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A Comparison Between Straight and Gay Pornography

'But what about the men in porn?'

Over the years, I have shared many links and articles about the porn industry, that I have posted on social media. To which, I regularly received comments that attempted to derail evidence, that women in pornography were abused and exploited, and how pornography is now a primary source of misogyny. A significant amount of those comments came (mostly) from males, who would attempt to 'shut me up' with statements such as 'But what about men in porn, they also get abused' and because I didn't actually know anything about 'the men in porn' I was not qualified to answer, for I had only ever researched the women in the porn industry and pornography related sex offences against females.

So, during my research into the misogynistic abuse of women. I began to wonder if the same hatred, sexual violence, humiliation and degradation of women, and incitement to sexually offend; that I exposed in straight, mainstream pornography, also applied to mainstream gay male pornography.
All of my evidence here is of the same method that I used to research straight pornography.
I visited the most popular mainstream pornography site 'Pornhub' and clicked on 'Pornhub Gay'. I continuously watched these videos for over a week, and I was shocked at what I found. Although I am anti-porn for many different reasons, that include 'why' performers entered the porn industry due to complex PTSD, drug and alcohol related issues, pimp boyfriends etc. I feel the same way about young males who enter the industry.
So I am not condoning gay male pornography, I just want to show that it is shockingly different to straight pornography. Particularly in terms of the violence, hatred and sexual abuse dealt to women in pornography. Thus proving that misogyny in straight pornography is real. Not 'imagined' or 'Supposed' but an indisputable fact, which is pervasive, and entrenched, not just in our society, but in the minds of our children.

Men don't hate other men..Men hate women.

*Please note, that to really appreciate this comparison, you need to look at my previous blogs on straight pornography, such as 'The hatred of women' or 'the live streamed torture of women'

*Trigger warning* Although some of the images below are disturbing, I have blurred all genitalia and anuses.


One of the first things that stood out and raised my eyebrows, when I began viewing the landing page of gay pornography, was the sheer amount of 'kissing' in a significant number of thumbnail images.
I had not seen that in straight pornography, I had thought that 'kissing' just didn't happen in porn, yet here it was; but only between males. The other thing I noticed, was tenderness, caressing, touching, hugging and what appeared to be respectful, pleasant, consensual, normal loving sex, that involved complete and equal participation 'Rather than a male instantaneously and aggressively penetrating every orifice of a woman for his own selfish, sexual gratification' that is 'par for the course' in straight porn.
As in my research into straight porn, I also typed in the search bar, terms such as 'abused' 'violent' 'degrading' 'crying' 'torture' 'BDSM' and even 'Femdom'
Whereupon these search terms in straight pornography, led me to thousands of titles pertaining to sexual violence of women, I struggled to find any on pornhub gay. I was actually surprised, because I had heard of rough, dominant sadomasochistic gay pornography. And although I'm sure that it is on the internet, my research is purely based on a mainstream site.
Saying that, the most extreme sexual torture of women is widely available on pornhub. (please see my other blog posts for this evidence)

Here are some of the many video thumbnails that appeared on the first few pages of Pornhub Gay.

A few examples of the general types of videos featured on the home pages

I then typed into the search bars, words such as 'abused' 'violent' 'rough'  'brutal' 'crying' and 'screaming'

I watched many of these videos and here are some screen-shots from videos that contain the word 'violent sex' and what I found was, that the words did not match up to the actual content.

A common fantasy in gay porn are gay men pretending to be 'straight' men who are enticed or 'forced' into their first anal sex.

As a comparison to straight pornography videos, here is a typical 'violent sex' video, which features an extremely hateful, angry and aggressive male, abusing a female for a full 50 minutes.

The following images are from the genre known as 'Casting couch' in which wannabe 'porn stars' are interviewed and auditioned by performing sexual acts that are filmed, and uploaded onto pornography websites. They are hosted on pornhub and pornhub gay.

These are screen-shots from both pornhub gay and pornhub straight.

'Gay casting couch'

A typical example of a woman appearing in 'couch casting'

I also typed in searches such as 'groping' 'public toilets' 'groped in public places' etc. Apart from quite a lot regarding 'public toilets'  not really much there, nothing like the massive amount that is hosted on pornhub straight.

And some pertaining to 'school boy' and 'Barely legal'

Searches I made using the words 'used and abused' 'choking' 'suffocating' 'kidnapping' 'abduction' 'hanging' and 'strangling' on pornhub gay. Not much at all really and hard to find.

Searched terms for 'Strangling' 'Bagging' 'hanging' on pornhub gay

members comment on the above video


Most of these videos consist of solo males that perform and film these acts by themselves.

These were the only kind of results for 'Hanging' on pornhub gay.

Searched terms for ''Strangling' 'Bagging' 'hanging' on pornhub straight. (please see other post 'The hatred of women')

Two males gag, put a small plastic bag on the females head, tighten a rope around her neck until she passes out.

This is a real strangulation, her face becomes red,she drools and her forehead veins become prominent

'Hanging' videos on pornhub straight.

There are many websites dedicated to pornography depicting the raping and killing of women. The video below is from a pornography site called 'Angel gallows'

This is an extremely disturbing video on pornhub. A male films a woman on a mobile phone, being really hanged. The woman is constantly being traumatised, whilst the male repeatedly pulls a rope tied to a chair, that she stands on. He has to keep dashing to put her back on the chair after she has hung for a few seconds. This does not appear to be a consensual act.


I initially expected to find a lot of BDSM themed videos on pornhub gay. But to my surprise, I did not. The few that I did find, were completely different to the ones on pornhub straight. For example, the levels of 'torture' were incomparable. I compared 'whipping' between males and females on both sites. The males that were whipped, generally had a soft leather flogger used on their upper backs, buttocks and sometimes their chest. The extent of their injuries usually comprised of little more than 'red striping' and their genitalia were not whipped. Whereas when the women in straight porn were whipped, they mainly had thin whips or looped wire whips used on their whole torsos (back and front) and their genitalia were also whipped to the point of open wounds and lacerations. Often the males would receive sexual pleasure, such as masturbation of their penises, stroking and sometimes kissing. There was never any derogatory name calling or other acts of humiliation and degradation. If any oral or anal penetration occurred alongside the 'torture' it was never aggressive or of an angry and hateful nature, as is often the case against women in BDSM. 

This video was featured in the BDSM categories

When I saw the thumbnail for this BDSM video, I expected to see extreme sadistic acts. To my utter surprise, it was far from sadistic.


Some of the first searches that I did, actually made me laugh with disbelief. For example I searched 'Torture' and found a number of video thumbnails pertaining to torture. Many of them seemed to feature 'Tickling torture'

An example of video thumbnails pertaining to 'torture' on pornhub straight

Many of these 'torture' videos feature males that are either 'pleasing their mistresses' on web-cams, or it is self inflicted harm.

I actually only found a couple of 'femdoms' that featured women abusing men. 

(sorry, I couldn't blur the males genitalia in this screen-shot, as I needed to show the extent of his injuries)

And searches under 'Whipping'

One of the very few whipping videos in which there is some injury.

And here..

This video is from kink. com

To compare the levels of torture inflicted upon women, please see my other post
'The live streaming torture of women'

Here are a few examples, if you do not wish to click on the above link.

The male whips the female with a hooped wire over forty times, he makes her count each whipping out loud. He calls her derogatory names and she screams and shakes throughout the video.

At this point, a laceration occurs on her vagina

The male in this video keeps smiling and laughs as he completely staples the females vagina shut.

Yes, there is a thing called 'Punch fisting'

A male fires an automatic BB gun at a restrained woman for almost 15 minutes. There are balloons each side of her, that explode from time to time (To prove that it is real) The woman is distressed and screaming out. At the end of the video, the male displays her wounds in close-up to the camera.

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