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Pornography as Propaganda

There is a war on girls and women, and pornography is the propaganda that fuels global misogyny. One of the most popular and primary vehicles for the training, hatred and subordination of women is conveyed and exacerbated through mainstream commercial pornography.

What is Sexual Terrorism?

 A Culture of Victimization

1] Sexual victimization occurs in a social context in which there exists a male dominated power structure.
2] Psychological and violent tactics are used against women in order to frighten them into submission. The ultimate goal is power,domination and control.
3] Sexual terrorism is a major form of victimizing women and is defined as a system by which males degrade, humiliate, dehumanise, objectify and frighten, in order to control and dominate women.

 Components of Sexual Terrorism

1] Ideology – The ideology of sexual terrorism is patriarchal.
2] Propaganda – This ideology is disseminated in all expressions of popular culture such as films, television, music, literature, advertising and especially pornography. These mediums are male dominated that serve to enforce gender roles, brainwash, normalise, glamorise, eroticise and even imitate such acts of sexual abuse and violence towards girls and women.

  Amorality and behaviour changes

1] The perpetrators believe that such expressions of violence against women are normal, especially if females are viewed as objects and inferior.
2] Voluntary Compliance – An elaborate system of sex-role socialization practices that instruct women to be passive, weak and yielding victims.
3] Society's perception of the terrorist and the terrorized. (As in 'Male talent' and 'Porn star')
4] Permission giving beliefs. Constant saturation of abuse and violence depicted in adult pornography and child abuse imagery. Alters the consumers perception of normal behaviours and is more accepting of sexual aggression and callousness towards women and children.

 Forms of sexual terrorism using pornography as a facilitation tool

1] Domestic abuse.Pornography used to subordinate,train, film and upload onto pornography sites.
2] Child sexual abuse. Pornography used to groom and normalise sexual acts and also filmed and uploaded.
3] Rape/filmed rape. Rape pornography incites sex offenders, sometimes filming the assault and uploading onto pornography sites.
4] Prostitution. Pimps use pornography to incite fear,degradation and train. Punters also demand 'porn star' sex and sometimes film acts and upload onto pornography sites.
5] Sex trafficking. As above.
6] Revenge/Blackmail pornography. Males using past consensual/stolen 'Filmed sex videos/images to exact revenge on ex-partners or via online private messages, to humiliate, or blackmail.
7] Online and real situational sexual harassment. Pornography consumers believe that females are 'Always up for sex' and 'No means Yes' Pornography is also used by misogynists to intimidate, ridicule, subordinate or 'shut women up' and 'Know their place'
8] Sexual offences such as 'Exposure' 'Frotteurism' 'Voyeurism' 'Ejaculating onto women' Often also filmed and uploaded onto pornography sites.
9] Covert pornography, such as 'up-skirt' 'female changing rooms/toilets' photography/filming and uploading onto pornography sites.
10] Persuading or coercing females into unwanted sex acts such as 'Anal' or 'Gagging'
 11] Sexually motivated murders. Sexually sadistic murderers are incited by fantasies that are portrayed in pornography, such as abduction,binding,strangulation and hanging.
*please note that all the above sex offences are documented in this blog.

 Characteristics of sexual terrorism

1] Violence against female cuts across socio-economic lines.
2] Crimes of sexual violence are the least likely to be reported.
3] Crimes of violence against females have the lowest conviction rates.
4] Blaming the victim of sexual violence is pervasive within society, the media, police/ health agencies and the judiciary.
5] Sexual violence is not taken seriously because of reasons such as the rife hypersexualization of girls and women in the media, pornography and in disparagement humour, such as rape jokes.

Pornography is in itself - A source of blatant and sanctioned violence against women

Sexual terrorism often begins with paedophiles and little girls.
A significant number of child sex offenders (Not all CSO are paedophiles) regularly use adult pornography to groom and normalise sexual acts to their victims. Pornography becomes 'Evidence' that this is what people do with each other and that it's perfectly natural. Although the child may feel extreme distress by viewing this material, she is too young to understand or have the words for what is being shown and done to her. She will accept what the adult requires of her and will dissociate and internalise her trauma. She will not even understand what 'Abuse' means. Many of these girls grow up with complex PTSD and will continue self harming that include high-risk sexual behaviours that include; Drug and alcohol issues, promiscuity,vulnerability to rape, enter the pornography industry, BDSM lifestyle,stripping, prostitution and are easier to be exploited into sex trafficking. She may also become a victim to domestic abuse and be subordinated and dehumanised by pornography, forced into sexual violence,often be filmed and uploaded onto pornography sites or into webcam situations.

Apart from inside the privacy of a domestic dwelling, this also occurs online.
Paedophiles regularly target naive and vulnerable teenage girls in chat rooms etc. Especially girls who are not confident, crave attention, or are bullied at school,do not have a good home life etc.
Soon after 'Befriending' her, he will send her pornographic images, links to pornography and then images or live streams his own genitalia. He will then request that she does the same, maybe starting with photos of her in her underwear. As soon as she complies with his requests, he has her. He has power and control of her and will blackmail her into sending more explicit images or he will threaten to post them on the internet and to her friends or family on social media.
 'If you send me the pictures right now, then in return, I won't send them to every porn site I can think of'
This same scenario is also executed by certain teenage boys, who will manipulate and elicit sexually explicit images from either girlfriends, who can use these images as 'revenge porn' and post them to his friends, social media, groups or forums dedicated to this activity, if the girl becomes his Ex for dumping or cheating on him.
Teenage boys also use pornography to publicly ridicule, humiliate and degrade girls within a group setting or in a personal situation. This is the most effective and instantaneous demonstration of the males power over subordinate females. They are putting the 'lower class of females' in their place.
Of course, the other way to use pornography; is as a facilitation tool. To easier persuade or coerce teenage girls into performing the types of sexual acts that are preferred by many self-serving males. These types of acts are rife in mainstream pornography, the typical scenario is a male that instantaneously penetrates all three orifices of a female, with no intimacy, tenderness, kissing, hugging, stroking or foreplay. It is merely an act of physical self gratification for the male. The female is reduced to a limp doll, a sex toy and even a punch bag that is eager to satisfy the male at any cost, even if that means being gagged, choked, slapped and called derogatory names.

Pre-internet pornography

Before the onset of the internet, most teenage boys would of come across the odd pornography magazine, masturbate, hide it away or share with other boys for a giggle.
Playboy was first published in 1953 in the guise of a  'Gentleman’s' life style magazine, that contained masculine articles and of course images of 'Artistic' nearly naked women. Hefner knew that if he only published naked women, his publication would just be considered smut.
Hugh Hefner knew what men really wanted, but it was illegal to publish pornographic images back then. So he bided his time and gradually exposed more and more over a period of many years.
By the early seventies, Hustler magazine became one of the first American magazines to explicitly show female genitalia.
Those legal magazines contained mainly images of women posing naked or performing common sexual acts of masturbation or with others. Whilst girls and women would display contempt and dismay, dismissing them as just another form of 'male sexual entitlement' and perceiving males as 'Perverts' that couldn't help themselves.  In general, girls and women distanced themselves from pornography and although having knowledge of certain sexual acts, such as 'Anal' and 'Deep throating' They were not prepared to engage in such deviant acts. Girls and women wanted intimate, loving and erotic sex.
In the UK there were also many sex shops, with no windows or outside advertisements and cinemas, which were considered seedy and which were only frequented by 'Dirty old men'

Deep throat 

Deep throat was the most successful commercial pornographic movie that earned mainstream attention and launched the "porno chic" trend. It was released in 1972.
The film helped inaugurate the 'Golden Age of Porn'.
Which meant that pornography no longer had such pervy and seedy connotations. It was not just revered by celebrities, journalists and the media, but by men in general. Men could now 'encourage' their girlfriends and wives to embrace pornography as a symbol of women's freedom and liberty from those 'Prudish thoughts and the regressive 'fear' of sex' Oh yeah..and maybe learn how to give a good 'Blow job'
Whereas in reality, the star of this movie, Linda Boreman alleged that her manager husband and pimp, coerced and forced her into pornography and prostitution. Also this movie was part funded and distributed by a Mafia crime family.

 And so it began..

Alongside the acceptance and availability of pornography were the myriads of Teen girl and women's magazines, which constantly conditioned girls into believing that their main goal in life was to be pretty and sexually alluring to males and that being attractive was their core issue and how they are valued in life. In contrast to female magazines, boys and men's magazines, encouraged them to become rich, powerful, heroic and were full of half naked sexualised women. Then came page 3 and the 'Lads mags'

Moving forward to the advent of the internet..

 The two things that drive innovation- Pornography and wealth.

The underestimated role of Porn Industry in the development of Internet and its technologies

'The people who put in the work to make the Internet go in those early days often did so because the reward was pornography – first text, then images, then video. Pornography created the demand for Internet access, and also created demand for higher speeds, more reliable connections, and better interfaces. Many estimates suggest that sexual content represented as much as 80 percent of traffic on the pre-World-Wide-Web Internet'.

'The fact that pornography has an accelerating effect on technological development doesn’t change the fact that pornography is generally sexist, exploitative and often predatory.'

As internet pornography became mainstream and easily available to everyone, it was still mainly males that consumed it. For the male dominated porn industry, it meant that the other half of the population ie:Women, were not engaging in the consumption of pornography. So how could they 'entice' more females to watch pornography in order to yield to men's deviant sex demands and make more profit?

The propaganda of persuasion

Through the public media, the porn industry began to reinvent female porn performers as 'Porn stars' who were 'Empowered feminists that won awards at 'Adult entertainment ceremonies' The porn industry also promoted 'Celebrity sex tapes' of famous women, who's careers were launched after appearing on porn sites. The music industry also promoted more 'Porn themed' videos, mainly watched by young girls and women.  Playboy hosted many tv. series and began selling merchandise, not just to women, but to young girls.
 The liberal pro-porners would also target females via their favourite magazines. In 'Fun and sexy' articles (Often written by sexologists who are pro-porn and BDSM- please see my other blog about this) that contained direct links to pornography sites.

For example 'Cosmopolitan' published a piece on the '19 best porn sites' which included 'Kink .com' This is an extremely violent BDSM pornography site which sexually tortures women. They also promote sex acts such as 'Anal sex'
even though this sexual act which used to be called 'Sodomy' can be very distressing and detrimental to girls and women's health.
Anal rape is common amongst rapists, because they are sexual sadists who are aroused by inflicting as much pain, suffering, degradation and humiliation onto their victims.

Here, Glamour magazine promote the 'A to Z of kink and fetishes'

(For research into masochistic females and child sexual abuse/BP and BDSM)

Let us not forget...That the majority of these magazines aimed at Teen girls and women are male owned..

Apart from 'Persuasion' propaganda is used to 'Humiliate and degrade' 'To incite hatred and anger' 'To dehumanise-comparing the enemy to lower than human' 'Raises our value and strengthen the boundary between us and them'
This type of propaganda has been used through history, usually during wars and often in politics. But it has also been used by racists, anti-suffrage and anti-feminists.

There were thousands of anti-suffrage propaganda images around the globe, which reflects upon the hatred and anger against women who wanted nothing more, than to be equal human beings. Women suffragettes were portrayed as ugly, angry, lonely, or married women that would abandon their children and beat their husbands. They even published cartoons of suffragettes beating policemen, when in-fact it was the opposite.

Of course modern Anti-feminism is rife with similar propaganda..

This was published in Maxim magazine..

And the propaganda of pornography - contains thousands of videos depicting the hatred, degradation, humiliation, subordination and the physical and sexual abuse of women. This propaganda is not just cartoons or memes, but videos of real women that millions of men and boys watch and masturbate to every single day. (These screen-shots were all taken from the most popular pornography site 'Pornhub' which has 64 million views per day) *Also please note that viewing figures are difficult to ascertain because the same video is often uploaded by many different members and could be on all of pornhubs eight tube sites*

*Trigger warning* (I have blurred all genitalia,anuses and breasts. Images are disturbing, but I feel that women who don't/can't watch pornography should know the truth)

'Punch fisting'

I had extreme difficulty watching this video, here a large open laceration occurs.

This male uses an automatic BB gun to fire continuously on a tied up female. There are balloons each side of her that are popped, to show that it is authentic.

This is a commentary on rape. It appears to be an exploited young woman. Even 'if' she gave consent, the video is still eroticising rape and promoting it to other males. I have included some of their comments below (over 7 million views so far and may be uploaded elsewhere)

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  1. This is sadism culture its origins date back to the Marque de Sade and it came back up in the past 7 years in the Obama administration and it was funded to do what it is doing today to destroy love and marriage and it will end by burning its wicked industrialised fashion statement to end..please reaize you can look but don't touch or become involved in such vile acts..