Monday, 20 August 2018

A Comparison Between Straight and Trans Pornography

After my research into 'A comparison between straight and gay pornography' I decided to look into Trans pornography, to find out if it was similar at all to gay or straight pornography.
I used the same methodology as I have previously in all of my porn research. I use pornhub, because it is the most popular mainstream pornography site.
I searched keywords such as 'Trans' 'Tranny' 'Sissy' 'Shemale' 'Trans-gender' 'Trans-woman' 'Trans-girl' and also words such as 'Rough' 'Hate' 'Abused' 'Violent' 'Crying' 'Brutal' and 'Torture'

My findings are comparable to that of gay pornography.
In which tenderness, caressing, touching, hugging, respectful, pleasant, consensual, normal loving sex, that involved complete and equal participation are consistent -  in both the gay and trans categories. I found no hatred, degradation, humiliation, abuse, sexual offending, rape or torture videos whatsoever. There were no results for 'Suffocating' 'Choking' 'Gagging' or 'Hanging' [Please see my other posts that evidence the violence against women}

*Trigger warning*

These titles below came up on my search for 'trans rough' etc. But, they are only reserved for women in pornography. 

'Over 20 million views'

The male takes off his condom, and then stretches it into the females mouth. He then proceeds to 'strangle' her with it.

            The evidence is blatant and overwhelming.

The above videos only occur in straight porn, and are numerous on pornhub.
Hatred, sexual violence, humiliation, degradation, torture and destruction only happen to women. Of all the hate crimes, misogyny is sanctioned, legal entertainment and masturbation fodder for millions of boys and men, all over the world.
This violence is only inflicted onto teenage girls and women, not to gay men or trans-women.

Mainstream pornography clearly demonstrates that straight males hate, and want to destroy women. If men could legally kill women on film..then they would.

Trans-women in pornography

The following are screen-shots of Trans-women appearing on pornhub. Many of the videos consist of solo, home-made uploads and some are professional. As you can see, trans-women are not hated, abused, degraded, humiliated, choked, strangled, hit, punched, gagged, suffocated, hanged or tortured. They are respected, treated with kindness and consideration. Kissed, caressed, held, loved and perform in mutual, consenting sexual activities of which both parties participate and respect each other.

Some examples of regular trans-pornography

And nice comments from pornhub members.
(Unlike the nasty comments that are dealt to women)

The male and the trans-woman share many intimate moments together.

As does this couple.

A male and a trans-woman have normal sex in a public toilet.
These are a small sample of the thousands of videos in which straight males and women have 'sex' in toilets. 

Trans-women are not violent or aggressive to women in pornography. But it is the women who pleasure the trans-women, and there is the usual 'Money shot' at the end of the video.

More examples of trans porn

After watching many 'normal' trans porn videos, I began searching for more abusive videos both on pornhub and XHAMSTER But only violence to actual women came up.

But, I searched mainly on pornhub..

And as I found in gay pornography, the titles and words did not match up to the content in the videos.






'Screaming in pain'

'Fucks her raw'

'Fucked hard'

This video appeared under search term - BDSM


'Punished, choking, slapping and rough anal'

All of the members comments that I have seen about trans women have been positive. Unlike the nasty, degrading comments that males make about women.

'Used and Abused'

'Face Fucked'

The only other titles containing 'Face fucking' were ones similar to this video.




All of the male performers kiss the trans woman as a mark of respect.

I also found some weird and quite disturbing videos made and uploaded by (usually solo) trans women.

This was an advert that kept appearing as I watched videos.

This solo trans woman makes a lot of videos, which are quite weird and sometimes quite disturbing. Just the bedroom alone is a psychiatrists dream.

Some of 'her' other videos

I don't want to 'Kink shame' but....

This is a 'penetrative chucky sex doll' (If you didn't realise)

Here, 'She' starts riding chucky

I find myself rather relieved that this is not 'my son'

Now, it kinda gets a bit weird..

Shocking acts of violence committed against a woman.

I'm going to end this post with one of the most hateful, violent, degrading, humiliating and disturbing videos that I have seen on pornhub. This is of a male, brutalising a female in such a 'matter of fact' 'normal' and 'Humorous' way. It is filmed in a domestic setting and the brutal acts are synonymous with the reality of domestic violence and murder. 

This is the pure hatred and violence against women, and because it's pornography.. it doesn't matter. Women don't long as you don't actually kill them on film.

*Trigger warning*
Although I have blurred genitalia, breasts and anuses, these images could cause distress.