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The Strangulation of Women

Strangulation is  predominantly a male act against females
which can result in severe injury or death. Strangulation is the most intimate of all types of murders.
Especially manual strangulation, in which the male uses his hands to take the life of a female. To look into her eyes whilst she looks back into his, knowing that she is dying by his decision, is the ultimate feeling of power, dominance, control, hate, revenge or intense sexual arousal for the perpetrator.

 These men strangle mostly women and girls, and there are four primary reasons.

1] To control, dominate, threaten, illicit fear, punish or/and murder women partners in an intimate relationship or within a marriage.

2] Either sadistic sexual arousal or a combination of 'sadistic sexual arousal and misogyny' that both usually result in the woman being murdered.

3] As a sexual and misogynistic arousal aid in the production of pornography. Teenage girls and women are strangled, sometimes until they lose consciousness and often whilst naked and simultaneously being penetrated.

4] Sexually sadistic paedophiles strangle children to death. This is because the male can only become aroused and ejaculate during or after the act of strangling the child to death.

There are two main types of strangulation -

Manual strangulation - In which the perpetrator uses his hands (Typically) or arm, leg and foot to cause prolonged pressure to the neck.

Ligature strangulation - In which the perpetrator uses items such as a garrote, rope, cord, shoe-laces, stockings etc. to constrict the victims airways.

There are two main types of perpetrator:

[One that is primarily sexually driven]

Sexually sadistic psychopath/sociopath - Sexual sadism is a paraphilia, in which the sexual sadist cannot become aroused by normal sexual acts. They have often felt this arousal since early childhood and would often practise Autoerotic asphyxiation on themselves [See Harvey Glatman] up until late adolescence. (sometimes resulting in accidental death)
They would be consumed and incited by pornography, BDSM, fetish imagery, and fantasise about having a girlfriend with similar interests and may choose a young, naive female to practise on. Or many serial killers would initially commit nonfatal strangling on their wives. But after a period of time, sadistic acts would escalate and the only act that would sexually gratify, would be dying and death. So they would proceed to target vulnerable women who lived alone, the elderly or prostitutes. Many serial killers strangled and ritualised their crimes, some would strangle the female until unconsciousness and then repeat the strangulation act several times until death, in order to prolong the arousal.

The addition of misogyny.

In many cases of sexual sadists, the adolescent male was often socially inept, unattractive, painfully shy/scared of girls etc. Females would not be attracted to him, maybe even laughed and rejected him. So, alongside the sexual sadism, the male would also hate and be intensely angry with women. Many serial killers not only enjoyed the sadistic arousal, power, control and dominance over their female victims; If they hated women, they would also degrade, humiliate and de-feminise them. Some of these serial killers were also impotent and not able to penetrate a woman, so would either thrust objects violently into her vagina or/and anus or masturbate over her body instead.

[One that is primarily hate, anger and power driven]

Many violent men that hate women, will want to dominate and control them within a relationship. These types of men want slaves that will obey their 'masters' both in the bedroom and the kitchen. These men are usually narcissistic sociopaths who are weak and inadequate, and so will gain a satisfying feeling of superiority and masculinity by being in command, hold power over another human being, which also incites sexual arousal in many.
The only way that these males can become 'masters' is to install fear, threaten, control and abuse females.
In the beginning of the relationship, they 'become' what the female desires in a male. often showering her with 'love' 'tenderness' 'consideration' 'respect' and 'romance' But when the 'honeymoon period' is over, they start to change. This can begin either rapidly or slowly, depending on his additional traits, confidence and the vulnerability or autonomy of the female. Strangulation is a common occurrence in cases of domestic violence. (see below)

Intimate partner strangulation during sex

There are many cases of violent males strangling their new 'dates' girlfriends or wives to death during 'Consensual sex' and claiming that 'she liked/encouraged it or that he 'Blacked out' In their defence. The mitigating factor is often claimed as a 'Sex game gone wrong' and because the judicial system and indeed jurors, would be aware of pornography that depicts women enjoying being 'choked' strangled during penetration, could easily be convinced of that possibility. Many are cleared of murder and convicted only of manslaughter, in which they receive a lighter sentence and deemed less culpable.
  [This mitigating factor of 'sex gone wrong' would not of been used before the advent of internet pornography]

These males are lying. Firstly, in order for death to occur during strangulation, the female [Even if intoxicated] would fight for her life. Many lethal or near lethal strangulation victims have deep scratch/gauge marks from their own nails as they try to release the males grip. Also their eyes, lips, faces and veins swell, they fall in and out of consciousness and lose control of urine and faeces. So if it were a consensual act, then the male would cease strangling her, especially as death from strangulation usually occurs between 4 and 7 minutes.
[Try watching a clock over this time period to visual this]

Christopher May (below) claimed that the only reason that he killed Tracey Woodford, was because 'She was stealing his money and attacked him' and that he 'lost control and didn't know what happened' because he was 'so drunk'
Christopher May is a sexually sadistic, psychopathic murderer and a liar.
Like many of these killers, he watched and masturbated to pornography for hours after the victims death. If May hadn't been caught, he would of become a serial killer and strangled other women with red hair.

"He would of masturbated to pornography every day, hours before killing her and probably put it on in his flat just prior and/or during the murder and after it. Because this is what they do. (before internet pornography, some would take magazines with their favourite scenarios to the kill site)
May was sexually obsessed with 'Red heads' He would of watched every pornographic video of women with red hair, preferably being strangled and penetrated simultaneously. 
Because these males [amongst other things] fetishise hair colour and become intensely obsessed with their object of desire. Women are no longer 'human beings' they become mere body parts and orifices for their self gratification. Once these males are completely desensitised to pornography and can no longer become aroused, they cross the line. They kill purely for sexual arousal and to obtain an orgasm. Some have murdered a whole family, just to rape and murder a child for sexual gratification. David Shearing murdered three generations of one family (six people) just so he could rape the two young girls.

This mugshot of May, shows the scratch marks that Tracey Woodford inflicted on his face, defending herself whilst being strangled by him.

Male violence does more damage than female violence
Women are more likely to be injured and/or hospitalised. Women are more likely to be killed by an intimate than the reverse (according to the Department of Justice, the rate is 63.7% to 36.3%) and women in general are more likely to be killed by their spouses than by all other types of assailants combinedResearch reviews have concluded that the majority of women's physical violence against men is in response to being abused by those men. Men were more likely to beat up, choke or strangle their partners while women were more likely to throw objects, slap, kick, bite, punch, or hit with an object. Manual strangulation (i.e., gripping the throat with one’s hands) is the most common method of strangulation in intimate partner violence, although ligatures (e.g., belts, scarves) are sometimes used. 

Many domestic violence offenders and rapists do not strangle their partners to kill them; they strangle them to let them know they can kill them—any time they wish. Once victims know this truth, they live under the power and control of their abusers day in and day out.

Non-lethal strangulation is different to other forms of physical assault, in a number of important ways. Firstly, there may be few visible symptoms of the injury caused.  Secondly, there are few other acts of violence that have potential to create so many health problems for victims. Finally, it is a tool used to demonstrate the perpetrator’s ultimate power to take the life of the victim, an experience likely to cause severe psychological distress.

A man’s bare hands can be “the most dangerous weapon women face”, Women’s Aid warned on Wednesday, as new figures show no weapons were used in nearly half of all killings of women in Ireland over the last 20 years.

There are not always visible signs of strangulation as in these images.

In the UK

Sexually motivated murders of women and children.

Most sexually motivated murders of women and children involve strangulation (In combination with bondage).
These types of murders are committed by sexual sadists who's sexual arousal began early in their lives. Many serial killers displayed auto-erotic asphyxiation
when they were around five years old.  As they approached puberty and became interested in females, they would also project their sexual proclivities onto them.
There is a constant progression from childhood, which usually begins with compulsion surrounding their fantasy, and chronic masturbation, which is reinforced by sexual images of women in bondage, such as 'detective magazines' and pornography. Many also write literature and draw sketches of their fantasies.
They usually take it to the next level by practising the torture and killing of animals. 
They often start 'peeping' voyeurism, followed by 'fetish burglary' such as stealing
women's lingerie or/and wearing it themselves whilst photographing their own bondage scenarios. [Autogynephilia is a common theme amongst these serial killers who are further sexually aroused by identifying as the intended victim]
They may try to bind/strangle [non lethal] their wives, girlfriends or prostitutes.
But this is not enough. Their fantasies escalate and they have to take it to the next level, which is 'Death' They want to create their 'perfect fantasy' and photograph their 'work'. But, this never happens, so they continue the torturing and killing.

Dennis Rader [AKA BTK] was one of these serial killers.

Some of Dennis Rader's images of himself in women's lingerie and bondage, and his sketches, found when police raided his home.

This is the female mask that Dennis Rader wore whilst photographing himself. 
Some of his fantasy sketches.
Some sexual sadists are also misogynists. 
Their M.O. have additional elements; comprised of degradation, humiliation, violent contempt and sometimes De-feminisation.  
For example:
Displaying the victims body with her legs wide open to those who attend the crime scene first.
Violent insertion of objects, such as bottles, baseball bats, knives, or contempt such as dirt, soil, rubbish or the victims underwear. Cutting off the victims nipples or breasts and sometimes mutilating the vagina, cervix and womb.
Strangling the victim with her own underwear and tying the stockings into an elaborate bow. 
William Suff murdered 24 prostituted women.  placed a light-bulb in the womb of one, dressed others in men's clothes, left one woman naked with her head bent forward and buried in the ground like an ostrich; he'd surgically removed the right breasts of some of his victims, and cut peepholes in the navels of others.
X-Ray of one of Bill Suff's victims Tina Leal

Albert DeSalvo [AKA the Boston strangler] was a sexual sadist and a misogynist. 

He strangled women with their own stockings, tied in an elaborate bow. He also positioned the victims legs wide open and inserted bottles or in the case of one victim, a broom handle.

Albert DeSalvo had previously raped approximately 300 girls and women before murdering the thirteen women. He was never charged for the murders amid speculation that he wasn't the murderer, because no evidence was found at the crime scenes.  He was killed in prison over an argument about food. In 2013 his DNA was matched to one of his victims.

One of the many photographs of Albert DeSalvo making jewellery for women in prison. Here he is joking about his speciality in 'making chokers for women' This was an act of his celebrity status and his ongoing contempt and disdain for women. 

If you google 'man strangles woman' There are endless news articles about both domestic violence and sexually motivated crimes.

Example of sexual sadism and misogyny. 

Example of Sexual sadism.

Most of these examples are of recent crimes.

The difference between strangling and choking

Although sometimes the words are used interchangeably, "strangulation" and "choking" are not the same thing. Choking is an internal blockage as when air flow is blocked by food or a foreign object in the trachea.
Strangulation, by contrast, is defined by reduced air flow and/or blood flow to or from the brain via the intentional external compression of blood vessels or the airway in the neck. Notably, however, many victims of strangulation refer to the assault as "choking".
Manual strangulation (i.e., gripping the throat with one’s hands) is the most common method of strangulation in intimate partner violence, although ligatures (e.g., belts, scarves) are sometimes used.

This news article about a man who strangles a woman (no doubt, porn influenced) at a staff Christmas party. cctv shows her hands stiffening just before she collapsed, resulting in facial paralysis.

Dangerous to women.
'Choking' is a misused and more 'acceptable' word that is associated with 'Kink' 'BDSM' 'Breath play' and of course 'Pornography' This is incredibly dangerous to women, both within sexual relationships, domestic violence situations and murders involving strangulation. Because if a victim states that she was 'choked' when giving her statement to the police [often they don't, especially when the partner 'chokes' her during sex] the police do not take it as seriously as strangulation. It also plays a part in court cases of murdered women, in which the murderer often cites that it was merely a 'sex game gone wrong' and so the defence lawyer argues that it is a mitigating factor. Many of these murderers receive reduced sentences and are only convicted of manslaughter instead of murder.
So, because the judiciary and the jury are most likely to have viewed males 'choking' women and  women enjoying/wanting to be 'choked in pornography, they could easily believe the defendants case.

Coaxing young women to engage in violent pornography and rough sex.
Many years ago, violent pornographic magazines would of only been available to deviant men through specialised sex shops or in dodgy advertisements, and they would of kept those magazines secret, especially from women. Because they knew that women would of been disgusted and deemed those men as vile perverts and weirdos. Women wanted intimate, romantic, emotional and passionate sex, not control, domination, suffering and pain. It was men who wanted that. But, things have changed, the language has changed
 [to men's advantage] 'Violent sex' has become 'Rough' 'Edgy' 'Kinky' and the classic manipulative mantra 'Empowering to women' So, if you are a woman who doesn't want to engage in violent sex, you are deemed 'boring' 'vanilla' 'prudish' and won't be able to 'keep your man happy in the bedroom' and anyway, what's wrong with being strangled, hit, whipped, throat gagged until you vomit? Make him happy in the kitchen and the bedroom, and you won't lose him..
With the rise of internet pornography and men's sexual violence against women, came the inevitable rise of popular women's magazines 'exploring' 'rough-sex' and BDSM lifestyles, etc. 
Take for example 'Cosmopolitan' That has 64 worldwide editions, and the magazine is published in 35 languages, with distribution in more than 100 countries making Cosmopolitan the largest-selling young women's magazine in the world. 

Take a look at just how manipulative this article in Cosmopolitan is. It's incredibly similar to an abusive, manipulating male partner, attempting to make you do things that you don't want to.

*Firstly, they use the term 'Nice Girl's' [This means women who would not normally even think about or engage in such violence like 'many others do' It also implies that 'nice girl's' are prudes or not 'sexually progressive' 'boring in bed' etc. Who are these 'other women' Did you just throw some random names in this article?
A link to why many women participate in the BDSM lifestyle

*'I realised it's not "weird" to want to get a little freaky' 
Which means 'I won't be deemed a pervert or have mental health issues if I want a man to be violent to me during a sexual act'

I have highlighted the most manipulative words in this article.

Cosmopolitan also inject some humorous Gifs into the article (As a way to diminish and normalise sexual violence) It also suggests 'watching violent pornography' and becoming 'intoxicated' in order to become desensitised and make it easier to endure

Another manipulative article, normalising violent sex towards women. 

(the Romans were down with it, according to ancient frescoes)

Correction- The Roman MEN were down with it.
Most of these frescoes were rendered in Roman brothels (as pornography is played today in many)
These women and children were sex slaves kept in cells, who were available for every type of male perversion.
link- [The grim reality of the brothels of Pompeii]

Or here-

Classical Depravity: A Guide to the Perverted Past

“A society dominated by men who sequester their wives and daughters, denigrate the female role in reproduction, erect monuments to the male genitalia, have sex with the sons of their peers, sponsor public whorehouses"

And it's not just cosmopolitan, this is a 'Woman's health' magazine..

Here comes the 'Good girl' again..and additionally - 'She secretly want's it' 

There are 'instructional' videos on youtube on how to strangle women...You know..because they like it..

Filmed in a 'Fun and humorous' way of course, to normalise and not frighten the 'Nice, good girls' away!

This is from the same youtube account 

This was another video that I found on youtube in-which a male strangles a female until she loses consciousness and actually appears to have a small seizure.
 (There are males strangling other males in videos, but that only occurs during martial arts and wrestling) 
The difference with males strangling females, is that they become 'sex fused with violence' and many males are sexually aroused. Women are abused, raped and strangled to death by these types of men.
Look at the comments below this video. [This video is also on Pornhub]

This is the video on pornhub.

Which bring us to the men that strangle women in pornography.

These screen-shots were taken from the most popular pornography site - pornhub.

Most of these images are not sexually explicit. I have evaded posting the more extreme strangulations and violence that occur within the BDSM and rough sex catergories, bur I'm sure that you can imagine those.

*Trigger warning*

The majority of these videos are uploaded by members of pornhub, by 'amateur couples' many of which are filmed on 'web-cam' sites such as 'Chaturbate' in-which men pay to watch and masturbate.
So you have to wonder as to whether these acts and the filming and uploading of them are truly consensual.

'Ligature strangulation'

This one well over two million views

This is another amateur couple video taken off 'Chaturbate' A male is requesting that the male strangle the female until she is unconscious and then penetrate her whilst she is passed out. This one is very disturbing as the female is covered in bruises and what appears to be needle tracks inside her arm.

The male viewer/purchaser is asking the female to show any visual signs of the strangulation.

The male viewer is requesting that he strangle her again, you can see by her face how unhappy she is about this.

Another amateur 'verified couple' (these videos can be uploaded by a male, as long as the female signs a form to say that she is over 18) From the start of this video, she appears to be in a state of dreaded apprehension and total obedience to the males actions. Her facial expressions say it all.

The above video was a short version/different upload of the one that I found below.
As you can see, the male is really enjoying himself.

This is a well known video starring porn performer Ashley Blue [Real name Oriana Small) who is performing with Porn producer/director and performer 'Khan Tusion' [Contusion=Bruise] He was the director of a series of films called 'Rough sex' and 'Meat holes' and is known as one of the most misogynistic pornographers in the industry.

I tried to find an image of Khan Tusion, one website claims that this is him.