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#I Believe Her

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We all know this story

It's a familiar story about famous sports stars being accused of sexual assault and rape. Most of these men are generally found not guilty or.. if found guilty (usually by texts and videos presented as evidence of their crimes) they are given lenient sentences. There is often more empathy shown towards 'famous stars' than non famous men who are convicted of rape, especially in terms of 'how much their careers suffer' There is also a lot of horrendous backlash towards the female victims on social media, from the 'Fans' of these sports men, who defend their heroes, even if found guilty. Even if it was a child that their hero had sexually assaulted.

In their defence, many of these males state that the 'sex' was consensual and that both or all parties were drunk or had been drinking.  In other words it was merely 'Drunken sex' and the female in question, most likely regretted her 'behaviour' and in order to negate her shame and negative judgement from others, she decides to claim that she had been raped. Thus absolving herself from any blame. Of course, women are accused of false allegations against all men, whether they are famous or not.

Drunken sluts

Because we all 'know' that women become Drunken sluts' when intoxicated, and if they wear provocative clothing..they are just 'Asking for it' It serves them right, because if they had just stayed at home and not gone out drinking in their slutty clothes, it wouldn't have happened to them..right..

More than a quarter of people (30%) said that a woman was partially or totally responsible for being raped if she was drunk

Although the judge in this particular case, stated this in the Belfast rape trial...
We have to ask ourselves..
Did any of those eight male jurors take that information on board?
Did any of those jurors believe 'Rape myths'?
Did any of those jurors ever found themselves in similar situations, in which they took advantage of a drunken female?
Did any of those jurors regularly watch pornography?
Were any of those jurors sexist or had misogynistic views?

Let us not forget, some members of the judiciary (even females) blame drunken females for their own predicaments.

Firstly, any adult female has the right to drink alcohol, even if that amounts to becoming completely intoxicated. And any female should be able to wear whatever clothing she wants.
This does not make her complicit in her own rape.
It is the fault of the rapist alone.
If a male is accused of mugging a female victim, who wore diamond and gold earrings, necklace and rings. Society, the media and the lawyers don't say that she deserved to have those items stolen, if she hadn't worn them and left them at home, it wouldn't have happened. She has the right to wear jewellery in public spaces.
This does not make her complicit in her own mugging.
It is the fault of the mugger alone.

Secondly, this advice about alcohol consumption is only ever given to young women. Not to men or to mature or elderly women, even though men and elderly women are raped. Police and lawyers don't ask men or elderly women how much did they drink or what were they wearing, when they were raped.
This is because 'young' women are generally viewed as complicit in their own rape. They must of 'Incited' the rapist with their 'sexuality' with their 'Flirtatious' and 'Provocative' behaviour. 'That they exposed so much flesh' That they are seductresses who sexually flaunted their bodies in such a provocative way, that lustful men who 'can't help themselves' just had to 'have sex' with these Jezebels.

These are just a few of the victim blaming campaign posters, surrounding alcohol and rape.
Notice the 'The morning of regret' insertion.

And ironically.. Launched 2012 in Scotland, was a police campaign designed to educate and change attitudes towards rape and sexual assault. This was aimed at the perpetrators of rape.

Rape is not about sex. 

Rape is using the penis as a weapon to elicit fear, humiliate, degrade,cause suffering, subjugate and obtain power, domination and control over a victim. Most victims are females, and most rapists are known to them.

There are many reasons as to why men rape. One being 'Anger rape' when the male possesses an extreme hatred towards women and the aim is purely to humiliate, debase and hurt the victim.
Another, is 'power rape' where the male compensates feelings of inadequacy. Raping victims feeds their issues of mastery, control, strength, authority and capability; to assert their competency and validate their masculinity.
The power rapist fantasises about sexual conquests and believes that the victim initially resists them, and once they overpower their victim 'she will eventually enjoy it'. Or as in the case of pimps and traffickers, using rape to gain power and control over their commodity.
Lastly there is 'sadistic rape' in which there is such a sexual transformation of anger and power that the aggression itself is eroticised. The excitement is achieved by inflicting pain and maltreatment upon his victim, he finds immense gratification in the victims torment, anguish, distress, helplessness and suffering, exacerbated by pornographic rape; in where the female secretly desires to be raped, even by multiple men.
I am going to extend the reasons of rape; to that of 'Entertainment rape'. 
Since the mobile phone explosion, there is now the capacity to photograph, film and sexual crimes all over the internet.
Misogynistic males - view females as sexual objects that can be abused, humiliated, degraded, mocked and used to amuse other males as mere entertainment. Many of these males are aroused and incited by rape pornography and also upload their own rapes onto mainstream pornography sites. 

But what about all the false rape allegations!!

Rape statistics in the UK and US

We don't have any true figures regarding the prevalence of sex offenders, their crimes and their victims. We only have the figures of those who have been convicted.
What we do know, is that most girls and women do not officially report sexual assaults and rape..
To get a better idea of the prevalence of rape, the following are statistics from the UK and the USA 

Rape Crisis England & Wales headline statistics 2016-17

Rape Crisis Centres across our network responded to their highest ever number of helpline calls during the year - 202,666 in total, or nearly 4,000 a week.

As of 1998, an estimated 17.7 million American women had been victims of attempted or completed rape. That is one out of six women.

The true data and scale of sexual harassment and assaults against girls and women are unknown, because most do not tell anyone or report it.
In the UK-

  • 1 in 5 women aged 16 - 59 has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16
  • Only around 15% of those who experience sexual violence choose to report to the police
Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. On average, there are 321,500 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States.

Sexual offences convictions in England and Wales hit record levels in the past year 

The Crown Prosecution Service's Violence Against Women and Girls report showed that convictions for rape, domestic abuse, sexual offences and child abuse have reached a record level. (2016)

 Rape crisis- Myths about sexual violence v reality


False rape allegations

Disproportionate media focus on false rape allegations perpetuates the public perception that lying about sexual violence is common when in fact the opposite is true. False allegations of rape are very rare. The vast majority of survivors choose not to report to the police. One significant reason for this is the fear of not being believed. It's really important we challenge this myth so those who've experienced sexual violence can get the support and justice they need and deserve.
According to a major study by the British Home Office, around 8% of rape allegations are false, which would mean that 92% are real.
Another study by the Crown Prosecution Service found that in a period of 17 months, 5,651 rape allegations were made and only 35 were found to be false – just 0.2%.

Here’s the truth about false accusations of sexual violence

Even many police officers believe the myth

And more judges who blame the victims of rape..

"If you hadn't been there that night, none of this would have happened to you"

"Did you close off your female organs?"

A new report shows that 26% of all sexual offences reported to the police are not recorded as crimes


Examples of some famous 'males in sport' rape trials

In 2012, footballer Ched Evans was found guilty of raping a young woman in a hotel room. She was so intoxicated that she could not possibly consent to sex. CCTV footage showed how incapacitated she was, became evidence at the trial.

In the retrial, the victims past sexual history was used in court as evidence, and Evans was found not guilty.

The reactions of some of Ched Evans fans

Ched Evans gives women advice about drinking and 'genuine' rapists.

Brandon Vandenburg.

Adam Johnson

video footage of Adam Johnson, filmed by a prisoner in HM Moorlan.

Male sexual entitlement is so widespread and catered to;that even sex offenders in prison are allowed pornography. 

From the documentary - Screws inside Belmarsh prison, where a female officer is flicking through pornography magazines,whilst inspecting an inmates cell for contraband.

A story just published during my research..
A news story from last year..

Rugby fans

 Three football players abuse prostituted women in Bangkok.

 This abusive video is still hosted by pornhub

Brock Turner

Prominent porn site xHamster were so outraged by the Brock Turner trial and lenient sentence, that they decided to ban the search term 'rape' from their site.

Although there are no results for the search 'Rape' on pornhub, there are terms such as 'forced' 'coerced' 'unexpected' 'tricked' and 'surprise sex' which still depict rape.

What xHamster neglected to say..that although they have banned the term 'rape' from their website, they still host rape videos...they just don't use the word 'rape'

There are numerous studies and plenty of research showing that  pornography consumption is significantly associated with less egalitarian attitudes toward women, more hostile sexism and stronger rape myth beliefs.
 The effects of aggressive pornography on beliefs in rape myths

 The effects of exposure to filmed sexual violence on attitudes toward rape

 Pornography and Sexist Attitudes Among Heterosexuals

 Sexual objectification increases physical aggression toward women 

 Bystander Intervention, Rape Myth Acceptance and Behavioral Intent to Commit Sexual Assault

 "The fact that the law of rape protects rapists and is written from their point of view to guarantee impunity for most rapes is officially regarded as a violation of the law of sex equality, national or international, by virtually nobody. The most obvious sense is that most rapists are men and most legislators are men and most judges are men and the law of rape was created when women weren't even allowed to vote. So that means not that all the people who wrote it were rapists, but that they are a member of the group who do [rape] and who do for reasons that they share in common even with those who don't, namely masculinity and their identification with masculine norms and in particular being the people who initiate sex and being the people who socially experience themselves as being affirmed by aggressive initiation of sexual interaction."

  From Catharine MacKinnon's book - Are Women Human?

So, we need to ask ourselves...
When a woman is raped, and she 'is one of the few' that reports the crime to the police.
Her case goes to court, and the defence lawyer is grilling and trying to destroy her.
The judge is unsympathetic and berates her for drinking, not closing her legs or fighting back.
And the jury find the defendant/s not guilty..

How many of these police officers, lawyers, judges and jurors regularly watch and masturbate to pornography..and do they harbour rape myths?

Police officer in South Carolina

Police officer in Gloucestershire

 Police officers in Birmingham

 Police officer in Camden

 Police officers in Vancouver

Police officer in Kent
Police officer in Chicago

Police officers at Gatwick

Undercover police officer Nina Hobson exposes the male police officers sexism, misogyny, pornography use and failed victims of rape and domestic violence. 

This is the documentary and below are some screen-shots.

Knowing that the woman in the bestiality video had died from her injuries, these police officers are still watching and sharing it.

The walls in police station offices are often covered in pornography.

Police officer dismissing a rape allegation

And judges

And let's not forget Damian Green

Or members of parliament 

Pornography promotes rape myths, eroticises, desensitises and even incites males to sexual violence against women. Humiliates, degrades, subjugates and presents women as objects, who are always up for sex. That no means yes, that she will eventually enjoy being sexually abused. That she is a worthless slut and whore who loves being gang raped.

And these males who are regular consumers of pornography, will perceive all women as worthless non human.
And if a woman is perceived as non human, then not only does 'it' becomes easier to rape, it becomes easier to dismiss 'it's' cry of rape.


You only have to read the text messages sent by Jackson, Olding, McIIroy, Harrison, and that of the victim, to fully understand how events unfolded that evening and the following day.

These are just a few sent by the victim -

And these are a few sent by the accused -

This is porn language. *sluts *fucked *spit *spit roast *spit roast brazzers (brazzers spelt as brassers in the above text? Not sure if this was meant to be in reference to 'Brazzers' but a pornographic video featuring a 'spit-roast' was sent by Rory Harrison to Stuart Olding.

This woman did not 'Have sex' with these males. These males were incited by pornography, and imitated a porn scenario that many rapists do. The only reason that they were found not guilty, is because they didn't film the incident, which would have been evidence, as in some of the other high profile court trials

Brazzers is a pornographic production company, with an online network consisting of thirty-one hardcore pornography websites. It's parent organisation is Mindgeek, who also own pornhub.

Pornography is the propaganda that fuels global misogyny. One of the most popular and primary vehicles for the training, hatred and subordination of women is conveyed and exacerbated through mainstream commercial pornography.
Link - 'The Hatred Of Women'

Pornography containing relevant searches

This is how popular 'Brazzers' is just on pornhub.


Drunk party sluts fucked (Although some of these videos are 'professionally' made, many are filmed by 'unknowns' with mobile cameras.

'Drunk bitchs' is a channel on pornhub.

This video is filmed by a male (Unknown)

Two males 'spitroast' an intoxicated female.

Many of these males film themselves raping drunk women and uploading onto pornography sites.

Two males film themselves penetrating an intoxicated female in a male toilet.

A male films another male penetrating an intoxicated female, with her head in a toilet

Similar videos can be found on XHamster

This video appears to have been filmed by a number of people.

A male films different men, penetrating intoxicated women in a clubs toilet. Some of these women are so drunk, that they have trouble standing up.

There are also home-made videos of women who are 'wasted' on drugs

 "Just a silly girl who's been done something and regretted it. She's causing so much trouble for the lads"

Other text messages were presented in court (some were deleted and could not be recovered by police???)

11 April 2018

Reporting restrictions put in place by a judge during the 42 day rape trial of Paddy Jackson have been lifted today.
It means most of the evidence that was not allowed to be shared with the public can now be revealed,

  • Stuart Olding’s semen was found on the crotch of the complainant’s clothing.
  • Rory Harrison sent Stuart Olding a video of a consensual ‘spit roast’.
  • Details of a connection to the Uber app from the complainant’s mobile phone.
  • Barrister Frank O’Donoghue sought to have the jury dismissed following twitter activity by Alliance leader Naomi Long.
  • The three questions from the jury on day one of deliberation,
  • Yellow flowers being sent to the complainant during the trial, and,
  • The attendance of Rory Best as a character witness for Patrick Jackson.

Documentary exploring rape, from forensic medical to police investigation, court and beyond. Cameras follow the team at St Mary's, the UK's leading sexual assault referral centre.

A woman is raped every ten minutes in the UK and yet thousands of rapes go unreported and conviction rates remain low. Pips Taylor explores why, in powerful interviews with young rape survivors. She confronts those in authority about the failures in the system and speaks to young men about their views of the crime.

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