Saturday, 16 March 2019

Do Girls Like Anal?

The leap from Sodomy to Butt-play

I was born in Birmingham in 1960, and for many decades, the only time that 'Anal penetration' was heard of, would be when a man criminally committed 'Sodomy' and usually on a minor.
[I would also like to point out that many sadistic rapists who hate/are angry at women -  penetrate their victims anally -  in order to cause more distress, degradation and humiliation]

'Anal sex' was not a thing. If a man had even suggested it to a girl or woman, they would of been angrily told to 'fuck off' and perceived as a filthy pervert, and no female would go near him again.
Women knew that anal penetration would hurt, cause damage, would be degrading and was disgusting. Not in a moralistic, religious or 'sexually oppressive' way. It was just yet another unnatural sexual act that certain men wanted women to do.
I'm not sure when 'Anal' was first 'commercially' published in pornography, I think it was something that gradually crept in. My guess would be that it probably began in porn magazines like 'Hustler' during the 1980's.
Although anal and even fisting was available in imported mags/videos from Denmark (where pornography became legal in the late 1960's) from dodgy sex shops, men would've hidden such material from their wives and girlfriends) 'Rodox' also distributed bestiality and child abuse imagery.

Internet pornography

Moving forward to the advent of the internet; which became available for public use during the 1990's. The www was already saturated with pornography (via bulletin board systems) because pornography was the fuel behind it's technological innovation. Every kind of genre- both legal and illegal now existed at the click of a mouse. No control, no regulations, no age-limit, and no one to monitor such material. 'Rule #34' (If it exists- there is porn of it- no exceptions) became an internet meme during the early 2000's and  Rule #35 - if no porn is found at the moment, it will be made.
And as the first commercial pornographic websites became available, such as and sizzle, demand and supply rocketed. Currently 'Mindgeek' monopolise internet pornography. Pornhub alone had 33.5 Billion visits in 2018.

Pornography and the media influences and incites sexual attitudes and behaviours 

From girls and women resorting to breast and buttock implants, lip augmentation, labia reconstruction, anal bleaching and complete shaving of pubic hair. To imitating female porn performers as a way of 'pleasing and keeping' their men. Many have also become brainwashed into believing that ' porn empowers women' That being 'feminist' today is about 'Liberated female sexual expression' and that 'vanilla sex' is boring. It's not just pornography either. Media is equally to blame.
Girls and women are bombarded with magazine articles suggesting 'sex positivity' and 'sexual expression' that promote BDSM, Rough sex, choking, anal and even fisting. Of course they change the language of sexual deviancy to 'Kink' 'Butt-play' 'Breath play' or 'Knife play' and continuously bemoan that society shouldn't 'KINK SHAME'
See my other post about this on [Pornography as propaganda]

Many boys and men, on the other hand wish to practise their porn fantasies on girls and women.
To these males 'vanilla sex' is boring. Although there are certain men that are inherently sexually sadistic, misogynistic and abusive. Pornography has influenced normal boys and men to believe that women enjoy certain sexual acts, even if they are painful and the woman is crying in pain. Not only do these males become desensitised to sexually violent material, they develop less empathy.
Male porn performers or men who make 'home-made' porn, will continue to sustain erections and orgasm inside a woman that is crying or screaming in pain. What do you think that does to a young teenage boys brain and psyche?
Pornography has normalised abuse, humiliation and degradation, and promotes sexual violence as a man's right to do whatever he wants to a woman. For women are depicted as 'other' as 'sub-human' as 'fuck toys' and are reduced to 'Three holes' or a 'piece of meat'.

[Below I have posted three audios of pornographic videos. To give you a better understanding of how males continue to violently penetrate women anally, whilst the women are crying, screaming or begging to stop]

The health dangers of anal sex.

'What you don't know about anal sex and faecal incontinence- a gastroenterologist explains'

Sexual trauma associated with fisting

Climate of coercion

How the media promote dangerous sex practises.

[There's also a 'history' of bestiality, pederasty and necrophilia]

The article includes a couple of 'Anal sex pots' Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I cannot detect any evidence of 'Anal sex' In the first one, it just looks like a couple in the 'Doggy position' and in the second one, just looks like some weird little creature??

'Men's health' magazine appear to be obsessed with Anal sex

'Ann Summers' promotes anal to women, in order to sell their products.

Teen vogue promotes anal sex to teenage girls

Vice magazine is extremely pro-pornography and has a 'boy's club' culture from which Over 20 women were subject to or witnessed other employees experiencing sexual harassment

'Men, Women and CHILDREN have all been players in the anal-receiving game and academia grew from the edges of a CHILD'S SPHINCTER'

There are also a significant amount of you tube videos about anal sex

Here's a lovely video from a 'pick-up artist' 'Humour' is often used by abusers to coerce women to do things they don't want to.

And one from a woman who states how painful anal sex is, but there's no harm in 'Treating' him if he's been kind. She then contradicts herself , by saying that it felt like she was being 'forced'

And here's 'sexologist' Dr Lindsey Doe promoting anal sex. She also promotes 'Sex work' BDSM and coprophilia.

Although being a 'professional health expert' and
has to lay down some warnings, she is still extremely enthusiastic.
Some screen-shots from her video on coprophilia (a paraphilia which involve faeces, like being shit on or eating it) and a guide to
'Eating Ass' and, yes..children can watch these.

There are also many males interviewing women in the street, to find out if they like or have experienced anal. The majority emphatically reply 'NO' much to the interviewers dismay. The others say 'If I'm drunk enough' or I do as a 'gift or reward' on his birthday.

And of course there's always 'Ask a porn star?'

Which brings us to 'Anal' pornography. 

There are two main types of pornography on pornhub. One is 'professionally made' and the other is 'Home-made' which means that males can upload their home-made videos onto pornhub (Same as you can on you tube) 
There are many categories of 'Anal' featuring both women and teens.
'Anal sex' - videos depict males aggressively penetrating women's anuses and usually after orally penetrating them. The only lubrication is the male performers 'spit' and there is no condom use. (Condoms are generally used in gay porn) 
'Double/triple anal' videos depict two or more penises penetrating a woman's anus. 
'Anal destruction' videos depicting violent penetrations, either with penises or insertion of objects. ie: Sex toys, bottles, baseball bats, melons, a foot and even male heads.
'Accidental anal penetration' videos depict 'accidental' or 'Slips' in which the male is performing vaginal intercourse, but 'accidentally' penetrates the woman's anus.

'Unwilling/coerced/blackmailed/forced anal' videos depicting teenage girls and women being anally raped. 

'Brutal anal gang-rape' videos depicting groups of men aggressively penetrating teens and women anally.

'Fisting' videos depict teens and women (sometimes pregnant women) being fisted anally, often with extreme brutality and by groups of men.

'Punch-fisting' videos depicting males punch-fisting females.

'Anal prolapse' videos depicting teens and women with prolapsed anuses. Many feature males penetrating the prolapse and female performers licking, sucking or drinking sperm from the prolapsed rectum. 

I can usually watch and analyse the most disturbing content on pornhub. But, found the fisting and the prolapse videos hard to stomach. How males get aroused by these is difficult to understand.
Below are many screen-shots of the videos that I had to endure. I have censored them heavily and many were close-ups, so I was unable to use those.
I am also going to include some 'Audio' of three videos that illustrate how these male performers and a 'non-professional' male can continue to aggressively penetrate females anally until orgasm, even though the females are crying, screaming or begging them to stop. This is true sexual sadism.

Although I have highly cropped screen-shots and blurred all genitalia, anuses and breasts, please be aware that these images may be distressing. As are the audios featured below.

'Analized' is pornography's term for destroying women's anuses.
This one group which joined pornhub two years ago has over 41 million video views.

Some of the titles and viewing figures featured on pornhub.
(figures are hard to ascertain because there are multiple uploads by different members)

Some screen-shots of 'Anal' Many of these just include faces, because they were close-up videos of anal penetrations.

'Accidental and unwilling'
A compilation video of males 'accidentally' penetrating women anally. Has over 19 million views.

'PAINAL' The top 5 first anal penetrations. Over 10 million views

Women cry, scream and say no, but the males carry on aggressively penetrating them anally.

'Tight teen screams from brutal anal fucking' - nearly 14 million views

'Brutal Fisting' this video was extremely disturbing to watch and listen to this woman screaming as the males abuse her.

I am going to insert an 'audio' of a woman being penetrated anally by a male. The video is a close- up and does not show faces. Even though the woman is crying, the male continues to penetrate her.
'No, please stop! Extremely painful anal-fucked against her will'

This is another one. It's title is 
'Girl keeps crying through first anal attempt'

And this one is called 'Brutal anal' 
I have included some screen-shots of it also.

There are also extremely disturbing fisting of women's vaginas. Here they are using a large watermelon. 

There are videos of males forcing their heads up to their chins, into women's vagina's.

'Anal prolapse'

I literally couldn't watch anymore of these 'Anal prolapse' videos.

I was far too angry and repulsed. 

Lastly, here's an article about anal prolapses from a porn performer.
This video is a conversation with an ex-porn performer, who talks about how she once had pelvic swelling and bleeding from her vagina'
The director humiliates her on set and states:
'If you don't get one of your holes to work today, then I'm sending you home without a paycheck' 
So that's how her first 'Anal scene' happened.   She also talks about how drugs are used by performers to numb the pain of hard-core anal sex.