Monday 7 June 2021

The pro-porn campaigners are celebrating... again (part two)


For many years the pro-porn campaigners fought to prevent age verification on dedicated pornography sites.

On the 16th of October, in which the secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport Nicky Morgan made a statement that the government will not be commencing part 3 of the Digital Economy Act in regards to age-verification for online pornography.


In 2017, the UK became the first country to pass a law containing a legal mandate on the provision of an internet 'Age verification' system. Under this act, commercial pornography websites would have to implement a robust age verification system to prevent minors from accessing their sites. 

After a series of setbacks and delays, owing to various technical problems and failing to inform the EU (European union) etc. Many 'concerns' arose regarding the 'possibility' that online age verification providers could collect excessive 'personally identifiable information' and process it for other 'purposes'

Also 'concerns' that porn sites could sell or even 'Hackers' could steal personal information of consumers 'porn habits' who could then be 'blackmailed' or 'exposed' resulting in 'job losses' 'family break-ups' 'naming and shaming' which could possibly result in possible suicides. 

There were also 'concerns' over the fact that 'Mindgeek' offered a service called 'AgeID' which was a 'one time' log-in for porn viewers, which could enhance it's market position (although it already owns and operates most commercial porn sites) Leaving smaller, niche UK porn sites at a disadvantage.

Also mindgeek states that AV will be free for UK independent studios and pornographers!

Incidentally, AV for pornography sites has been available in Germany in 2015.

'A FREE one time login AV' announced at the European summit - for all UK porn producers'

'Age verification' is already in place and 'toughened' in 2019 on UK gambling sites, in order to protect children, so why have they not been protecting children from pornography all these years? 

In-fact, gambling sites not only legally require age verification, but With age, identity, and payment verification, there now seems to be a perfect storm of factors to prevent the unlawful participation of underage players in online gambling activities.


Also, gambling sites check your finances!


*Strangely enough, I couldn't find any 'concerns' or backlash over Age verification on gambling sites.

Government abandons Age verification.

On the 16th of October 2019, the culture secretary Nicky Morgan stated that the Government had abandoned the mandate altogether, in favour of replacing it with a wider scheme of 'internet regulation' based on the principles stated in the forth coming (OHWP) 'online harms white paper' which will include other harms such as bullying, self harm, suicide, gang promotion and hate crimes. It will also focus on social media. Unfortunately, answers to parliamentary questions have made it plain that the protections provided by the Online Harms Bill from commercial pornography sites will be far more limited than those afforded by Part 3 of the Digital Economy Act.


'Online safety bill' Draft May 2021 [link]

In January 2020, a group of AV companies started legal action against the government on it's decision to suspend the AV scheme. They contended that the 'Digital economy act 2017' gave the government the power to delay implementation, but not to abandon it.


So why did the government really abandon the UK age verification on pornography?

The fact remains that the government AV systems were ready to be implemented on dedicated pornography sites, and could of been put in place whilst sorting out the other online harms and social media. It would of been a monumental 'first step' in protecting children. 

The pro-porn campaigners strike again..

Considering the fact that in 2019, pro-pornography campaigners managed to pressure the (CPS) Crown prosecution service into relaxing it's guidelines about what constitutes 'obscene pornography' so that people can no longer be prosecuted for possessing or distributing extreme material such as fisting, sadomasochism, torture with instruments and activities involving perversions such as urinating or defecating on or into a body. Please see my post on this subject - [link] 

There's no reason to think that these campaigners didn't put pressure on the UK government to abandon the AV scheme, or as they liked to put it 'Repeal the porn laws' 

Here's a celebratory tweet from  'Matthew Lesh' who is 'head of research' at the 'Adam Smith Institute' who was part of the 'Repeal the porn laws' campaign and 'John Johnston who is a politics reporter for '' stating -

'The 'porn block' has been ditched. Re-drafted, delayed and picked apart by 'Privacy campaigners' it's "objectives" will now be punted over to a "online harms regulator". John Johnston

So, who are these 'pro-porn campaigners' and why did they put pressure on the government to abandon 'Age verification' which is designed to protect children from viewing pornography? 

Firstly, I'm going to list their primary 'concerns' followed by examples of their 'campaigns' and finally a list of the main players, who along with many others,  pressurised the government to abandon a mandate which would of protected children years ago.

1st 'concern'

'The right to basic freedom and privacy' 

In other words - 'We don't want the government to come into our bedrooms, monitoring our pornography habits, especially our deviant proclivities such as bestiality, scat, torture, sadomasochism and other dodgy interests' 

Because anyone with a smartphone, gave up their freedom and privacy it's not about 'the right to basic freedom and privacy'

including a diary of your every movement - [link]

The Privacy Risks of Your Smartphone [link]

2nd 'concern'

'Age verification' will hurt competition (referring to mindgeek's 'AgeID)  in the UK adult industry, especially reducing access to porn produced by 'sexual minorities' because they won't be able to afford such AV fees'

This is untrue. As posted earlier, a 'one time log-in age verification' was free to UK pornographers and a flat fee for non UK  based providers on their UK only traffic. 

3rd 'concern'

'Age verification systems could expose porn consumers to be exposed  by data breaches or victims of blackmail by 'Hackers' of personal information by having to provide bank details etc. Which could result in 'shaming and naming' 'loss of jobs' 'family break-ups' and even 'suicides' 

Many pornography websites already have one landing page where no one cannot browse adult material unless they become members and produce bank/credit card details in order to purchase membership. I could not find any reports of any 'Hacking' of these, but then I'm guessing that they only contain normative heterosexual sex acts. And because 'porn' is so acceptable 'everyone looks at porn' Why would it really matter if a person was 'exposed' Would he lose his job, his family and maybe commit 'suicide'?

'Prominent members of society'

So, what could be their problem? when the (cps) already relaxed the obscene pornography laws in 2019, why are these campaigners concerned that their 'viewing habits' could be exposed? 

Okay, so 'legally' they can now view pornography that includes genres such as 'torture' 'fisting' and 'scat' without any fear of being prosecuted.

But... They are still 'concerned' that in particular 'prominent' people could be 'outed' for viewing this and other material. I mean it's not going to look good if your local MP, doctor, teacher or lawyer has been viewing thousands of videos [taken from pornhub] with titles such as 'anal fisting young teen till she screams' 'school girl gang bang' 'black cunt gets humiliated, degraded and abused' 'burning her nipples with a cigarette' 'punch fisting her ruined teen twat' ' or 'step-father fucks her during sleep-over' or a prominent married father who is viewing 'gay porn' every night.

This is the real reason that these campaigners are scared of age-verification. They don't care about children being traumatised by violent pornography. These men want to watch the most violent and deviant pornography in absolute secret and privacy in order to feel safe masturbating to such material, without worrying as to whether they could be 'outed' 

Let's not forget how many MP's view pornography at their 'work-place'


And in 2018..

Let's take a look at who these prominent pro-porn campaigners are and how they put pressure on the government to abandon 'Age verification' altogether. (all names involved in campaigning against age verification are highlighted in blue)

'The usual suspects'

1) Myles Jackman (obscenity lawyer)

Apart from defending clients charged with possessing/distributing obscene pornography. Jackman is the 'open rights' organisations legal director and a legal adviser on 'Backlash' an organisation that defends freedom of sexual expression, who provide legal, academic and campaigning advise. He is a BDSM enthusiast and is a prominent and prolific pro-porn and 'sex-work' campaigner. 

In 2016, Backlash campaigned to protest the obscene pornography laws and 'Age-verification' in front of parliament.

Amongst the speakers were- Myles Jackman, Pandora Blake (pornographer) Justin Hancock (child sex educator) and Dr.Chris Ashford (professor of law)


Here's Jackson with pornographer Pandora Blake asking people to finance their campaign to oppose 'Age-verification.

Myles Jackman appearing on BBC newsnight discussing 'Age-verification' Notice the media constantly refer to age-verification as 'porn ban' No-one is 'banning porn' This term is used to derail 'children watching porn' and spread the fear that 'The government want's to ban your porn'

Jackman - "Age-verification laws is going to have a devastating effect on free speech on the internet"

Jackson is talking about how 'flawed' the NSPPC's research into the significant amount of children who actually watch pornography. In other words he is denying that so many kids watch porn.

Jackman scoffs that the NSPPC's research is 'Rather embarrassing' 

And here's Jackson and Blake discussing how age-verification won't work, disputing the amount of children that watch pornography and how their private data will be stolen for malicious purposes. Also the open rights group have drafted an amendment which will be introduced to the data protection act which would include a duty to protect privacy and security.
The video ends with collective laughter as a member of the audience states that 'He's watched porn since he was ten years old, so why do the government think that they have the time and energy advantage over the collective hormones of all the worlds teenagers'

Incidentally, David Kaye (a law professor) is the UN special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom, opinion and expression. Wrote a letter to the UK government, stating his 'concerns' about age-verification.

Letter to the UK government by David Kaye

He even tweeted about his 25.7k followers.

He retweeted 'pornographer' Pandora Blake's celebratory tweet about the government cancelling 'age-verification'

Some of Myles Jackman's tweets regarding 'age-verification'

'Sky news has obtained a copy of a confidential note sent by the 'Digital Policy Alliance' a lobby group representing many online pornographers, to the (BBFC)'


Also Pandora Blake makes an appearance on sky news. Seems most journalists and media are on the same page as these porn campaigners and pornographers.

In the video, Tom Cheshire (Asia correspondent) interviews Pandora Blake regarding the age-verification laws. He starts spanking his hand with a hard slipper.. I wonder if he is a big fan of this pornographer's work 'I dream of spanking' 


The open rights group

'Tell the government to protect your bits' 
Translation - 'We don't want anyone to know about the deviant and dodgy materials that we are masturbating to'

Then the congratulations started (thanking the pro-porn campaigners)

Misha Mayfair - pornhub nominee, known as the 'UK piss princess' friends with Myles Jackman and Pandora 

And this tweet from the 'Adam Smith Institute' derailing age-verification, referring to it as 'puritanical porn laws' and the absolute nonsense that children will be pushed into the 'dangerous dark web'  I'm pretty sure that very young children don't know about the dark web, or how to find it. Besides, mainstream porn like pornhub is full of violent, deviant pornography, torture and child abuse imagery.

2) Pandora Blake (pornographer/performer)

Pandora Blake describes 'themselves' as a gender non-binary, queer polyamorous switch' who's fascination with spanking started when they were five or six years old. 'they' own a website called 'Dream of spanking' and is a staunch pro-porn campaigner who opposes age-verification.

Alongside Myles Jackman, Blake has been countlessly interviewed in the press and the media, who enthusiastically support their pro-porn campaigns, that include age-verification. One of the concerns Blake talks about is the fact that 'if porn consumers have to 'self ID' by entering their email addresses and bank details on porn websites, then they could be hacked. Yet on her website, if you want to become a member and pay for scenes, you have to enter your email and credit card details..

After you fill in this form, you are directed to 'consumer support' in which you enter this information.

Blake even wrote an article in Taylor Francis online, as a 'porn scholar' who had 'no conflict or interest'

Here Blake is interviewed (at great length) in the Guardian, in which she states 'Porn laws criminalise sites that are a lifeline to 'marginalised sexualities' (aligning themselves with marginalised groups such as LGBT, racial and religious minorities in order to gain sympathy and inclusion)

*Blake and others pressurised the cps to relax obscene porn laws after this article was published.

Blake also states here that 'they' cannot afford age-verification (WHEN IT'S ACTUALLY FREE) and that there could be a 'data breach' by entering personal information like emails and credit card details. 

There are countless interviews with Blake all over the media, but I'm not going to post them here. 

So, let's take a look at the kind of material on Blake's website.

There are many scenes depicting 'age-play' teachers spanking naughty children. This is sexualising real school-girls who are already subjected to daily acts of sexual harassment and assaults by boys and men. [link]

This is just one of many trailers of spanking shown on YouTube (which now has over 15,000 views)

Here are some screen-shots from Blake's site.

Also, 'The evacuees' 

The most disturbing subject I found on Blake's website were fantasies about 'spanking children' and a link to a site called 'Corpun' which hosts real life images and videos of  children being severely abused ie. Caned until bleeding. 

Blake provides a link to 'corpun'

The following contains links to real images and videos of children being abused.

I wonder just how much the government knows about this 'marginalised and targeted sexual minority' Would they have reconsidered abandoning age-verification if they knew that one of the campaigners who fought against it, was aroused by and provided links to child abuse images and videos.

3) Jerry Barnett (pornographer and pro-porn campaigner)

Barnett was a porn peddler who made a fortune from exploiting young women. 

His pornographic website was called 'Strictly broadband' which he had to shut down, because in 2012 Ofcom fined him £60,000 for not providing any age-verification measures. [link]

Jerry is really, really angry about this..

'Jerry goes to the BBFC'

Barnett wrote a magnificent book called 'porn panic' He is also the founder at 'Sex and censorship' and is a prolific pro-porn campaigner alongside his aforementioned colleagues. 

you can read more about Jeremy on my other blog post [link]

Some of Barnett's tweets/re-tweets about age-verification

Never mind the kids, let's ask a porn director what she thinks..
Not concerned that young children are being traumatised by violent pornography, Jerry is just sarcastic.

Never mind the children nonsense, be worried you 'might' get your deviant, dodgy, violent porn habits exposed!

And of course joy when the government abandons age-verification

Barnett rejoiced at the news, as he states 'campaigned against it for about 9 years' 

Here's an example of Barnett's campaigning, he was one of the instigators who arranged this 'sex and censorship rally in 2013 discussing age-verification with the 'distinguished panel' that includes Dianne Duke (ceo) of the 'free speech coalition' Myles Jackman (obscenity lawyer) a stripper (didn't catch her name) a pornographer (didn't catch his name) a porn performer (didn't catch her name) and Peter Acworth (ceo of a brutally violent BDSM website.

Dianne Duke (ceo) of the 'free speech coalition'

'Here's Jerry!' (who couldn't be there in person)

The audience also consists of pro-porn campaigners and media

moral panic panic.. puritanism.. blah blah and then has the audacity to state that anti-porn activists get all the media attention! haha

'porn has been around since cavemen' okay...

The porn performer states that "children are very sexual from a very young age, I've seen children from as young as 10/11 months old thrusting their hands between their legs and having a feel, You can't do a block sex education at school to 15 year old kids, when their already giving out blow jobs behind the bike shed's at twelve"

The stripper just talks about a therapist who uses pornography in counselling couples to show how (example) 'It's normal for a woman to have a rape fantasy. No mention of protecting children.

Myles Jackman just makes jokes about the 'then' prime minister

The sleazy porn producer agreed and adds 'It's not the responsibility of the government to parent your children' 

Another pornographer who lost his website due to not being able to provide age-verification measures. He also states 'you cannot protect children from adult content on the internet'

Peter Acworth (born in the UK) now lives in the states and owns (which has multiple law suits against it for rape/violation of safe words etc.) states that they should all make videos like his, get your MP to see it, send it to the Prime minister and lobby to tell them that the UK government is about to make a big mistake' 

He then talks a load of crap, such as stating 'porn up- rape-down' rhetoric (by another male lawyer) and that without pornography, people are left without knowing or expressing their 'sexuality' and they will become 'frightened' 'isolated' and 'scared' ... oh and those people might be the ones that commit crimes such as rape'

Then Myles Jackman makes an arousing.. sorry rousing speech about how great he is and that we need your support for the rights of adults to enjoy 'every kind' of pornography without the government interfering with our bits. Not one word about protecting children.

And lastly.. just 'one' man spoke about how "you all are just talking about your own civil liberties and not even addressing child protection" ..of course no response from the 'distinguished panel'

You can watch the whole video here - [link]

In 2015 Jerry Barnett sent an open letter to Peter Wanless, CEO of the NSPPC regarding the 'flaws' in their research about the significant amount of children accessing pornography online, and the effects upon them. He then cites  'Real academic' research' (by 'sexologists' like Dr David Ley) who refute all the 'harms of pornography' and provides a list of signatories to back up his letter.

Oh Dr David Ley... where to begin. A prominent 'sexologist' who denies pornography is harmful in any capacity. Sexology isn't even a science, Alfred Kinsey just made it all up in order to normalise deviancy and reduce sex offences etc. His data was flawed and he would coerce his staff to perform in making his own pornography. Dr Ley blocked me on twitter for asking him about Kinsey's data on child sexuality, in which he paid paedophiles to abuse children for his book 'Sexual behaviour in the human male'  Kinsey's legacy remains.. [link]

Here's a pic of the esteemed Dr David Ley -

4) The Adam Smith Institute

It was the Adam Smith Institute who began a campaign to oppose age verification called 'Repeal the porn laws' on their website and on social media. 

They had also campaigned and argued against the 'extreme pornography laws' which resulted in the crown prosecution service relaxing them.

Take note of the ridiculous and immature language used here.

This is Matthew Lesh who is head of research at the Adam Smith Institute

He made an 'anti age verification' YouTube video in which he explains how 'our rights and freedom to privacy is under serious attack' and then ends the video by asking 'you the people' need to help by fighting against the 'puritans' (apparently anyone who wants to protect children from pornography are puritans)

Here Matthew Lesh writes for 'Spiked magazine' in 2019 regarding age verification. He uses 'scaremongery' tactics such as aligning Britain with other 'totalitarian' states such as China, and that 'hostile foreign nations' could hack porn viewers data. Oh.. and children could bypass age verification anyway.
*Lesh is head of research at the ASI yet this piece sounds like an immature porn-obsessed teenager on reddit. 

Daniel Pryor is 'head of programmes' at the ASI who describes himself as a 'lanky lover of liberty' 

He wrote this piece for CAPX who are a British online newspaper that 'brings you the best writing and thinking on politics, economics, markets, technology and ideas, from our own team in the UK and around the world'  Really...

Again, I have underlined the scaremongery and immature language here. *also note the repeated reference to the 'Ashley Madison leak of data' that all these campaigners cite in their articles and video campaigns.

This is Tim Worstall who is a senior fellow at the ASI.

This is a piece he wrote for the 'Continental Telegraph' regarding age-verification, or as he likes to put it 'The new masturbation prevention system' Again, I cannot believe the immature and ludicrous content, never mind the offensive line and lie that he spouts - 'access to online pornography has reduced, massively the number of rapes out here in meatworld. It turn out that porn and sexual violence are substitutes for each other, not compliments'

The following are tweets from the ASI and it's members regarding age-verification.

These are some of their victorious tweets after age-verification was abandoned.
Including Eamonn Butler who is the director of the ASI.

Eamonn Butler retweeted Deputy director Matt Kilcoyne's tweet about abandoning age-verification. 

'Adam Smith Institute inspired the repeal of the porn laws' (age-verification laws)

The Adam Smith Institute follows Myles Jackman on twitter. no surprise there.. (I blocked Myles Jackman when he began following me on twitter, just after my blog about the CPS relaxing violent pornography laws)

Some of the people who Daniel Pryor follows on twitter.

David Ley the 'sexologist'

other sexologists

of course, Jerry Barnett

And backlash

This is Justin Hancock who is a 'child sex educator and SRE trainer and consultant.

He also has a website aimed at children aged 14 and over. (I don't imagine any 17/18 yr old's interested in this!)

On this website he normalises and promotes pornography. Here he states that some former porn stars have left the industry and speak out about the harms. But.. Many people think that porn is good. Women get paid more. Porn can show people positively and help them to explore their sexuality.

He normalises 'anal' to children, stating that it's 'popular' and that people had anal sex before porn came along. That's not true. Women and girls never wanted anal before internet pornography and most are coerced into it by partners.  Anal is a high risk sexual act which can result in many health complications.

'Rimming' How to do it safely kids - rule 34 innit! 

'Teen' (look for the 2257 information at the bottom of the page on porn sites) We know that many minors appear on porn sites including pornhub)

'Fetish and BDSM' Hey kids - 'Your kink is not my kink but your kink is OK' He mentions a few 'kinks' such as feet, tights and nappies, but fails to mention sadism like 'strangulation' and knife cutting/stabbing/insertions' He states that there's no evidence that people into BDSM are mentally ill and perhaps the opposite is true. 
My post on the harms of BDSM- 'Kink is the new sexual sadism' [link]

He also writes about the BDSM book 'fifty shades of grey' which is 'not for you young uns'
(I shall write more about this on my next post in regards to sex educators in schools)

He also has a YouTube channel. Justin's so 'down with the kids' 

This is the child sex-educator who signed the open letter to the NSPCC  opposing age-verification.

And appeared in Backlash's campaign against age-verification protest outside of Westminster palace.

and tweeted Pandora Blake's victorious tweet

Guess who he also follows on twitter?

Yours truly.. 

and the Kinsey Institute

He also follows many porn performers (So he/him) obviously loves pornography, so a conflict of interest when teaching children about porn.

And no doubt likes anal

This is another pro-porn 'child sex educator' Jonny Hunt He also normalises and promotes pornography to children.

This is his website aimed at children age 13+ in which he defends pornography as 'moral panic' and suggests there is no difference in watching funny or scary films to watching pornography.

This website 'Respect yourself' (which was endorsed by Warwickshire council) Contained an A-Z of sexual acts such as 'felching' 'fisting' 'coprophilia' and 'bukakee'

There was an outcry and petition from parents and groups calling to ban this website, and it is still under review. [link]
(I did manage to screen-shot much of it before it 'disappeared' and will post about this in my next post)

Some of the people Jonny Hunt follows and re-tweets on twitter.

(Justin Lehmiller is a pro-porn 'sexologist')

Again, following yours truly

and the pornographer and avid campaigner Jerry Barnett 

and Dr Christian Jessen, who thinks that pornography should be shown in schools and was exposed of inviting a bloke off grindr to come have party sex with illegal drugs that he could provide.


and a kink and BDSM website based in the Netherlands

Jonny Hunt also re-tweeted campaigns against age-verification

including the 'open rights group' 

and Jerry Barnett

And Pandora Blake's celebratory tweet regarding age-verification

He also tweeted this news article about a man who blackmailed porn users, not by threatening to expose their 'porn viewing habits' but by installing 'Ransomware' on their computers.  This is a form of attack in which a computer is hijacked and frozen by a small piece of software until the user pays a fee for its release.

And finally the much revered Peter Tatchell speaks against age-verification, calling it 'Draconian' and 'Dangerous' 

In 2016 I had a conversation with Tatchell on twitter regarding pornography, he says that pornography is good (if performers are not trafficked - to which I replied that there were many victims of trafficking on porn sites. 

He then makes these ludicrous statements

*He didn't reply to my last statement.

Let's not forget Tatchell's views on 'child-adult sex' "While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful"

Tatchell also spoke about how natural it is for adult males to have sex with boys in Papua New Guinea.

Boys between 6-10 years old are tortured and forced to engage in oral intercourse, because the elders believe that boys are unable to mature into men, unless they 'ingest the semen' and have 'eaten the penis' They are also taught to hate women.

And also mentions that Alfred Kinsey stated that 'Children are sexual from birth' (Like many paedophiles do in their literature)

In my next post I will be exposing the pro-porn child educators who are both normalising and promoting pornography and extreme sexual acts to children in schools and on their websites.