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The Perversions Of Men

In dedication to the #MeToo movement.

 (Not all men - but always men)

Males have always committed sexual harassment and sexual offences throughout history.
But, since the advent of photography, film and the internet, sex offenders and their offences have increased and extended dramatically during the wide availability and global accessibility of pornography.
 Sexologists and the pro-porn advocates say that
 'Humans beings first created pornography in cave paintings'
But, what they fail to say is - that those cave paintings may have illustrated human beings copulating, but they did not depict the pervasive sexual violence against women, that is common in mainstream pornography today.

Earliest pornographic images

Louis Daguerre invented the first practical photographic process in 1839, and the earliest pornographic images were produced in the 1840's, which were only reserved for wealthy males and not for the general public.

'Free Speech'

Many decades later, most pornographic material became legal and available to the masses.
In American obscenity trials, and particularly - Miller v. California (1973) pornography became protected speech by the US Constitution as a right. The First Amendment guarantees that the government will not abridge the freedom of speech, or of the press. As a result, the number of prosecutions for 'obscenity' were reduced which resulted in widespread growth of the adult film industry.

Pornography and wealth - Drive innovation
In the early 90's the internet became available to the public, and although primitive in it's beginnings, it soon became sophisticated due to pornography fuelling it's rapid innovation. How the Internet created a multi-billion dollar porn industry

Sex offenders and pornography

You only have to research the statistics, news articles and court cases for the prevalence of sexual offences, to understand that they have, and are escalating beyond measure. Most of those stats only consist of 'reported' or are 'court convictions' In reality, most females (and males) do not report cases of sexual offending, usually due to factors such as shame, fear, consequences, not being believed and victim blaming.

Rape crisis - England and Wales statistics - 2016-17
Rape Crisis Centres across our network responded to their highest ever number of helpline calls during the year - 202,666 in total, or nearly 4,000 a week.

 Sexual offences convictions in England and Wales hit record levels in the past year
The Crown Prosecution Service's Violence Against Women and Girls report showed that convictions for rape, domestic abuse, sexual offences and child abuse have reached a record level. (2016)

RAINN -Victims of Sexual Violence: Statistics
As of 1998, an estimated 17.7 million American women had been victims of attempted or completed rape. That is one out of six women.

We must be aware that the above figures are only obtained from the victims who report their crimes to either organisations or to the police authorities.
As for 'unreported/non-convicted' sex offenders, we do not have any true figures. But what we can say, is from just looking at the recorded stats on sexual assaults and rape, there is an extremely significant number of them and that sexual offences are continuously rising, and many are offending much younger.

Males who commit serial sexual offending, almost always are high-use pornography consumers, and incorporate their personal paraphilias into their fantasies.
Murderer who manipulated this image to aid his fantasy
Their prime motivation is 'fantasy driven' and often results in crossing the line into reality (Please see other post on this) Not only are they incited by the scenarios that occur in pornography - Pornography normalises and eroticises sexual violence against women. It enables 'Permission giving beliefs' and reinforces myths surrounding sexual assault and rape. Because pornography depicts women as sexual 'objects' that enjoy sexual violence, humiliation, degradation, are 'always up for sex' and 'No means yes' Women are perceived as 'Non-human' in the eyes of sex offenders. Therefore, making it easier for them to abuse. It is far easier to rape or murder an object, rather than a human being.

Sex offenders commit a whole range of different crimes on many levels, which range from sexual harassment, voyeurism, exhibitionism, frotteurism, ejaculating on strangers, up-skirting, non-consensual/covert filming, sexual assault, to rape and sexually motivated murder. They possess an intense and persistent sexual interest, with compulsive, uncontrollable urges and recurrent fantasies, that drives them to commit these abhorrent crimes.
Many of these offenders who incorporate pornography into their fantasies, frequently masturbate to their particular paraphilia, until they have exceeded that material, and after a period of time, become desensitised and no longer aroused. They can no longer experience an erection or an orgasm. This is when they cross the line into reality.
For example, a male that fantasises and can only become aroused by 'strangling a woman' and depending on his psychopathy ie:(Sexual sadism) May begin by 'harmlessly' strangling a girlfriend by convincing her that it is just 'kinky' (Usually by showing her this 'evidence' in pornography) He may also 'test the waters' and start 'exposing' himself to strange women, in order to gage their 'reactions' or any 'consequences' to himself, also to gain confidence in his ability to carry out such a bold and illegal act. After this, his crimes will escalate and will begin assaulting them, before finally raping and murdering them by strangulation. He is likely to have watched pornography prior to these assaults and often, these offenders take their favourite pornography to the crime scene and also film their own, in order to produce their 'perfect fantasy'.

Common and less violent sexual offending
Although violent stranger rapes and sexually motivated murders are not an everyday crime, less violent sexual offences are. They regularly happen to girls and women globally, in their own homes, in their workplaces and in public areas. As stated above, the majority of females do not report these crimes, and sex offenders know this. They know that they can 'get away with it'

The reactions of females to a sexual assault
Although female victims all react differently to a sexual offence, the majority of them do not 'scream' 'run' 'fight' or 'shout' that it's happening. They will ' freeze' and the main reason that a victim freezes, is because they are experiencing 'Trauma' and the absolute shock that another human being can behave in that way - towards them. That they can so easily and purposefully, intimately violate their bodies, and especially in a public space with others around. There occurs a powerful feeling of 'Disbelief' that overwhelms a victim, to the point of 'Did that just happen?' and a barrage of questions 'Did anyone else see that?' 'Why would he do that to me?' And as adrenalin surges through the body and the brain ignores the trauma, whilst it decides on the best survival action to take. The victim becomes detached, and later tries to rationalise 'what just happened' Unfortunately, because of societies, the media, police and the judiciary systems; fondness of victim blaming, she will usually blame herself. She will wonder if 'her skirt was too short' 'Did she walk in a provocative way' 'Did she give the wrong signals to the man who was staring at her' Coupled with the age old mantra that 'Boys will be boys' 'Men can't help themselves' etc. She will often brush off the experience, internalise it, and push it to the back of her mind, where she can't 'feel' it any-more. Often, the victim does not acknowledge the crime ever again, until other victims and survivors have come foreword to tell their stories,(especially if it is the same perpetrator) and she can then 'not feel alone and ashamed any-more' Also, it is no longer a 'He said-She said' situation and that it is only the offenders fault and not theirs.

Pornography eroticises sexual offences and incites sexual offenders to produce more pornography.

Males who are sex offenders and young men who are predisposed to sexual offending, are frequent masturbator's who consume pornography regularly. So, every time that they are being aroused by the never ending supply of sexual violence against women, that is hosted on mainstream pornography sites. Their behaviours are being normalised and reinforced by this 'socially and legally acceptable' media that says 'Anything except murder can be done to women' but only in pornography. So, it's 'okay' to slap, choke, strangle, suffocate, hang, rape, assault with objects, gang rape or long as you don't actually kill them.

Unless males witnessed these acts in real life, they would never have watched (let alone masturbated) to this kind of violence against women, before the onset of pornography.

New technology creates new crimes.

The invention of mobile phones, go-pros, web-cams and miniaturised covert cameras have provided sex offenders with the capability of filming their offences. Not just for them to personally 'relive' their crimes, but to easily upload onto pornography sites, as easy as it is to upload your videos onto you tube. A significant amount of sex offenders like to share their 'work' with others, knowing that they are 'like minded' and enjoy receiving validation and kudos. Also, causing females distress and fear, makes them feel powerful, because they are usually inadequate or feel insignificant. Then there are those who hate women, because of reasons like rejection and that they are exacting revenge upon them.  Many record their own pornography by using mobile phone cameras. Here are two websites that are blatant in their products spy on and film females.

This website offers 'Bathroom spy cameras' and has an image of a woman undressing

Or this one that can record up women's skirts from your shoe

More than 40,000 women took to the streets of Seoul yesterday

This also happens to women and girls globally, not just in Korea, China or Japan.

The evidence.

The following are screen-shots from the pornography site 'pornhub'. I choose this particular one, because it is both mainstream and the most popular. According to it's own statistics, it received 81 million visits per day in 2017.
Apart from the videos of male sex offenders who have committed offences, and uploaded them onto pornhub, I have also included news articles of sex offenders and their crimes, to demonstrate the links between offending and pornography use.

*Trigger warning* Some of the images below may be triggering, so please be aware.
I have blurred all genitalia, breasts and buttocks.

*Please note that total viewing numbers cannot be ascertained, because of multiple uploads and different titles of the same video can be uploaded on pornhub's different tube channels.

(Please click on images to enlarge)


There appears to be a significant amount of this genre on pornhub. I have included screen-shots of videos in which males film girl's and women's buttocks who wear trousers and also 'Sharking' which depicts males stalking and filming women who have their tops or bottoms pulled off to expose their breasts or underwear by a second male.

The following are just some of the many news articles of males who committed these crimes.

Teacher covertly films schoolgirls undressing


'Changing rooms, bathrooms and toilets'

Some of pornhub's members comments that shame these women, who are being filmed without their consent.

Just a few news articles (I cannot put them all on this post, as there would not be enough room) *Google these crimes if you wish to see how prevalent they are.

'Sexual harassment, groped in public, women at work, property sex, office, gynaecologist, doctor,  taxi, planes etc'

John Worboys came to mind here..

This news article below is not about 'flirting' or 'relationships' These are adult (many middle aged) males who sexually harass and grope girls and young women.

Some of the comments made on the above news article

'Hospitals, Doctor and gynaecology'

Sexual abuse by doctors is a lot more common than you think

'Exhibitionism and masturbating in public'

The male is using his mobile on it's side, whilst masturbating in front of a young woman.

Males who film themselves masturbating in hotel bedrooms, pretend that they don't hear the knocking of room service or housekeeping. (I can personally attest to this when I worked in hotels for many years. This behaviour happened on a regular basis, even to sixteen year olds)

This male is filming himself masturbating as a female room attendant enters his room.
He is wearing earphones and whispers "Here she comes" into a microphone. I'm guessing that he is live streaming this.

News articles

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