Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Destruction Of Innocence

Pornography = Pornographers = Male Performers = Rape = Male Viewers = Paedophilia

Rapists are sexual sadists who hate females. They can only become aroused by causing pain, humiliation, degradation and the suffering of their victims.
Their objective and complete satisfaction, is to totally 'Destroy' their victim, in every sense of the word. Of course, the more 'innocent' and 'pure' a victim is, the more powerful and satisfying the act becomes. Many men believe that you cannot destroy a female, who is already broken, so the 'ultimate fantasy' would be a complete innocent..and preferably a 'virgin'

Because rapists also have psychopathic personality disorders, they are devoid of any empathy for their victims. Many have a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others, lack of guilt, narcissism and superficial charm.
Different rapists offend against varying age groups. If he is a paedophile (and depending on his preference) he will rape babies,toddlers, pre-pubescent or adolescents. Others will rape young women, middle aged or elderly women. If he is homosexual, he will rape boys and men. Some will rape all ages, both sexes and animals.
The acts of rape are also vastly different, depending on the level of the perpetrators psychopathy and sexual sadism. Rapist don't all 'Jump a young woman in an alley way, wielding a weapon' Rapists can be 'Every man' Rapists can wear smiles and tell you how beautiful you are..
For example - he may use charm, flattery, wit and romantic gestures to lure a female into a 'consensual' encounter. Then halfway into the 'Tender' act, he may suddenly begin to choke and violently penetrate her. Another rapist may take an intoxicated female home, to make sure that she's 'safe' and when she is thoroughly incapacitated, he will 'gently' penetrate her, he may also film the rape and share them on certain pornography sites. The 'clients' who pay to rape prostituted girls and women, enjoy humiliating, controlling, dominating and acting out any preferred deviant act upon them. The same can be said for pornography.

We are all aware that millions of 'child abuse images/videos' circulate mainly on the dark web. Many of them depict adults sexually abusing children, but there are genres such as 'Hurt-core' That depict the sexual torture and murder of children. These 'monsters' who make such videos are just 'normal' men that surround us, live with us or are Fathers themselves, like Peter Scully who made 'The destruction of Daisy'

And only recently  Matthew Falder, a geophysicist with a Cambridge degree, who descended into the world of ‘hurt-core’ distributed images of babies being tortured and toddlers being raped. By the time he was arrested, he had become a ‘VIP member’ of child abuse forums and accrued thousands of sick images which he would ‘trade’ with others who shared his twisted fixation on ‘hurt-core’ porn. The term refers to images showing sexual abuse involving severe punishment, pain and humiliation. blackmailed at least 47 victims into sending humiliating pictures of themselves performing depraved acts, before sharing them on abuse forums on the ‘dark web’. Falder also spied on women in the shower with secret cameras and preyed on vulnerable youngsters by posing as an anorexic teenager or a depressed artist to trick them into sending nude selfies.
He then blackmailed them into humiliating acts including licking toilet seats, eating dog food naked and scrawling cryptic references to abuse forums on their naked bodies in red lipstick.
We cannot dismiss these horrific crimes as just 'A few sick monsters in the world'

This is what a significant number of men- do to children and what other men want to watch.
There are males that use pornography to motivate their crimes.
There are males who make pornography of their own crimes.
There are males who make pornography of these crimes.
There are males who watch pornography and don't commit those crimes, but fuel demand.
So, pornography connects them all.

Mainstream pornography as a legal substitute to the dark web.

Obviously, not all men who want to watch the destruction of young children and adolescents, would consider visiting those sites on the dark web. These men are not risk takers. They would never risk being caught, for the legal and social consequences would be devastating to them, their families, friends and jobs. (Although I'm sure that some males would of begun this way, before exploring the dark web) So, what do these males do, in order to sate their 'darkest fantasies' and not break the law?
 They can masturbate to either computer generated- 'pseudo' child abuse imagery, which can be incredibly realistic (Some even have the 'Adult' males face pix-elated, as in real child abuse images) click on 'what appears to be real under-age girls' (still risky) or they can click on the most popular 'teen' categories, that sites like pornhub proudly boast about in their yearly stats.

Examples of CGI videos on pornhub
(Obviously I cannot show much, as these CGI videos are illegal in some countries)

Okay, so there may be no actual torture and murder of teens on pornhub (although some of the brutal torture does involve very young women) But here are countless videos that depict 'under-age' girls, that are 'destroyed' by humiliation, degradation,abduction, rape, gang rape and brutal penetrations.

The pornographers.

The pornographers know their 'Audiences depraved fantasies' and accommodate them, by selecting the 'Barely legal' 'Just turned 18' female performers, or young women who are 'Tiny' both in stature and weight (They often display these figures alongside the videos) They are often flat chested and have completely shaved vaginas. They also dress them in 'children's clothes and accessories that are associated with little girls, such as pigtails, plaits, hair slides and bracelets etc. Many of the porn sets also depict brightly coloured 'children's bedrooms' with soft toys or 'play areas' Some of these females suck lollipops, wear nappies and are chained to cots. Many feature incest, usually with 'Daddies' 'Step-Fathers' 'Uncles' Brothers' and 'Grandfathers'  The videos are endless and many have millions of views.

The male performers

Ask yourself one question....

Would a decent, respectful, moralistic man who decided to make a pornographic film; Brutally penetrate and abuse a teenage girl or indeed a teenager who was made to look like a little girl?

James Deen
One porn performer, (Bryan Matthew Sevilla) famously known as James Deen has been accused of sexual and violent assault by multiple women, yet still produces and performs in his own content.
I believe that the women he assaulted, did not legally proceed with these accusations, because they were/are porn performers, and as such; know that they are unlikely to get a conviction, due to the culture of victim blaming. Women porn performers are already deemed 'whores' and 'Sluts' who deserve what they get.

Last year, Deen thwarted a documentary that address the rape allegations against him.

The following is taken from a 2012 GQ interview with Deen.

Many of the convicted sex offenders/rapists/murderers that I have researched, stated that they were aware of their first 'sexual fetishes/arousals' around the age of five/six years old.

During a porn shoot with Deen, the interviewer, crew and other performers were chatting, when 19 year old performer 'Allie James' stated this..

Later, Deen acknowledges that the 19 year old Allie James is 'Obviously damaged' (like most young women who enter pornography) and even though he is aware of this fact (same as pornographers are) he will still commit acts of sexual violence on young women. Like 'Max Hardcore' says..he loves it when young, fresh females are 'Real victims' Although these young women are not pure innocence (because they enter porn as damaged and have already been sexually abused) The porn producers are still able to conjure up the 'innocent' fantasy for their viewers, by having the girls giggle,swing their legs, not understand when asked about certain sex acts and 'look shocked' when the male first exposes his erect penis to them on the porn set.

Pornographer and performer Max Hardcore likes to destroy young 'real victims' he buys their clothes from children's stores and will put braces on their teeth and pig tails in their hair, to make them look like 12 year olds. 

*Trigger warning* Please be aware that some of the images below may be triggering for certain readers. I have blurred all genitalia, breasts and buttocks.

All of the following screen-shots were taken from the most popular pornography site Pornhub. Obviously, no one uses the word 'child' so they substitute with words like 'Young' 'Tight' 'Tiny' 'Extra small'

Let's start with some of James Deen's work. 

He also goes by the name 'Gemcutter' as you can see on the right side of his profile.

Remember that he stated that he was respectful to women...
'Cute teens turned into fuckmeat and used in every way possible'

The video features a split screen, showing the teens 'personality' on one side, whilst being choked, slapped, and aggressively penetrated in every orifice by Deen on the other.

Because it's more arousing to 'destroy' a teen who is 'the cute girl next door'

'Anal Angels-Tight Teen Holes|Relentless Fucking| Painal|Dirty talk' Starring Deen.

'Fuck me like you hate me' This is a compilation video which appeared in 'teen' search. It was edited by James Deen (AKA Gemcutter)  The term 'Hate fuck' is apparently a more sanitised version of 'Rape'

Note the 'pigtails'
Most of the 'oral sex' consists of aggressive throat fucking and forcing the girls head to the base of the penis.

I found this part extremely disturbing..This teen was made to look like a small child. After watching this, I wanted to scream..it made me incredibly angry. Really triggered my past trauma. I am sorry if it affects you the same, but we need to know what these men are doing to these girls in pornography.

I see so many of these girls with 'Dead eyes' 'no participation' 'limp bodies' and 'no expression' apart from the painful ones. These girls are being re-traumatised and are detaching from reality.

Her expression of pain and indignance is extremely apparent.

As in this girls expression.

And hers...

This girl is being aggressively penetrated, and although she doesn't say anything, she struggles to moves her head away, so she can gag and cough, without being suffocated.


Viewers comments (GemcutterV6 is James Deen)

'Appreciate it when guys own up to hating women and loving rape. Most guys on here pretend they're nice. Good on you'

Also from James Deen..
'Young porn girls turned into obedient cum dumpsters'

The following images are all 'Teen' related searches that came up, whilst I was exploring pornhub. 

Some of the teen channels on pornhub.

Random searches of titles already on pornhub

Some of these thumbnails appeared to be real under-age girls, so I would not click on the actual videos.

These very creepy videos came up in the 'Teen' search. They are of males penetrating teen and schoolgirl sex dolls.

Some of the adverts for 'young looking' porn performers and other sites that came up at the side of the videos.

There are also 'schoolgirl' categories 

From 'Punished Teens' this category depicts young teenage girls, hitch-hiking, who are then picked up by males, who tie them up and rape them inside the vehicle.

'Step-Dad teaches daughter first time sex' (Video is French)

'She wanted a sleepover'

This is Alyssa Hart's profile on pornhub, she is often depicted as a child in many of her videos.

This is the same video as 'She wanted a sleepover' but with a different title and uploader. This is why I cannot ascertain true viewing figures (There could be countless uploads)

Members comments..

'Teen girl gets hard anal|Ass to mouth'

'Young throats- Kianna'

'Young throats- Betty' (This female may well be over 18, but she is portrayed as a little girl and indeed, she looks like one in many of the shots)

'Three cute tiny teen ballerinas fucked by a huge cock'

From 'Tiny girls take on the biggest cocks'

'First gang rape at 18'

This video portrays a little girl being gang-raped by thirteen males.

This video is also uploaded with different titles and uploaders

As I finished this blog on Sunday night (Mothers day in the UK) Pornhub had altered their logo by adding flowers and 'Happy Mothers Day' when you hovered on the logo.
Pornhub profits from the destruction of our Daughters and the men that watch these videos, love and masturbate to them, hate the girls in the videos or think that they are hilarious.

And on twitter

Please share this blog widely. I want the truth of the porn industry exposed for eroticising sexual offences and profiteering from the sexual violence against girls and women.
Thank you in advance.


  1. I have looked at almost everything on this page and it has left me feeling so shocked, upset and nauseated. To think that the men I know are getting off on watching females being utterly abused, and if we say anything we're prudes. How can we campaign against it without getting vast numbers of people on our side? How can we get anyone on our side without showing them the truth and reality of this vile womanhatred? How can we show the images on social media to gain support when social media will remove the images? How can we talk about this when we'll get shut down for talking dirty? WHY DO MEN HATE WOMEN SO MUCH?

  2. İ want one of this brainless fuckmeats hahahah