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The 'Training' of Women

 Pornhub sexualises, incites and profits from the domestic violence of women.

In 2014, porn performer Christy Mack suffered a vicious attack that left her hospitalized with 18 broken bones, a broken nose, ruptured liver, fractured rib, multiple stab wounds, and numerous missing and broken teeth.
“I believed I was going to die,” she tweeted of the incident. “He has beaten me many times before, but never this badly. He took my phone and cancelled all of my plans for the following week to make sure no one could worry about my whereabouts. He told me he was going to rape me…”
Mack, 23, claims the brutal assault was carried out by Jon Koppenhaver, an MMA fighter and ex-porn star who, in 2008, legally changed his name to “War Machine.”

 Koppenhaver believed that he had the right to control, beat and rape his ex-Girlfriend
because he saw her as his 'Property'

 He also thinks that it's okay to rape your wife or girlfriend..

Christy Mack had tweeted images and details of her attack on twitter...These are some of the comments that she received from men..

 Pornhub cares...

In January of 2016, pornhub were so concerned about what happened to one of their popular porn stars, that they teamed up with Christy Mack to create a limited edition clothing line of images (from her favourite porn shoots) and all proceeds will be donated to a charity of Christy's choosing.

This is what Corey Price (president of pornhub) stated..

So why didn't pornhub donate some of their profits to women's aid and domestic violence refuge charities, instead of teaming up with a porn star and selling some T.Shirts to porn fans.

Because, just like any other male abusers of women, pornhub (Owned and run by males) are lying and pretending that they care about women..Pornhub hosts and profits off some of the most degrading, humiliating, sexually violent content against women, on one of the worlds largest pornography sites. 

 Pornhub eroticises sexual violence against girls and women...and that includes Domestic violence, where women are overwhelmingly the victims and men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators. 

UK Source -
 The Femicide census- Profiles of women killed by men

 USA source

If you type 'Domestic violence' into pornhub. That is what you will find...

....Along with an array of alternative titles relating to 'wives' such as..

Pornhub also hosts 'Abused girlfriends'..

Here is the 'Pornhub cares' video within the category of domestic violence.

Pornhub continues to host Christy Mack's sexually violent and degrading videos, including this one.

And these videos which features 'War machine' The man who boasted about raping her and who nearly beat her to death.

The men who physically, sexually and psychologically abuse their partners, are weak, inadequate,violent bullies and cowards.They come from all walks of life and like many predators, they typically prey on young, naive and trusting women. Many of which have self esteem issues and lack confidence. Other women can be outgoing, feisty and socialise within large groups of friends. Whatever the personality of the woman, she is usually 'Swept of her feet' by this 'Charming' loving, funny and giving man' who she then falls in love with.
Many of these predatory men are so highly manipulative, they go through life fooling all around them.

 They are psychopathic in nature and appear extremely affable on the outside, possessing good attributes, such as kindness, empathy, good humour, gentleness and consideration for others.
This is all part of the grooming process. He knows that if all around him, believe him to be 'This' man, then it will be easier to abuse his victim in secret. For if she ever tries to expose him for what he really is, they will find it difficult to believe. He will often extend this, to quietly disclosing to the victims family and friends that 'He's worried about her mental state' or 'she has alcohol/prescription/drug issues' etc.. Of course, this 'information' collaborates with her 'Real' emotional and physical deterioration, that he has inflicted upon her. If the abuser cannot achieve this method, he will gradually isolate the victim from her family and friends.

Watch as police follow three women who were physically abused by men they 'Loved'
Link to documentary - Behind closed doors

These abusive men have a deep rooted anger and hatred of women. They see them nothing more than objects to abuse and to give them a sense of power and control.
They also want a 'Domesticated sex slave'  A woman who will succumb to his every need and wish. One that will wash his clothes, clean, cook his food and will be available for his sexual needs whenever he wants.
In order to create and keep a slave, he has to attain complete power and control over them.
That power and control consists of a complete destruction of the victims psyche, in which the victim becomes a worthless 'Nothing' who eventually develops a powerful dependency upon him. He completely strips his victim of her humanity.  He installs fear by terrorising her, to such a degree that she only lives in the capacity of surviving. He uses many different methods such as humiliation, degradation, belittlement, physical threats, actual violence, rape, threatening to kill her/and her children, hurting pets. In other words..He tortures his victim on a daily bases, often for many years and as we are all aware, many of these men do indeed kill their partners and also their own children. Some just murder the children, so that the Mothers can experience the worst pain and trauma that a Mother could ever endure.

Incidentally there is also a Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) movement, that encourages the training and punishment of wives.

Just some of the many news articles about domestic violence.

This man beat and raped his children for 22 years and battered his wife so badly she is permanently disfigured.

Mustafa Bashir who beat wife with a bat and forced her to drink bleach is spared jail.

Katie Baldock suffered horrific abuse at hands of ex Lloyd Brian Holliday

A man has been filmed brutally beating his girlfriend after kidnapping her - because she spends too much time with friends.
Christopher Josevski attacked his terrified partner inside a petrol station and the harrowing assault was captured on CCTV .
The 25-year-old, from Melbourne, Australia, punched his defenceless partners and smashed her head into a glass door.

Pornography use.

Often, these abusive men incorporate pornography into their training of a 'Slave'.
Like pimps and sexual offenders, they use pornography as a facilitation tool in the grooming process. They use it to demonstrate and reinforce to their partners, that women are just sexual objects that want to be abused and are always available for 'Every' deviant sexual need of men. Pornography is used as real 'Evidence' to normalise sexual violence against 'Worthless sluts and whores' These women deserve what they get. So, the abuser needs to 'Turn' his partner into one of these women. He does that by imitating the pornography, forcing her to perform the same sexual acts on him; Thus she 'becomes' a worthless slut and whore who deserves what she gets. Often, these men force their partners to perform in filmed sex acts, which sometimes includes bestiality, and upload onto bestiality sites. Since the advent of mobile/recording devices, they can now easily make their own pornography.
Not only can these males make revenue from the views on pornhub, they can direct the viewer to their 'webcam' sites, where their wives and girlfriends are another source of income.

Readers wives
During the 1970's there was an explosion of 'Readers wives' content, that appeared in many of the popular pornography magazines. We have to ask ourselves..Did those women consent to the images or even know that they were posted?
Today, there are millions of internet pornography sites for these images or videos to be posted on. The most popular is pornhubs 'Amateurs' (Which means it was not 'professionally' produced) but rather 'Home-made'
 What greatly disturbs me, is that anyone can easily post content onto their website (As long as they are eighteen) So, how do we know that the women who appear in many of these pornographic videos...
a) Were forced or coerced by their partners into performing and being filmed.
b) Did not give consent to upload the video/s and are not aware of their existence.
c) The male is profiting from the abuse and exploitation of his partner. Not just from pornhub revenue, but via webcam.
d) Were intoxicated or drugged by the male, who then filmed and uploaded without her knowledge.
e) Are trafficking victims.

I have discovered through a news article, that in 2016, a man uploaded a pornographic video of his ex-girlfriend on to pornhub without her consent in order to 'punish and humiliate her' She only found out via an email link to the video. He has been convicted of this offence.
Even if she manages to get the video taken off pornhubs website, pornhub has 'Sharing' buttons and download options. So, in reality; Her video could be on the internet forever.

The evidence here; Is that males can upload images/ videos of women onto pornhub without the woman’s consent.

Although some of the following images are 'Professionally produced' There are many 'Amateur' or home-made videos that are hosted on pornhub. I have also included relevant news articles and some of pornhub user comments.

*Trigger warning* Although many of the following images are disturbing, I have blurred out all genitalia, buttocks and breasts.

 Although this video is 'Professionally produced' by Kink. com. It eroticises domestic and sexual violence against women.

The victim also claims he would force her to perform sex acts on him

This is one of the many 'Home-made' videos uploaded by an 'Unknown'

Some of the comments underneath this video

Sold Into Porn By My Husband

Another 'Home-made' video uploaded by an 'Unknown'

The male spits in her face as often occurs in pornography.

Comments underneath this video

Appears to be a male and his girlfriend. He is filming, there are no faces shown, just his penis penetrating her anus. (Note- over three million views)

Comments posted underneath the video.

Home-made video, poor quality and sound (Mainly loud music videos playing in the background)

Home-made and unknown.

Uploaded by 'Unknown'

Uploaded by 'The King'

'Amateur' video posted by 'DrMisogyny' Male imitates the usual sexually aggressive acts that occur in pornography. Like most of the females in these videos, she is ordered around, manipulated into poses and appears to be emotionally detached.

The similar expression of dissociation and silence of the women, that I find in all of these videos.

Of course some of these videos may contain trafficked female victims such as in this case.

 “He comes across as very charming, very compassionate — nice guy,”

Another 'Amateur' video. This woman hardly makes a sound and you never see her face whilst the male does despicable things to her.

The male keeps 'Narrating' and looking into the camera, as if 'proud' of his 'work'

Man forced his wife to watch pornography, whilst inserting objects into her private parts

Another 'Wife training' video from kink. com

It was difficult to screen shot this image because of the poor quality, but I could see that she has scars on her buttocks.

This is a professionally made video which eroticises domestic violence and rape. (over 2 million views)

'Professionally' made video consists of the typical oral,vaginal and anal rapes that are often referred to as 'Punishment' (The porn performer makes two comments in pornhubs comments-XristianNCharlie-see below)

Video uploaded from 'unknown'

I found this video incredibly disturbing, The female appears to be an abused woman completely controlled by the male.

Another amateur video. The male slaps the womans buttocks until red and then anally penetrates her. The only sounds are that of slapping and his instruction.

Husband arrested for recruiting a stranger on the internet to rape and film the assault

Obey his every command.

Husbands who forced their wives into bestiality. 





Husband and wife caught filming in Library. He uploads the videos on pornhub, his username
is 'Sexybeast82' (Guess which of these two looks the 'Worse for wear'..

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