Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Normalization Of Sexual Violence

Rape Is all the rage

Rape and porn culture are fully intertwined, pervasive, normalised and are a direct result of patriarchal cultural norms, misogyny, gender inequality and commercialised profits.
Rape and porn culture has significantly become widespread and popular, especially in regards to the sexual objectification of girls and women, and victim blaming.
We see this in advertising, the music industry, the movie industry, TV shows, comedy, pornography, and the rise of misogynistic social media platforms and blogs, who's main contributors are the PUA's, MRA's. MGTOW's and Incels.
 Rape culture encourages gender violence, as well as perpetuates rape myths, ranging from treating rape as merely "rough sex", to blaming the victim for inviting rape. Such "rape myths" influence social messages that assume predefined gender roles regarding sexual behaviours. A 2015 meta-analysis found that overall men perceived rape victims more negatively than women did and this sex difference was moderated by the acceptance of rape myths

Sexualization and sexual objectification are practices that contribute to the normalization of hyper-sexualized perceptions of women, which is a theme in rape culture. Hyper-sexualized or pornographic media is often attributed with perpetuating aggressive behaviors and attitudes supporting violence against women. Media depictions of violent sexual activity are also noted to increase behavioural aggression. Sexualizing imagery surfaces and reinforces misogynistic beliefs in some instances.
Consumption of pornography has shown to encourage aggressive action as well. Positive associations between aggressive perceptions of women and consumption of pornography, especially violent pornography, have been found on multiple occasions. Individuals who more frequently consume pornography are more likely to engage in sexually aggressive acts or harbour sexually aggressive attitudes than others who consume less pornography or do not consume pornography at all. 

A Meta‐Analysis of Pornography Consumption and Actual Acts of Sexual Aggression in General Population Studies

A Meta‐Analysis Summarizing the Effects of Pornography II Aggression After Exposure

Pornography and attitudes supporting violence against women: revisiting the relationship in nonexperimental studies

Although, there is much academic research that pornography is harmful, there is also research that denies pornography is harmful..even beneficial!

Meanwhile, in the real world of sexual violence..girls and women continue to suffer the consequences...

Here is one of the latest research articles that was published in April of this year. They claim that pornography is not becoming increasingly violent and that viewers do not prefer violent content. This research cites the many academic arguments in the pro/anti porn arena in their research and interestingly provide full/open access (which is not normal practise) to the general public and media. Regardless of the footnote, expressing that this research was problematic and marked with limitations. This research will be cited and used by the pro-porn lobby and sexologists to deny the harms of pornography.
Like here - 

 And other prominent sexologists 

Many of the pro-porn research authors, cited in this research are sexologists- like [Nicole Prause] [Ley] and [McKee] who have vested interests in the porn,condom and sex toy industry, also utilised this research on social media. 

Here is a link to the truth about sexologists and pornography -
Nicole Prause re-tweeted Cynthia Graham's (editor of the journal of sex research- who published this research) tweet about it - (Both are Kinsey trained/enthusiasts)

 Some excerpts from the research

Okay, let us leave the academics to their salubrious research on pornography, and discuss rape and porn culture in the real world...

Although I have provided endless links between sex offending and high pornography use, pornography as a grooming/training tool, sexually motivated murders, and a comparison of gay and straight porn. In this post, I want to demonstrate the eroticisation and normalization of sexual violence in mainstream pornography, and how it perpetrates a social belief that women are (or secretly are) aroused by sexual violence, and need to know 'Their place' in the world of men.
We are now, at a most dangerous time in history in regards to the patriarchal grooming of boys into misogynistic and offending behaviours, or girls into the acceptance of these behaviours and beliefs of their own culpability in the sexual violence against them.
This patriarchal ideology, in which pornography is a primary vehicle, is teaching our future generations of children that females are 'Second class citizens' 'Sex toys' 'Subordinate to males' 'Males are dominant' 'Objects to abuse' 'Subhuman' and that sexual violence and even rape - is socially (and sometimes legally) now translates into 'Rough sex'

The phrase 'Rough sex' of course..comes predominately from straight pornography, and as I have already demonstrated, (gay pornography does not include hardly any)  

Therefore, we can conclude that sexual violence against females is about anger, rejection or/and oppressing, controlling, hating and destroying women.
In order to control someone, you have to train them by dominating them and show 'who's boss' To train to abuse them. To install fear or reduce them to feeling worthless by humiliating and degrading them. Subordinate them, and you will have power over them.

Before the advent of the internet, children may have come across a male relatives pornography magazine, like playboy or penthouse, and most likely masturbated to images of naked women participating in solo masturbation or in common sex acts. They would not of seen any violent pornography, unless their male relative had obtained this material illicitly from sex shops or dodgy adverts.
But, if a child had come across any kind of violent pornography in these illegal magazines, they would of been shocked, horrified and traumatised.
Now, for the first time in history, children can easily access the most violent pornography, such as incest, gang rapes or bestiality on their computers, x boxes or phones. Many children are already becoming so desensitised, they believe that sexually violent acts, such as choking, hitting, crying, screaming and instant, aggressive penetrations of every orifice are perceived as 'normal sex' They are confused about 'consent' and many girls cannot even recognise their own sexual abuse, exploitation and rape.
Pornography has become children's 'sex education' But, what children can't know, is that pornography is not about sex. It is the most popular and virulent vehicle of misogyny, and is a training tool that manipulates the viewers perceptions of reality, by eroticising and normalising the most brutal sexual violence, that is filmed for the arousal of males.
I'm not talking about the dark web or a niche audience. I'm talking about an endless supply of videos, that generate millions of hits, and are highly rated, on the most popular pornography site.

So, tell us again 'Academia' about your 'flawed' research..
Because, for girls and women survivors of sexual violence..We say..
One single video, that depicts sexual one too many.

The following images are taken from the most popular pornography site - Pornhub.
Some of the videos are 'studio/professionally made' and some are 'Amateur/home-made' Viewing figures are difficult to ascertain, because the same video can be uploaded multiple times with different titles, and by different people. They can also be uploaded onto pornhubs other tube sites.

*Trigger warning*

Although I have blurred all genitalia, buttocks and nipples, these images may cause distress, please be mindful.

This is James Deen's latest video (posted only one month ago and already has over 2 million views) Not only does the video contain sexual violence, it is suggesting that all women 'secretly' want to be 'Hate fucked' [a term which means raped] This is particularly dangerous for women, because it is perpetuating the rape myth, that all women want to be raped.

Deen hired a female narrator to enhance this video. Here is the transcript which is 'sexually' spoken.

"I like to be taken and ripped open, like the dirty, greedy, cock hungry whore I've only dreamed of being. I want to be called a cum-slut, a useless set of holes, only useful for being filled and fucked. I want my hair to be pulled so hard, that my neck aches. I want a man to take me like I had no choice. I want to be dominated, taken, gagged, and my throat is being violated by a huge fucking cock, until I'm ruined like a true, worthless slut [orgasmic noises]
I love the pain. I love the feeling of being [inaudible]   like a God-damn animal. Slap me, bite me, take me however you want. I want to be fucked so hard and fucking fast, that I can't breathe or even think anything else, but cock and cumming so hard, like the good little girl I am. I love you so much, so why do you hate me."

Some of James Deen's and pornhubs members comments on this video.

This was Deen's first 'Fuck me like you hate me' compilation. Deen was also accused of raping women (This is featured on my post 'The destruction of innocence)

This is another James Deen video. In which he 'punishes' a female porn performer, by anally raping her in an alley.
'Punish' is another term for 'Rape'

 This is an 'Anal rape' scenario with the rapists commentary. The male has 2 cameras, one on the penetration and one on her face, to make sure that viewers can see her pain. I have only included a few words. This girl could be forced/coerced/trafficked, but viewers don't care (74% likes)
(now at over 8 million views on this one video)

A 'Rough sex and abuse fantasies' or rather 'Rape and gang rape fantasies' compilation video, which has over 3 million views.

Male is spitting into females mouth.

A gang of males are slapping the females face with their penises.

This video depicts an aggressive male, sexually assaulting and raping a female.

This is an amateur 'Rape play' video. It could possibly be a domestic violence situation. Also the female has many self harming cuts/scars on her legs.

Another amateur/home-made video, in which a male sexually brutalises a female. This was incredibly disturbing to watch.

This appears to be the same people who appeared in the above video.

Sounds like an Incel here...

This is another amateur/home-made video in which a male films himself being sexually violent against a female.

Not sure what kind of injury that is on her leg..

This is a 6 second home-made video of an extremely violent male, who is penetrating a female, whilst repeatedly punching her in the buttock and kicking her flying.. It is extremely disturbing.(difficult to capture punches, as happened so fast)

This is a 'professionally made' video, in which a large male sexually brutalises a female,and although she is a porn performer, she is in genuine pain and shouts 'stop' and 'no' many times.

'Women being used like pieces of meat' (nearly 3 million views)

The male is choking the female by forcing his penis against her throat.

'Fucked like an animal' in which females are anally pounded as hard and as fast as the males can, degraded and humiliated (nearly 4 million views)

'You are my fucktoy' (over 3 million views)

'Worthless whores'

Although this particular video does not have massive views, the two below give you an idea
of other 'whore' videos. I did not capture any of these images, as most were just too disgusting.

These videos depict many males paying to penetrate females orally, vaginally and anally through specially made holes in the walls. The women themselves are just 'holes' and their portraits are posted above the entry holes. Most of these females do not appear to be enjoying the acts, are in a lot of discomfort and many attempt to recoil from these acts. There are many of these videos, with millions of views.

This female looks and sounds like she is in a lot of pain and discomfort.

'That's what girls are for'

This falls under the category 'Funny'

And lastly..a compilation video of the most hated women on the planet... 'Feminists' The women who advocate against sexual violence..