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Pornhub eroticises & incites real sexual violence against girls and women

If you type the word 'Rape' into pornhub's search bar, it states 'No results found'

Because, I'm guessing that pornhub wouldn't want to be associated with such a provocative word. I mean, that would be 'criminal' in most peoples view, and could damage pornhub's reputation for being 'The world's biggest and revolutionary porn site'

But, if you delve into their categories a bit deeper, you can find sexual assaults and rape.
They have merely changed the language in order to disguise these real pervasive sexual offences that occur daily to millions of girls and women globally.
Instead of the words 'Sexually assaulted' or 'Rape' they use more 'Palatable' descriptions such as
'Unwanted sex'
'Forceful exploits'
'Forceful Tricks'
'Groped in public'
'Intruder in bed'

Although many of these videos do feature real porn performers who 'consented' The films still portray real life scenarios of sexual violence. In titles such as 'Blonde groped to orgasm on bus' eroticises and diminishes this horrendous and global experience of millions of female passengers who use public transport. Most girls and women do not report these sexual offences.  [Link]

This video is just one of hundreds that eroticises sexual assault in public places.
As you can see it has already exceeded 7 million views, and this is just one video posted on one pornography site.

Pornhub's 2016 Year in review 2016

Although pornhub's stats for 'most popular searches' may include categories such as 'Teen' or 'Step-Daughter' What they don't reveal, is that these terms include 'related searches' on the same page, such as 'Punished/abused/abducted teen or Step-Daughter'
So, if boy's (We know that under-age children consume pornography) and young men, curiously click onto any of these categories, they will inevitably end up viewing the more abusive videos. Because not only are they curious, they will invariably become desensitised to the 'Vanilla' pornography.
We need to ask ourselves, what is happening to these children's malleable minds whilst masturbating regularly to the sexual violence of girls and women..

We don't have any true figures regarding the prevalence of sex offenders, their crimes and their victims. We only have the figures of those who have been convicted.
What we do know, is that most girls and women do not officially report sexual assaults and rape..
To get a better idea of the prevalence of rape, the following are statistics from the UK and the USA 

Rape Crisis England & Wales headline statistics 2016-17

Rape Crisis Centres across our network responded to their highest ever number of helpline calls during the year - 202,666 in total, or nearly 4,000 a week.

As of 1998, an estimated 17.7 million American women had been victims of attempted or completed rape. That is one out of six women.

The true data and scale of sexual harassment and assaults against girls and women are unknown, because most do not tell anyone or report it.
In the UK-
  • 1 in 5 women aged 16 - 59 has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16
  • Only around 15% of those who experience sexual violence choose to report to the police
Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. On average, there are 321,500 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States.

Sexual offences convictions in England and Wales hit record levels in the past year 

The Crown Prosecution Service's Violence Against Women and Girls report showed that convictions for rape, domestic abuse, sexual offences and child abuse have reached a record level. (2016)

The following are only 'convicted' sex offenders

We must be aware that the above figures are only obtained from the victims who report their crimes to either organisations or to the police authorities.
As for 'unreported/non-convicted' sex offenders, we do not have any true figures. But what we can say, is from just looking at the recorded stats on sexual assaults and rape, there is an extremely significant number of them and that sexual offences are continuously rising, and many are offending much younger.

 This documentary shows the extent of child sexual abuse and exploitation in the UK. It focuses on the increase of child on child sexual exploitation and how pornography plays a significant role in inciting, enabling and grooming. The fact that many teenage girls think that they are mere objects to be passed around boys, and do not even recognise that they are being raped, is highly disturbing and indicative of rape and porn culture.

Males who are predisposed to sexual offending, almost always are high-use pornography users. Their prime motivation is fantasy driven and often results in crossing the line into reality (Please see other post on this) Not only are they incited by the scenarios that occur in pornography. Pornography normalises and eroticises sexual violence against women, it enables 'Permission giving beliefs' and reinforces myths surrounding sexual assault and rape.

The porn industry, pro-porn organisations and Governments are placing male orgasms before the pervasive sexual violence of girls and women, by fuelling misogyny, sexism and the sexual objectification of females. And enabling perpetrators to gain free access to pornography, in order to sate their fantasies and incite them to sexually offend. 
I believe that pornography should be acknowledged and addressed as 'Hate speech' and with regards to pornography performers - a violation of the human rights act - article 3 
which states - 
'The right not to be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way'

The following images are taken off Pornhub and are examples of sexual assault and rape scenarios that portray real sexual violence against girls and women. I have included some comments made by viewers and a small sample of relevant and recent real crimes.
Although they are graphically disturbing and could be triggering
(I have blurred all genitalia, breasts and anuses)
I believe that women should know the truth about what goes on in mainstream pornography, without having to watch it.

Public areas and transport

'Groping in public places' These are just a few examples. Some are of real porn performers,but many are definitely 'Real' sexual offences.

The following videos featuring men ejaculating onto women in public areas are real and extremely disturbing.

On an aeroplane..

This male let's his presence be known and ejaculates in front of an elderly lady

Males penis is on her hair..
Male masturbates in front of a bunch of women on a bus..

Male masturbates in front of older woman who is sat waiting for a bus..

Intruder and abduction

This collection of videos called 'Helpless Teens' depicts scenarios such as hitch-hiking teenage girls being abducted into vehicles and being tortured and raped. It has over 23 million views to date.

Schoolgirls in uniforms

(To be honest, I did not watch any of these videos, as I did not have the stomach to do so..and also, some of them did appear to be under-age girls)

This male not only raped a 14 year old school girl, but 'Fisted' her..


Drunk women

Familial abuse and incest

This profile is called 'Family strokes' and has over 683 million views.

'Unwanted sex'

These videos are filed under various terms..Except for the word 'Rape'

This video appears to be that of a 'Paying rapist' or commonly known as a 'John' There were a lot of comments on this one..Because viewers knew she was a prostituted woman.

Please feel free to share this blog post in order to spread awareness of the horrific sexual violence against girls and women in pornography and in reality. Thank you in advance.

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