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The (Live Streaming)Torture Of Women

In earlier posts, I wrote about the sexually sadistic rapists, kidnappers and murderers of women, who were aroused and incited by violent pornography.

In this post I will be writing about a man who was incited by those very criminals and 'live streams' the sexual torture of women via the requests of paying men.

You may have thought that these kind of disturbing scenarios would only be accessible on some depraved, criminal site on the dark net.
You may be surprised to know that this particular website is available by a google search, and it's videos are available on the worlds most popular pornography site - Pornhub.
You may also be surprised to learn that images of sexually tortured women are also on social media platforms like tumblr and twitter.

Let's take a look at the man who first pioneered the live streaming sexual torture of women... and still does today. He also influenced other men to imitate and profit from the work of this so called 'Artistic Genius'

His name is Brent Scott (AKA pd) who developed a website in 1997 called 'Insex' after leaving his teaching job at Carnegie Mellon University, as his art showed vivid paintings of women in various BDSM positions and wasn't well-received among the community. This was his retort to one of the Universities administrators..

 "If you won't allow me to teach your children, then I will corrupt them" Brent Scott.

Insex was one of the biggest BDSM pornographic websites on the Internet and arguably the most extreme American pornographic production featuring female submissives. It was also a leading innovator in both live video streaming, pioneering the concept before broadband Internet access existed, and in the depiction of BDSM practices on the Internet. It existed from 1997 to 2005 and was run by "Intersec Interactive Inc." a company owned by the website's creator, Brent Scott,who served in the military during Vietnam and a former Carnegie Mellon professor, known as 'pd'. he also occupied the role of sadist/dominant in his films and live feeds.
Insex developed a cult following among BDSM enthusiasts due to its uncommonly severe and real sadomasochistic practices. It was also known for its interactive "Live Feeds" which allowed members to make direct suggestions and requests.
At it's height, had 35,000 members who paid $60 a month to sign up.

The videos were presented in RealVideo format, in the beginning with bitrates of 225 kbit/s, and later up to 450 kbit/s. Commonly, the updates were between 30 and 90 minutes in length, while the live feeds usually lasted several hours. On some occasions, models were online in BDSM live events for as long as 48 hours continuously.
Members requests would appear as text on the wall
 The material included different aspects of BDSM, e.g. rope and metal bondage, heavy caning, flogging and whipping, as well as needle play, intimate examination, asphyxiation, gagging, humiliation, electric stimulation/torture, interrogation, human animal role-play, enemas, and urolagnia. Crucifixion and water torture were also explored, and would later inspire pay sites dedicated solely to those forms of BDSM. Videos often showed penetration with dildos and the use of vibrators, while sexual intercourse and oral sex were briefly shown on a small number of occasions. Because of the severity of an Insex shoot and the likelihood of visible marks, mainstream pornographic actresses normally did not work for the website due to the recovery time each shoot would require afterwards. The majority of models were local women who answered an anonymous ad in a newspaper, or the girlfriends of some of the 'Handlers' Models normally did not use ordinary stage names, but they were given numbers ("101", "912")
Member asking to see '101' in pain
 In the fall of 2005, Insex announced it was looking for a buyer, because "continuing to produce from the U.S. would be too great a potential liability." This came as a result of attempts by the U.S. government to censor internet pornography, specifically by implementing an FBI anti-obscenity initiative in August 2005; an FBI memorandum stated that productions where the content includes "urination, defecation, as well as sadistic and masochistic behaviour" would "most likely" be legally targeted. At that time the site revenue was about $50,000 per week but the FBI was putting pressure on the credit card company to dropping their business with Scott until eventually they couldn't process credit card and get payment from viewers.The website's entire content, over 500 movies, was offered for sale for US$4 million and reportedly bought for an undisclosed amount by a Dutch company.

'Graphic Sexual Horror'

In 2009,the film 'Graphic Sexual Horror' was released.

This film documented the rise and fall of Brent Scott's website 'Insex' Interviewing Scott, his crew and an array of women who performed in the live shows.
I have watched this film and found it's content to be highly disturbing, yet extremely insightful as to the behaviour disorders of Brent Scott and the psychology of the female performers. I have captured many screen-shots and quotes from the participants.

'Work of Art'
In this documentary, Brent Scott stated that he was first aroused and inspired by his sisters tying him up when he was a child and tickling him. So much so, that he experienced his first 'Orgasm' He also witnessed and was thrilled by 'Japanese bondage' when he was on duty in the military.
The documentary 'Graphic sexual horror'
But, his prominent inspirations came from sexually sadistic art, serial rapists/killers and most likely bondage pornography.
Sexually sadistic serial killers, can only become aroused and attain orgasm, by the extreme pain, humiliation and suffering of his victim/s. These acts are based on sex driven compulsion,obsession and fantasy and because the perpetrator wants to sate his fantasy, he likes to prolong the act by way of ritual. Serial killers often speak of their horrendous kills, in terms of 'Art' or their 'Work'. (Profilers call this their 'signature') In which they want recognition for their individual pieces, just as artists do, and just like artists, they want to receive accolades and be admired as geniuses, especially by other serial killers.
There is a great deal of planning and preparation for their 'Art' and some have gone to great lengths to achieve the 'Supreme fantasy' Constructing elaborate torturous instruments and bondage devices in which to slowly inflict torture and keep their victims captive.
 Notably Cameron Hookers 'Head box' and David Parker Ray's 'Toy box'
Dennis Rader aka- the BTK killer (blind,torture,kill) used bondage and tortured his victims by asphyxiation, He prolonged the suffering by rousing the victim during strangulation, so that he could repeat the act over and over. Some serial killers constructed elaborate 'Dungeons' where they kept 'Sex slaves' to rape, torture and kill.

Brent Scott also constructs instruments of torture, bondage and captivity. 
The only difference between serial killers and Scott, is that he does not actually murder these women. Instead, he generates large profits from the sexual torture of women and is highly revered by his colleagues and fans.

This is Barry Goldman who was the Insex 'model agent' between 1998 and 2003.
Apart from the two quotes below, he also stated 
"What you need to make serious money, is to torture some pretty girls"

The following images are taken off the current Insex website, which proudly boasts of it's history and influences.
'A trove of corrupt sexual art'
 *Trigger warning* Please be advised that this post contains extremely disturbing images of real torture. Although I have blurred all genitalia, breasts and buttocks, these images could be distressing and upsetting.

The drawings of Georges Pichard were a source of inspiration for Brent Scott.

'The face hugger' constructed by 'pd' AKA Brent Scott

This is one of David Ray Parker's many designs of bondage and torture devices.

This was Brent Scott's attic bedroom/play room, where he first began his sadistic torture of women.

He can be seen here, torturing and filming a woman.

Many of the video still images were rendered to imitate the 'real crime scenes' of serial killer victims. They were of harsh or dim lighting, grainy and 'Amateurish' in order to attract a sexually sadistic fan-base.

This is an image of David Parker Ray's 'Toy box' In which he sexually tortured, raped and murdered his victims. He even supplied a tv monitor, so that the victim had no choice, but to observe his filmed sadistic acts upon her genitalia.

The following images are some of the torture scenes offered up on Brent Scott's live shows during the early days.
(Please be aware that the sexual torture of these women is real. They are not acting, there are no special effects or make-up.) 

'Tit torture'

The damage of breast torture

More live torture scenes, that were also filmed and made into videos.

This woman was submerged into a tank full of live leeches.

The coercion and abuse of broken women.

Sexual predators instinctively sense vulnerable victims with expert intuition. They purposefully target those women who have been sexually,emotionally and physically abused. Those who are from dysfunctional backgrounds, have abandonment issues or have been raped.  Like pimps, they prey on damaged women, 'Bent..not broken' is their favourite motto.
 Women who have experienced such intimate and horrific abuses, suffer from complex PTSD for the rest of their lives. Complex PTSD is different from PTSD, which manifests from a 'one time' experience (such as a home invasion, mugging,physical assault,war experience etc.) Whereas complex PTSD occurs from 'long term' and intimate crimes, such as child sexual abuse and rape. Because the victim has experienced abuse for a long time, they develop a subconscious bias towards self abuse as a method of delaying the symptoms of PTSD. 'Every-time the abuse stops, the real pain begins'.
Euphoria after torture is merely the bodies response to pain
 And in the short term, the trauma may be easier to deal with than the emotional ramifications of the event itself. In other words, it's easier to continuously  'self harm' so that you don't have to 'feel' the emotions of the original abuses (in which they experience dissociative disorder,thus switching off the emotions) So, they will participate in continuous self-harming behaviours, such as cutting, substance abuse, promiscuity, prostitution and pornography performance. Or a re-inaction of the abuse itself, and because of overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame; They feel that they need to be punished... of course BDSM is perfect for this..
I have provided research and links to the reasons why certain men are sadists and women are masochistic here

Brent Scott is one of these men, as are his 'Handlers'. They are not only aroused by the torture of women, but profit and gain kudos from other sexual sadists, who pay and participate in the pain and suffering of women.
Brent Scott is also a narcissist who becomes extremely angry if he doesn't get his own way. In this documentary, he violates the women’s 'Safe-words' and 'Limits'  'Coerces women at their most vulnerable' and becomes angry when they don't do as they are told. After one such 'Tantrum' Scott can be seen 'Jumping up walls and splashing in puddles'
Scott also offered some of these women to become a 'Resident' model. Which meant that he paid them a separate fee to live on site and he expected them to have sex with him- off camera and in private.

This woman had explicitly stated that she did not want her face slapped. One of the members requested that Brent Scott slapped her face. He did so repeatedly. He then became extremely angry with her, accusing her of trying to 'control' things, instead of him.

Brent Scott continues to use a cattle prod on this woman, even though she repeats the safe word. He berates her after the shoot, telling her that she is weak and needs to do better.

This performer begins to panic, prior to being submerged inside a small metal cage. Her protests and her 'safe-word' are completely ignored by Scott, who continues to lower her into the water.

 Another of Brent's 'Residential' models.

She told Brent that she had never and did not want to do anal. He hog-ties her and penetrates her anally with a huge dildo. She was crying and screaming and she felt like she had been raped. (That is rape
This is the scene in which Brent Scott rapes this woman with a huge dildo on a stick, after she had expressed her dislike for anal penetration.

"Brent Scott can make a girl consent to something that she would never of otherwise done" 

Here, Scott goes outside for a few moments to jump up walls and splashes in puddles...In absolute silence.

Here he is giving a 'Resident' performer flowers after torturing her. (A common gesture by male partners in domestic violence.

 Brent Scott claimed and said that he 'Was probably in love with this woman, based on the observations of his actions'

This woman was one of Scotts 'Residential' models. She suffered with depression and substance abuse. Scott knew this, but continued to use her as an object of torture.

Scott in his 'Nice guy' persona.

The typical psyche of a vulnerable and exploited woman.

Like many young women who enter pornography and prostitution. There is always a 'pimp boyfriend' in the picture..

Scotts final words on the documentary.. 

So, did Brent Scott finally feel remorseful and in need of redemption......

Or did he resume the sexual torture of women and encourage other sexual sadists to do so...

Insex invites you to be their 'Friends' (Other torture sites) and become an affiliate and earn 'Kinkstercash'

'They are the fantasies of PD and of all the men who view them..come to life and made real in front of the camera'

The following adverts are just some of the titles available as live feeds and videos.

'Earning stripes' is a reference to whip or cane marks that leave painful, raised wheals and blood.

From the makers of 'Paintoy'

And 'Sexually broken'

Advert for their latest show on the 16th of December 2017

Insex also offers 'Infernal restraints' on it's website.

Insex also offers 'Paintoy' which is an extremely sadistic site, that specialises in breast torture,extreme caning and whipping. (The weal’s and blood are real)

This is the sadist that owns 'Paintoy' I don't know his real name, but his twitter handle is 'AleBeard' and as you will see..he also proudly posts these on twitter.

Of course, many of these videos are available to watch on Pornhub..

Unbelievably these torture websites also have a presence on social media. Here are some of their twitter profiles and tweets. 

Daniel Intraub is now the co-owner and primary manager of

Also found on tumblr..

The following images are some of the tweets that I collected, please be aware that some are very disturbing. 
 Brent Scott is still very much an active participant...

 "There is something so amazing as a Jew, in being able to abuse a German girl"

 Alebeard likes to make his 'Art' even more 'Artier' and boasts about his torture.

'Tit Torture' is an American pastime....

Except..the safeword is often violated or it is simply non-consensual consent...

Like many abusers 'Alebeard' tells her that she is a 'Good girl' when he gets his way.

This set-up is also similar to David Parker Ray's torture room- the 'Toy box'

The following are some of the images posted by the performers, that proudly show their injuries following their sexual torture. These are the marks of a true 'PainSlut' One that can 'Take as much pain as you can give' because I deserve it and I can bear it. This is my value and I am valued by these men.

And some comments from the sexually sadistic fans...

A review of 'Paintoy' on a BDSM website.

'Paintoy' videos posted on a porn channel. Because 'Girls crying from pain and humiliation is so fucking hot! Let's gather videos and pics of just that here and watch some whores suffer like the stupid cunts they truly are'


  1. Each time a person views videos on Pornhub or uploaded by Pornhub, they also raise profit and demand for more content involving violent abuse on girls and women.

  2. Thank you for writing this. My name was Betty and I worked for INSEX in 2002 . I would love to talk more with you about this.

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    4. Suzzan, i recently watched my videos I did for them
      In 2002, my memory of what happened and what I saw in the videos is completely different. I’m having a really hard time with all of this.

    5. I am so very sorry to hear that. I will email you as soon as I can.