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What is sexual sadism?

Sexual sadism is the condition of experiencing sexual arousal in response to the extreme pain, suffering or humiliation of others. Sexual sadism has been found to be potentially dangerous if paired with symptoms of psychopathy which increases the likelihood of one acting on their sexually sadistic fantasies. The words sadism and sadist are derived from Marquis de Sade. Most of the people with full-blown sexual sadism disorder are male.

(Although there have been some criminal cases of sexual sadism involving women, such as Rosemary West and Myra Hindley. (I am not absolving these most evil women) These women would not of committed such heinous acts without the manipulation, coercion and domination of their male counterparts.  Ian Brady was a domineering sadistic sexual psychopath, who tortured cats as a child and some of his favourite reading material (which he persuaded the 18 year old Myra to read was the Marquis de Sade.)

The Marquis de Sade was a sexual sadist of the highest order. He would often torture and rape women and sometimes under-age girls. He also wrote some of the most depraved and sexually violent literature ever published, notably 'The 120 days of Sodom' (Trigger warning)

Also, adapted to cinema..for the modern audience.

BDSM and kink.

Apart from the sadistic criminal, a 'law abiding' sexual sadist needs a masochistic counterpart. Luckily for him, they are bountiful and mainly female. Of course, sexually sadistic men could not advertise themselves as such and procure willing victims, because they would just be deemed dangerous predators, abusers and rapists. So they invented a sub-culture and thus the BDSM (acronym for bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) 'Community' evolved. In other words, they repackaged sadism into a 'healthy consenting adult form of sexual expression' Further to that and like all abusers, they changed the language in order to minimise and detract from it's true meaning. So they now like to be referred to as 'Kinksters' Who instead of 'Electrocuting genitals' they now merely indulge in 'Electric play' Or use the term 'Blood play' instead of 'Cutting skin' Because 'Kink' sound's a lot more 'sexy' than torture.

(Please note, I am not referring to couples who consensually enjoy a 'little bit of slap & tickle here')

 The reasons why so many women are masochistic.

Sexual predators instinctively sense vulnerable victims with expert intuition. They purposefully target those women who have been sexually,emotionally and physically abused. Those who are from dysfunctional backgrounds, have abandonment issues or have been raped.  Like pimps, they prey on damaged women, 'Bent..not broken' is their favourite motto.

Women who have experienced such intimate and horrific abuses, suffer from complex PTSD for the rest of their lives. Complex PTSD is different from PTSD, which manifests from a 'one time' experience (such as a home invasion, mugging,physical assault,war experience etc.)
Whereas complex PTSD occurs from 'long term' and intimate crimes, such as child sexual abuse and rape. Because the victim has experienced abuse for a long time, they develop a subconscious bias towards self abuse as a method of delaying the symptoms of PTSD. 'Every-time the abuse stops, the real pain begins'. And in the short term, the trauma may be easier to deal with than the emotional ramifications of the event itself. In other words, it's easier to continuously  'self harm' so that you don't have to 'feel' the emotions of the original abuses (in which they experience dissociative disorder,thus switching off the emotions) So, they will participate in continuous self-harming behaviours, such as cutting, substance abuse, promiscuity, prostitution and pornography performance. Or a re-inaction of the abuse itself, and because of overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame; They feel that they need to be punished... of course BDSM is perfect for this..

Alongside this, women who are involved with intimate partners in the BDSM community, often suffer additional 'unique' partner abuse.

There are new studies coming out on the relationship between BPD, child sexual abuse and women who participate in BDSM.

The NHS criticised a Dutch study that was reported in the media that BDSM was a healthy lifestyle.  

The following excerpts are some examples of women who participate in BDSM and are taken from BDSM community and therapists sites.

From a Dom

One In Three Kinksters Reports A Consent Violation

Emma Sulkowicz is a prime example of this, she was a young woman who was raped on campus. She was not believed, and took to protesting by carrying the mattress that she had been assaulted on, around with her during her final year at Columbia University. The accused student filed a lawsuit against the university, its trustees, university president Lee Bollinger, and art professor Jon Kessler, Sulkowicz's thesis supervisor, alleging that they exposed him to gender-based harassment by allowing Mattress Performance to take place on campus

Two years later, she participates in BDSM..

Bettie Page

One of the earliest and most famous BDSM pornography performers was Bettie Page. Although she is mostly known for her 'Pin-ups' and as a 'playboy playmate' in 1955
As a child she was sexually abused by her Father, who went to prison and was divorced by her mother. Page and her sister were sent to an orphanage for three years.

She also endured a horrible gang rape in New York City. After her first divorce, Page moved to New York to become an actress. Not long after her move, a man she met walking on Broadway asked her to go dancing. When she got into his car, the man collected more men as he drove. Page was then taken to an area behind a school in Brooklyn where the men raped her. In late-1940s America, "camera clubs" were formed to circumvent laws restricting the production of nude photos. These camera clubs existed ostensibly to promote artistic photography, but in reality, many were merely fronts for the making of pornography. Page entered the field of "glamour photography" as a popular camera club model, working initially with photographer Cass Carr. Her lack of inhibition in posing made her a hit, and her name and image became quickly known in the erotic photography industry. In 1951, Bettie's image appeared in men's magazines such as Wink, Titter, Eyefull and Beauty Parade

 At the height of her career, she disappeared. She became a born again Christian and attended bible studies. After three failed marriages, she had a breakdown and was diagnosed with acute schizophrenia, after brandishing a knife in an altercation with her landlady. She died at the age of 85 in 2008.

Another perfect sexually sadistic outlet are the myriads of pornography sites that contain BDSM Where the sexual torture, degradation and humiliation of women is both rampant and utterly abhorrent. Although torture is prohibited within the human rights act, it obviously does not apply to women in pornography. 

I Can Never Tell

BDSM is regularly featured and promoted in the media as a 'Sexy, empowering and a healthy' lifestyle. Not just to men, but also to women in magazines like Cosmopolitan, who recommended the website 
Peter Acworth

Founded by Peter Acworth, a British web entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He is the founder and CEO of, an internet pornography producer that focuses on BDSM and fetish themes. Acworth entered the pornography industry when he was a PhD student in finance at Columbia University. After reading a story in a British tabloid about a fireman who made £250,000 in a short period by starting an internet pornography site, Acworth decided to start a porn site of his own. Since Acworth had what he described as a lifelong interest in bondage, he oriented the site toward BDSM porn.
In 1998, Acworth moved from New York City to San Francisco. Finding that sales were leveling off because other sites were using the same content, Acworth began producing his own content, initially featuring himself with various models whom he found through Craigslist or through his photographer friends.
In 2000, Acworth founded his second site, Fucking Machines, under Cybernet Entertainment, Inc., the corporate entity that ran A number of additional sites followed, and in 2006 Acworth changed the corporate name of Cybernet to

The following images are taken from pornhubs BDSM pornography, most of which is shot by

*Please be aware that these images may be triggering*

But the truth of men's commercial and legal sexual violence against women needs to be shown.. (I have blurred all genitalia,breasts and anuses)

These images are also shown on kink.coms twitter page and because of 'free speech' twitter allows this on a platform where thirteen year olds are members. say it themselves...'A sadist's dream come true'

Yes, he actually inserts a large metal hook into the woman's anus, whilst inserting a dildo.

The following images are taken from pornhub..
Notice that many of the scenarios surround kidnapping, rape and sexual torture and are similar to real life sexually violent crimes against girls and women. 

 Many of the males tend to wear black gloves in these kidnapping and rape themes, indicative of real crimes. 

 He forces money into her mouth with his thrusting penis

After orally raping her, he forces her to lick up her own vomit.

Over seven and a half million views...

This 'Head box' has been used in real life kidnapping,torture and rape of girls and women.

Cameron Hooker kidnapped, tortured and raped young hitch-hiker Colleen Stan for seven years.  

And this man who kidnapped and raped a twelve year old girl.

This device produces low current electricity and is often used on the nipples and genitalia.

 At the end of this 1 and a half-hour video, her torturer puts a plastic bag on her head and leaves the she appears to be suffocating and looking around for his whereabouts.

Many female victims of serial killers have been raped, tortured, bound and their bodies dumped like these images.

She is kicked hard and has her chest stomped on.

'Helpless teens' who hitch-hike, get picked up and raped in the back of vans with the use of a rape kit. 
This has had 23,374,349 views to date.

A google search of the kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of teens and young women will show that there have been hundreds of real cases. 

This is a recent case below, in which Roman Heinze was convicted of sexual and violent assault on two young backpackers earlier this year.

The following images are actual crime scene photographs, taken from the property of David Parker Ray. He was a sexually sadistic, serial rapist,torturer and murderer of women.
He build what he named 'The toy box' A sex dungeon where he kidnapped and sexually tortured women.

David Parker Ray's note..

And his sketches...

These are just a few sketches taken from Dennis Rader's (BTK- Blind/torture/kill) collection.
Rader tortured, raped and murdered eight girls and women.

Rader not only owned a large collection of pornography, but made his own during the sexual assaults and murders of his victims.
'Horrifying details, along with grotesque photographs and evidence of depraved sexual fantasies'

For more examples of the link between violent pornography and sexually motivated murderers (click here)