draconian' 'Victorian values' 'Free Speech!' 'Fear-mongering' 'The government are coming into your bedrooms!'  'Will anyone think of the children!'

So lets take a look at who some of these pro-porn campaigners are and how they were able to influence and put pressure on the government to change their obscenity guidelines and delay age verification. I shall also look into how 'sexual educators' are normalising and promoting pornography in schools.
I will also demonstrate how connected they all are to each other. 

Some of the key pro-porn activists in the UK who campaigned against age verification and extreme pornography are:

1) Myles Jackman

2) Nick Cowen

3) Jerry Barnett

4) Pandora Blake

There were also many other pro-porn campaigners, including free speech/Human/open rights groups, lawyers,porn producers/performers/pornographers, BDSM communities and websites,sexologists, sex educators and journalists, who will become evident in this post. No doubt there were also thousands of pro-porn petitioners.

Firstly I'm going to address the crown prosecutions decision to relax guidelines regarding obscene pornography. [link]

These new guidelines were prompted by pro-porn campaigners
Like obscenity lawyer Myles Jackman who defends clients charged with possession or distribution of obscene pornography. in particular the 'Obscenity' case against prominent barrister Simon Walsh who was formerly a legal aid to Boris Jonson when he was Mayor. Jackman defended and won his case.

This particular case involved a party of men known to Simon Walsh in which they performed sexual acts involving 'urethral sounding' and 'Fisting' The prosecution claimed that the acts were likely to cause serious injury to a persons genitalia or anus. To which the defence brought in Ian Jenkins, a colorectal surgeon who testified 'That no patient had ever come to him with injuries from fisting'
[Incidentally, Myles Jackman had become the first acting solicitor in the UK to obtain permission to live tweet from a trial] Thus receiving a significant amount of support from pro-porn lobbyists.
The jury took just 90 minutes to find Walsh not guilty.

These are screen-shots from a video posted by Myles Jackman, of a Newsnight interview with Simon Walsh, who believes that acts such as fisting are harmless in comparison to 'The insertion of knives' thus attempting to minimise the act.

Firstly, the defence brought in 'A' surgeon who stated that 'No patient had ever come to 'him' with injuries from fisting'  Yet there is plenty of evidence that fisting and anal penetration are high-risk activities and can cause harmful infections, incontinence, fissures, lacerations, anal prolapse and a perforated bowel.

There are also many female porn performers who are damaged by anal penetrations. In-fact 'Rosebudding' [Anal prolapse] is an actual genre on pornography websites. Article in vice magazine-

Also, many teenage girls are being coerced into anal sex since it has become the 'norm' in pornography. Please see my post on anal sex here - [Link]

These pro-porn campaigners also maintain that there are no links between violent pornography and sexual violence against women. In-fact they set out to debunk the 'myth' stating 'Porn up, Rape down' by regularly citing two academics:

1) Milton Diamond

2) Anthony D'Amato

1) Milton Diamond is a professor emeritus who studies human sexuality and writes extensively about pornography. In 1999 Diamond was appointed as President of the International Academy of Sex Research and in 2001/02 as President of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. He also won the Kinsey Award in 2011 and is revered by sexologists worldwide. All sexologists are pro-porn, pro-prostitution and pro-paraphilias. Alfred Kinsey paid paedophiles to abuse children and the Kinsey institute hold pro-paedophile literature and paedophile 'erotica' in their library. 
Milton Diamond wrote the 2010 paper 'Legalizing child pornography is linked to lower rates of child sex abuse' [link] 
Yet, read the thousands of court cases in which convicted paedophiles utilise pornography to groom, train and normalise sexual acts to children and in which the majority of paedophile sexual offenders possess thousands of child abuse imagery/videos. And not to mention the devastating rise in child abuse imagery/videos of real children since the internet. 

[Both Denmark and Japan are child sexual abuse/exploitation and child abuse imagery hubs. Denmark was the first country to legalise pornography that included children, which was exported all over the world. Japan did not prohibit 'child pornography' until 2014]

'A disturbing correlation between child abuse imagery and sexual molestation'

Paedophiles regularly cite Milton Diamonds paper, like here on boywiki

He also applied his theory surrounding 'Pornographic substitution' to 'Violent pornography decreases sexual violence against women' 

To which the pro-porn campaigners frequently quote in their campaigns.

Title: Pornography, Public Acceptance and Sex Related Crime: A Review

Milton Diamonds positive views on anal sex [1972]. 

In my research of the Kinsey institutes 'erotic' library, in which they hold pornography collections from past sexologists, I encountered this 'Diamond' collection.

2) Anthony D'Amato

Was a professor of Law at the Northwestern University. In 2006 he published a paper titles 'Porn Up, Rape down' [link] that was published in the  'Social Science Research Network journal'
This paper is often cited by pro-porn lobbyists, journalists and sexologists.

It's also featured in Incel and MGTOW forums.

In regards to 'Pornography use and sexual violence towards women' Apart from innumerable research papers available online, rape statistics etc. you can search through this blog where I have evidenced not only the sexual violence conducted on female porn performers, but the connections between sexual offending, rape and murders of women to the high consumption of  pornography by males. 

So, let's look at some of the key pro-porn campaigners and organisations involved in persuading the crown prosecution service to relax obscene porn laws and the connections between them.

1) Myles Jackman (Obscenity lawyer)

Apart from defending clients charged with possessing/distributing obscene pornography. Jackman is the 'open rights' organisations legal director and a legal adviser on 'Backlash' an organisation that defends freedom of sexual expression, who provide legal, academic and campaigning advise.

'I am judicially reviewing the CPS and MOJ to clarify the extreme pornography guidelines' Myles Jackman. [link]


So the campaigners are celebrating the fact that 'Queer and BDSM pornography' is good to go. But don't give a shit about the thousands of women who are either victims of sexual violence in pornography or those outside of it. As I have shown, women in porn are being sexually tortured, raped, suffocated, strangled and hung in BDSM scenarios. Also, teenage girls and women are being coerced into these acts, or have masochistic tendencies due to mental health issues like bipolar, drug/alcohol addictions, complex PTSD  due to childhood sexual abuse and rape.
See 'Kink is the new sexual sadism' [link]
and 'The live-streaming torture of women' [link]
Backlash re-tweet Nick Cowen's link to a paper he wrote that suggested 'No link between pornography and sexual violence to women' [more about Nick Cowen below]

Funny how pro-porn campaigners use an image of 'Lady Chatterley's lover' as a representation of 'Obscenity' from 1960, when it was the subject of a watershed obscenity trial against the publisher Penguin Books. But then I guess they can't use a person being double fisted, covered in shit and whipped for not licking it up....

Backlash also re-tweets Pandora Blake's tweet thanking all those who submitted consultation responses to the crown prosecution services..who seems to have rejected arguments by the anti-porn lobby.

Consultation on the CPS Guidance relating to the Obscene Publications Act 1959 pdf [link]

One of 'Backlash's' campaigns was to protest the obscene pornography laws and age-verification in-front of parliament in October 2016

Among the speakers, was Myles Jackman, Pandora Blake and Justin Hancock [A UK child sex educator-more about him in the age-verification post next]

The backlash kink olympixxx on you tube [link]

One BDSM enthusiast and pro-porn lawyer's crusade to defend extreme pornography. [link]

'Pornography is the canary in the coalmine of free speech, if it dies, then other freedoms will fall'
Translation 'Let's scare all the libertarians and free speech advocates, so they join us in this personal fight to defend violent sex acts for our pleasure and profit'

Myles Jackman re-tweets a porn performer/campaigner's tweets. She is apparently pornhub's 'UK Piss princess' in which she attacks anti-porn feminist groups.

'We can't consent to this' is an organisation that spreads awareness about the men that kill women during a 'sex gone wrong' defence, who's sentences are ruled manslaughter and not murder. Because they care about girls and women.

'Recommended resource debunking the idea that pornography is linked to violence'

I tweeted about the CPS's decision to relax obscene pornography laws on the 31st of January...

Whereupon Myles Jackman subsequently followed me, so I immediately blocked him. Now why would he want to follow me..

2)  Dr.Nick Cowen (Lecturer in criminology)

Nick Cowen is a lecturer in criminology at the university of Lincoln. He is also another legal adviser on 'Backlash'. He writes extensively about 'sex work' and debunks the idea that pornography is linked to sexual violence. So, another pro-porn pro-sex work campaigner who persuaded the cps to change it's obscene pornography laws.

'The cps just implemented key proposal of my 'Adam Smith Institute' report with Myles Jackman 'Nothing to hide' See my paper on extreme porn laws. [link]

or the pdf version [link]

Some screen-shots

'All sexologists are pro-porn and pro-prostitution'

Continuation of Nick Cowen..

Or you can watch Nick Cowen talk rubbish to the Libertarian Alliance in London on youtube [link]

'Bestiality is just distasteful'

Another piece by Nick Cowen on the 'Notes on Liberty' blog site. [link]

'The Adam Institute' One of the many platforms where Nick Cowen published his paper

Daniel Pryor is head of programmes and Matthew Lesh is head of research at the Adam Smith Institute. [more about them later- especially in regards to age-verification] But here's a glimpse-

So, all these libertarian, pro-porn, pro-sex work BDSM enthusiasts and campaigners that change laws are connected. Maybe they all met at piss, scat and fisting parties..

Nick Cowen follows 'Escort fox' where you can pay to rape young, desperately poor, probably coerced or trafficked young women. Sorry, I mean empowered 'sex workers'

3) Jerry Barnett (Founder and writer at 'sex and censorship' and author of 'Porn panic'

In other words, Barnett was a porn peddler who made a fortune from exploiting young women.

His pornographic website was called 'Strictly broadband' which he had to shut down, because in 2012 Ofcom fined him £60,000 for not providing any age-verification measures. [link]

Barnetts pornography website 'Strictly Broadband'

One can only imagine how very, very angry Jeremy..sorry..Jerry became...

In August 2016 Jerry wrote his astounding and groundbreaking book 'Porn panic' to which I am going to give you a privileged view. It is featured on his amazing blog 'sex and censorship' [link] 
Not trying to impress anyone, but I am so deeply honoured that he has included my sincere and most flattering comment about him..

These are some screen-shots of Barnett's book

Barnett states that 'Porn' has been around for 40,000 years..because you know statues of fertility Goddesses and the like...
'Ice-age porn' 

'Ancient porn'

'Strangulation is a common sexual practise' 
Yep, since it was first depicted in pornography.

Those pesky feminazis spoiling men's fun!

In 2014, Barnett wrote a letter to MP's and lords, to raise concerns over the criminalising of 'rape porn' 
Barnett is obviously concerned about girls and women being raped, so he let the MP's know that 'Rape porn' lowers incidents of 'Real rapes' as researched by pro-porn sexologists and lawyers!

And pro-porn sexologist David Ley.

Jerry Barnett has also conducted many interviews with female porn performers in order to 'prove' that they are not coerced or abused.
Here he is with Stoya, who was abused on set by James Deen.

As were many other female porn performers
'A very angry Jerry goes to the BBFC He thinks that they should all be arrested' [link] This man is ludicrous and obviously obsessed with extreme pornography.

Jerry's also upset about 'Fet-life' forced to censor content

Statement from 'Fet-life'

Barnett is also pro-prostitution..because flies, monkeys and penguins...

Barnett has multiple accounts on twitter, but his primary one.

Who Barnett follows

And the sexologist's rip off version of Gary Wilsons- 'Your brain on porn'

And some of his tweets. Jerry used to pollute my timeline with his pro-porn rubbish, but since I started my 'violence of pornography' blog, I haven't heard a peep. I never used to screen-grab them, but I do have a few.

@pornpanic interjects my tweet about porn harms by posting links by sexologist David Ley (who blocked me after I asked him whether he was a Kinsey enthusiast and posted screen-shots of Kinsey's tables of sexually abused babies and children.

@pornpanic then tweeted that Gary Wilson is a non-scientist and morality campaigner (which was liked by a UK
convicted paedophile)

And I wonder why @pornpanic is in conversation and re-tweeting a paedophiles post?
Some of his other tweets.

Undermining the #MeToo movement.

Yet another porn performer who suffered child sexual abuse, had mental health issues and killed herself. (although Jerry continues to deny that there are victims in pornography)

Anti-porn feminists are 'Fuckwits'
Calling students 'Privileged Cun*s'

 'Feminism is a hate movement' says Barnett.
 'Not buying it' are feminists who campaign against the sex industry because they care about exploited women.

Of course they do Jerry... 

4) Pandora Blake (Gender queer non-binary feminist pornographer who makes 'Queer porn' and pro-porn campaigner)

Rather disturbing that a 5-6 year old child eroticises spanking..
They also have typical self-harming scars on their arms.
[I do have an image, but I won't post it here]

'Trans, non-binary and pregnant'

Pandora Blake makes BDSM videos, mostly of caning, flogging and whipping scenarios such as Victorian spanking scenes like 'Brothels' 'Domestic situations' or 'Equestrian' and British 'Schools' 

There are also plenty of 'Age-play' videos including this 'Child Evacuees' 

Restricting niche porn sites is a disaster for people with 'marginalised sexualities'

Pandora Blake was forced to take their website was down, but after seeking legal help, won their appeal and reopened the site. After the success of the CPS service relaxing pornography laws (In which Blake was an avid campaigner) Any depraved sexual act can be filmed (Apart from a few such as bestiality and necrophilia)

"I’m no stranger to censorship. Last year, Dreams of Spanking was unsuccessfully targeted under the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014, because my consensual BDSM videos depict spankings that leave marks. After a traumatic, invasive investigation, I was forced to take my site offline – and I was left in no doubt that the law considers kinky sexualities such as mine to be obscene.

I sought legal help, and eventually won my appeal and reopened the site. But I had a mere four weeks to enjoy my victory before the digital economy bill was presented to parliament, and I realised that I was going to face being criminalised all over again."

'BISH' is owned and run by Justin Hancock who is a 'sex educator' His site normalises and promotes pornography to children. I will write more about him in the next post.

Now, they are campaigning against age-verification which is meant to stop children viewing pornography. Not only does Blake's website contain many 'Age-play' and 'School' pornography videos, Blake recommended the website ' to readers of their blog. These are screenshots of Blake's 'fantasies'

'' is a website dedicated to 'Corporal Punishments' that includes many real images/videos of both adults and children being punished and caned. 

So, in summing-up..
 We have (apart from a non-binary, queer pornographer) privileged, academic white males (mostly lawyers) who are either pornography consumers, participants and/or have vested interests. Campaigned for years, to persuade and put pressure on the Crown Prosecution Service (Who are also lawyers) to relax the obscene pornography laws, partly due to a prominent lawyer and other men who were charged with possession and distribution of obscene pornography, and for the 'Marginalised sexualities' who view, partake or profit from 'Minority sexual interests' 
To the absolute detriment of girls and women, many of which are victims within pornography. Those porn performers who are abused and raped, both on and off sets, often having their 'safe words' violated, especially in BDSM scenes. Those who are coerced by pimp boyfriends, sex trafficked.Young women in poverty, targeted by porn agents on dating sites (I found one eighteen year old who had learning difficulties, was about to be homeless and needed money for her mothers medical bills) Those who enter pornography suffering from complex ptsd, bipolar and other mental health disorders, drug and alcohol addictions who were victims of child sexual abuse and rape. Women who are actually sexually tortured in mainstream porn by violent acts such as being suffocated with plastic bags, strangled until they become unconscious, women being really hanged or having an automatic BB gun repeatedly fire on their bodies for fifteen minutes. Women having their vulva's -sharp whipped until bleeding lacerations form. Women having their breasts tortured by whipping, hanging from, pins stuck through or cigarettes burning their nipples.  

Those outside of pornography, like victims of 'Image abuse' by ex-partners and women who are secretly filmed using public toilets and changing rooms, up-skirts, exposed to/ejaculated on and uploaded onto mainstream porn sites like pornhub. Or women (many heavily pregnant or disabled) forced and filmed in domestic violence situations, including women being raped whilst intoxicated, high on drugs or asleep. The filming of drug addicted prostituted street women with mental health issues. The list goes on..

Straight mainstream pornography is a platform for the most virulent form of misogyny, unlike gay or trans-porn, women are hated, humiliated, degraded and sexually assaulted and tortured. 
It promotes rape-myths. It eroticises sexual harassment, offending, assault and rape. It sexualises violence against teenage girls and women. It reduces females to 'Objects' and objects are easier to abuse. Girls and women become 'Other' ''De-humanised' and merely 'Fuck-holes' for male instant gratification. There is no 'Sex' 'Intimacy' 'Foreplay' 'Female pleasure' Much of it is 'Hate fucking' Unlike the 'Kissing' 'Intimacy' 'Hugging' 'love and respect' that is found in both gay and trans-porn. 
I have connected the high-use of pornography with sex offences, rapes and sexually motivated murders. Not only does pornography incite sex offenders to cross the line into committing these offences. Pornography is creating younger sex offenders, because children [predisposed to offending - link] are viewing and masturbating to sexually violent acts before adulthood. Child on child sexual assaults, rapes and even murders are being committed by generations of boys who have easy access to this material.
Meanwhile, young girls are being coerced into sexual acts that they don't want to. Anal penetration and being strangled are just two examples. They are even shamed for being 'vanilla' and deemed 'Boring' or 'Prudes' and believe that crying during sex or going to the doctor because they are suffering anal fissures, is 'just how sex is' and it's not just young teens accessing pornography, even primary age children, many as young as six or seven are accessing this material. This is a public health issue. This is extremely concerning and disastrous for children, and the next generations of children. The UK was to become a major country to implement age-verification on all pornography sites, but has been continually delayed. Yet the Government successfully implements age-verification on all gambling sites. 
Pornhub/mindgeek already has age-verification tools available called AgeID [link] So why isn't it already utilising it, in order to protect children from accessing it's site before/if age-verification laws are passed?

In part two, I will be discussing 'Age-verification' and the many people involved (including the above) who have been rigorously campaigning and pressuring the government against it for years.