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Violent pornography incites sexually motivated murders (Part 5)

Graham Dwyer texts

47) Stephen Port

Stephen Port
A serial killer has been found guilty of murdering four young men by poisoning them with lethal doses of a date rape drug.
Stephen Port, 41, lured his victims to his London flat and secretly gave them GHB, the Old Bailey heard.
Scotland Yard believes there could be more victims and is reviewing 58 deaths in London spanning four years involving the drug.
Port, who denied 29 charges, will be sentenced on Friday.
The chef was also found guilty of 10 offences of administering a substance with intent, four rapes and four sexual assaults.

Between August 2014 and September 2015, Port murdered Gabriel Kovari, 22, from Lewisham, Daniel Whitworth, 21, from Gravesend, Kent, and Jack Taylor, 25, from Dagenham, east London.
The jury also found him guilty of murdering Anthony Walgate, 23, from Dagenham, in June 2014 by a majority verdict.
Port met his victims on dating websites, including Grindr, and coaxed them to his home in Barking for sex before giving them fatal doses of drugs.
Their bodies were all found dumped in or near a graveyard within 500m of his house.

Police publish Ports profile on FitLads
Police did not examine the computer seized from Stephen Port, despite prompting from those close to Walgate.
If they had, they would have found alarming evidence.
On 13 June 2014, Port first accessed Walgate's escort profile. Within minutes he had conducted a series of searches on Google and pornography websites.
A few of the search terms he used that day were: "sleeping boy", "unconscious boys", "drugged and raped", "taking date rape drug", "gay teen knocked out raped" and "guy raped and tortured young nude boy".
  He used dating sites to seek out sexual encounters, particularly with youthful looking men, typically in their teens and early twenties, known as "twinks".
  Some boyfriends, who were highly vulnerable young men, became prostitutes while in volatile relationships with Port.
They were advertised on escort sites with Port's phone number as the contact. Some of the photographs included in one escort profile showed one of the men naked and either asleep or unconscious on a bed.
Port regularly searched the internet for "drug rape" pornography.
 At least one of the online pornography videos he accessed featured a storyline about drugs being slipped into someone's drink.
It was a story that Port brought to life.

48)  Steven Brian Pennell

Steven Pennell

In November of 1987, Steven Pennell began what was to become the most appalling case of murder in the history of Delaware.

For the next eleven months, Pennell cruised Interstate 40 and 13 in search of women that he could torture and rape.
He found the perfect victim in form of a prostitute. Once engaging in a conversation with a local prostitute, Pennell would coerce the unsuspecting woman into his van and then drive to an isolated spot where he would then procede to subject his new captive to unspeakable amounts of torture and rape.
Inside the van he carried a so-called "rape kit" that contained specially chosen devices used to torture his victims. Such items included pliers, a whip, handcuffs, needles, knives, and other types of restraints.
His modus operandi varied in every murder which through the police off track. Sometimes he would simply bind his victim by the hands and ankles while he raped them and beat their buttocks with his whip, other times he would hit them with a hammer until they were battered and bloody (and still alive), and in another case he used the pliers to squeeze the victim's breasts and cut off her nipples. Investigators searched Pennells shed, where they found a table, tools and a t.v set 'Cued' to a pornographic movie of a woman having her nipples mutilated. Eventually he would show mercy by strangling them to death, then bashing in their skulls with a blunt object.Finally,the bodies would be dumped along wooded areas next to highways 40 and 13.
Pennell was finally caught when an undercover state police officer named Renee C. Lano posing as a prostitute on route 40, was able to gather fibers from Pennell's van and submit them to the FBI laboratory for testing (blue fibers from an automobile had been found on one of the victims). The results were a perfect match and Pennell was soon arrested. Due to the police's inexperience with serial murder, the FBI had agreed to help, mostly aided by the efforts of special agents John Douglas and Steve Mardigan (Douglas testified against Pennell at his 1989 trial).
On Halloween of 1991, Steven Brian Pennell was sentenced to die by lethal injection aftering have been convicted of two of the five murders he committed. On March 14, 1992, the sentence was carried out. Pennell was 34 years old. Pennell was the first man in more than 45 years to be executed in Delaware.

Ronald Dominique
Following his arrest on December 1, 2006, Dominique confessed to the rape and murder of at least 23 men over a ten-year period beginning in 1997, in Terrebonne Parish, Lafourche Parish, Iberville Parish and Jefferson Parish in suburban New Orleans. He has been charged with multiple cases of rape and first-degree murder. Dominique is suspected of killing 23 men.

In his confession, Dominique, who is reportedly gay, said he frequented area gay bars and targeted men he thought would be willing to have sex for money.
He was investigated following a police report by a man who refused to let Dominique tie him up. The most recent victim, Christoper Sutterfield, had died about two months earlier.
On September 23, 2008, Dominique was sentenced to eight life sentences after confessing to raping and killing his male victims over a ten-year period. Dominique had pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in a deal to avoid the death penalty. He is incarcerated at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola.

Dominique's victims
 Like many serial killers, Dominique, 42, pulled his victims from marginalized groups, reportedly selecting wayward kids and homeless people between 1997 and 2005, thereby avoiding the type of urgent investigation that would be engaged for, say, the disappearance of a senator's son.  His victims ranged in age from 16 to 46.  With a smooth manner and a conversationalist's style, says Sheriff Jerry Larpenter, he persuaded his victims to have sex for money, usually back at his camper trailer.  But there was a condition.
 Once at the destination, these men had to agree to be bound; if a gay encounter, it was just part of the ritual that Dominique required; if the targeted victim was heterosexual, then Dominique supposedly had promised him sex with a nonexistent wife, who was "shy" and wanted her partners to be tied.  Then once the victim was willingly bound, he was helpless.  Dominique would rape him, strangle or smother him, and then dump his bound body in one of six jurisdictions in southern Louisiana.

Rurik Jutting

A British banker who killed two Indonesian women in Hong Kong after three days of cocaine- and alcohol-fuelled torture and rape has been found guilty of their murders.

It was late October 2014, and on paper the young banker had lived what could only be described as a privileged and successful life. But over the space of a few drug- and alcohol-fuelled days, he tortured and killed Sumarti Ningsih, 23, and Seneng Mujiasih, 26, before calling the police to let them know what he had done.
In court, lawyers described a much darker side to his apparently gilded existence, one involving drugs, sexual sadism, and an extreme personality disorder.
Jutting had tortured Ms Ningsih for three days, before he killed her by slashing her throat over a prolonged period, nearly decapitating her. He then hid her body in a suitcase.
A few days later, Jutting brought his second victim, Ms Mujiasih, to his flat. This was a woman he would go on to describe simply as "the prey" he had been hunting.
 Jutting also had extreme sexual interests, and an obsession with sadistic pornography, experts said. He began using sex workers in 2009 and as time went on his behaviour became increasingly forceful. On a number of occasions, he removed condoms during sex without their consent, despite knowing this would constitute rape in the UK.
Jutting continued to fantasise about rape and kidnap even while he was remanded in a psychiatric centre after his arrest, prosecution expert Dr Kavin Chow said.
By 2014, he was "spiralling out of control". He would go on cocaine binges that lasted for days. At one point, he missed a scheduled meeting in London and, as an excuse, he told his boss he had HIV. He developed a round-the-clock craving for the drug, his weight ballooned and in the weeks before the killings took place he stopped going to work. Instead, he spent hours watching and reading violent pornography.
He attempted to find men on Grindr to have sex with, later telling a psychologist he had been "trying to do everything I could to get new experiences", but described everything as "disappointing".
On 25 October 2014 Jutting took Ms Ningsih to his flat, after offering to pay her for sex. They had had sex on one occasion before, in a hotel, but things had got so violent that Ms Ningsih asked to end the session early, and refunded half his money. On this second occasion, the sex also switched from consensual to non-consensual, as Jutting began to beat Ms Ningsih.
 He then held her captive, and tortured her using pliers, his belt, sex toys and his hands. He filmed some of the torture on his phone, in footage that was shown to the jury. The details that follow are distressing and brutal.
He killed her on the third day, after he made her kneel in front of the toilet bowl, with her hands tied behind her back, and lick the bowl. He then cut her throat with a knife but Ms Ningsih did not die immediately, so her dragged her into the shower and continued.
Jutting recorded several videos describing the aftermath of the killing on his phone. Eventually, he wrapped up the body and placed it into a suitcase, which he left on the balcony.
Jutting began planning to torture a second victim on 31 October. He bought tools, including sandpaper, nails and a blow torch, filming them on his iPhone, describing how he might use them to torture a victim.
That night, he went out and met Ms Mujiasih, inviting her back to his flat for sex. They began kissing and cuddling on the sofa but Ms Mujiasih began shouting when she saw a gag by the sofa. Jutting held a knife against her throat, telling her he would kill her if she continued to struggle. She continued struggling, and he killed her by slashing at her neck.
He later told police: "She was simply, the word I'd use is prey. I was hunting for prey and she was unfortunately the person who was hunted".

 51) Graham Dwyer

Graham Dwyer
An Irish architect obsessed with stabbing women during sex acts has been handed a mandatory life sentence at Dublin high court over a murder that has both repelled and fascinated Ireland.
The trial of Graham Dwyer for the killing his “sex slave”, Elaine O’Hara, has shone a light on the dark underworld of the Republic’s violent sadomasochistic scene.
Dwyer was convicted last month of luring O’Hara to the Dublin mountains on 22 August 2012, stabbing her to death and then concealing her body. The evidence was among the most graphic and disturbing heard by a jury in Ireland.
During a two-month trial, jurors were shown a series of disturbing videos of the 42-year-old architect stabbing O’Hara while she was tied up. In some videos, she was heard begging him to “please stop.”
O’Hara was not the only woman filmed by Dwyer, who sometimes simulated stabbing those he tied up. The Garda Siochana is now attempting to track down the other women, depicted by Dwyer as his “slaves”. Some did not know they were being filmed because they were blindfolded.
O’Hara emerged during the trial as a deeply troubled, lonely woman who yearned for a baby but also had severe mental health issues – vulnerable quarry for a dangerous predator on S&M websites such as Dwyer.
Some of the contents of O’Hara’s computer were revealed in February, including shocking and violent images of women who were hanged or stabbed. Buried deep in the hard drive were traces of her contacts with Dwyer.
In early March, evidence began of the contents of Dwyer’s computer. Mr Justice Tony Hunt cleared the court of the public.
One document Dwyer authored described a fantasy rape in Newcastle. Peppered with the realities of his life, it was shocking and sordid.
Another document outlined how Dwyer would kill American woman Darci Day.

Madi Mahaboudi

A man has been sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of an 80-year-old British expat whose dismembered body parts were found scattered in a forest in the Dordogne area of southwestern France.
Madi Mahaboudi, 33, who has a previous conviction for unlawful killing by strangulation of another woman, was convicted on Friday of the murder of Violet Price, who was originally from Northampton and had gone to live in France in 2012 to be near her son Paul.
A medical expert told the court in the town of Agen that the attack in April last year on Price in her home in the village of Moustier had been extraordinarily violent.
In 15 years of practice, I have never seen such a degree of bruising on the throat and neck,' he said, after asking members of the British pensioner's family to leave the courtroom before he read out the gruesome list of physical and sexual injuries found on her body.
Mahaboudi, who was addicted to cannabis and pornography and had a history of mental illness, was the brother of Price's daughter-in-law.
On April 11, 2015, Price returned to her home after attending a barbecue with family members and friends in a nearby village. Mahaboudi, who is from the French Indian Ocean department of Mayotte, was also at the barbecue. 
He later turned up at her house apparently looking for his ex-girlfriend, who told the court she had left him because of his heavy drinking, repeated death threats, and sexual violence inspired by porn films.
Price let him in and made him a cup of coffee, on which his DNA was later found and which led to his arrest.

Manfred Seel
A suspected serial killer who is believed to have murdered 10 people including a 13-year-old boy may have eaten some of their body parts, according to police.
Detectives investigating the case of Manfred Seel dubbed the German Jack the Ripper, confirmed that a possible motive for the killings by the now dead 67-year-old may have been cannibalism.
Seel, from Schwalbach near Frankfurt, appeared to be an ordinary family man who worked as a gardener and general odd job man. In his spare time he played saxophone, but died in August 2014.
When clearing up a garage that he had rented, his daughter came upon the remains of a dismembered corpse, sparking an investigation that quickly widened to include five other victims, and then an additional four.
One of the victims was Tristan Bruebach who disappeared when he was walking home from school in 1988 and his mutilated body was found in a tunnel near Frankfurt. 

Now police say that when the 13-year-old boy was discovered, his testicles had been removed and they have never been found.
They also found that parts of his backside and pieces of the leg as well as other muscle parts had been sliced away.
Officers said the child's body had been disfigured in a way similar to Seel’s other victims.
Their wounds also matched those depicted in violent pornography found on Seel's computer. He had more than 3,200 violent images, some depicting cannibalism.
Police are almost certain that the woman whose body was found, the prostitute Britta D., was murdered by Seel. They said that she had been dead around 10 years when the body was found.
The other dead include four sex workers who disappeared near Frankfurt's central rail station in the 1970s and 1990s.
Gudrun Ebel and Hatice Eruelkeroglu were both murdered in 1971, Gisela Singh in 1991 and Dominique Monrose in 1993.
Police said that the women's bodies had been badly mutilated, with their arms and legs cut and internal organs removed, further underlining the possibility of cannibalism.

Stephen Beadman
A man who raped and murdered a 15-year-old girl after his friend had groomed her through Facebook and texts has been jailed for at least 35 years.
Stephen Beadman, 29, who admitted killing Kayleigh Haywood, was also convicted of falsely imprisoning her.
His friend Luke Harlow, 28, who lured Kayleigh to his home after contacting her online, was jailed for 12 years.
Judge Mrs Justice Cox said the case showed "the dangers to which young users of social media are exposed".
Beadman was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 35 years.
Harlow was sentenced for sexually touching and falsely imprisoning Kayleigh, and grooming her and two other girls.
Kayleigh, from Measham, Leicestershire, started chatting with Luke Harlow on Facebook just two weeks before she was killed.
They exchanged 2,600 messages - mainly by text - which led her to believe Harlow was her boyfriend.
The two men were found guilty of keeping her prisoner between 21:00 GMT on the Saturday and 03:00 on the Sunday, but the judge said it may never be known exactly what went on in the flat during that time.
A neighbour saw Beadman chasing Kayleigh, who was naked from the waist down, as she fled the flat on Sunday morning.
Beadman then took her across a road where he raped her, before marching her for a mile-and-a-half across rough ground to where he battered her to death.
He told police he used a brick as a weapon, and injuries to his face and hand were thought to be evidence of a struggle with Kayleigh.

Kayleigh Haywood
Her body was found three days later, hidden in a hedgerow near a stream after a police search involving more than 300 officers.
The judge said Kayleigh had so many serious facial injuries she had to be identified through her dental records.
Harlow - a horror film fan who used the online name FunTimes and billed himself as a "professional serial killer" on Twitter - pleaded guilty to grooming Kayleigh and engaging in sexual activity with her.
The former warehouse and bar worker also admitted attempting to meet two other teenagers after grooming them online.
The court heard how he had used Facebook, WhatsApp and text messages to befriend Kayleigh, after vowing to "kidnap and keep" other girls during online conversations.
The judge described the messages he sent to all three girls as "chilling".

The judge was told on Friday that police found child abuse images and extreme pornography on computers belonging to Beadman.
Officers also found that he had been searching for extreme pornography the day before he went round to Harlow's flat when Kayleigh was inside.


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Violent pornography incites sexual assaults and rape (Part one)

Dmitry Mordvinov

There are many different reasons and motives as to why men rape women and other men. (I shall be posting research on this subject at a later date)
But, whatever reason the perpetrator has for committing this most despicable crime. Rapists all possess the same inherent trait; That of sexual sadism.
Sexual sadism involves acts upon which the individual derives sexual arousal from the psychological and physical pain of others.
They take extreme pleasure in hurting, degrading and humiliating their victims. As well as deriving an absolute feeling of power, control, torment, distress and helplessness he has over them. Rapists also attain pleasure in the knowledge that Violating a persons most intimate body parts has a profound and everlasting psychological impact, far transcending that of physical abuse.
Although rape pre-dates pornography. I believe that incidents of sexual assault, rape and sexually motivated murders have escalated since pornography was made available to the masses. Even the acts have become more deviant and elaborate, as many rapists mimic their favourite pornography. There are also more child sex offenders than ever before (I shall be posting research on this at a later date)
Serial rapists are similar to serial sex murderers, except they don't kill their victims. I believe this type of sadist takes immense pleasure in knowing that his many victims continue to psychologically suffer from his callous acts. So for him, that's double the pleasure. He also knows that many of his victims do not even report the crime to the police, so he can usually continue his crimes with confidence and impunity. Like most sexually violent perpetrators, serial rapists are directed and motivated by fantasy. And the fantasy is more often than not, derived from the viewing of pornography.
Pornography reinforces the fantasy because it portrays sexual violence against women, who are perceived as sexual objects who enjoy sexual callousness and being abused and used by males.
Pornography also depicts derogatory language towards women and many scenarios of sexual domination, degradation, humiliation and rape. In which the rapist will masturbate to and thus reinforce his perception that women are worthless sluts and whores and that they need to be punished. It also provides him with new ideas in which to plan his offences. In-fact the very 'Signatures' of serial rapists stem from what the offender has been aroused by in his favourite pornography. Many serial rapists also attempt to 'Better' the pornography and make their own during the assault.

1) John Worboys

John Worboys
A total of 85 women have so far come forward to complain of being assaulted by the ruthless 51-year-old sexual predator.

Officers are now braced for a fresh wave of allegations following the guilty verdicts at Croydon Crown Court.
They believe the perverted former stripper and amateur porn star preyed on vulnerable young women for at least six years.
Police said the cab driver might have stalked the streets of the capital almost every night hunting for victims.
His distinctive method of claiming to have won a huge sum of cash before inviting victims to share a bottle of champagne laced with sedatives first surfaced in 2006. 

The majority of victims were professional women aged between 18 and 33 picked up in London's West End or wealthy Kensington after a night out drinking.
Scotland Yard brought in colleagues in Dorset and Surrey when it emerged Worboys had links to the counties.
Four women in Bournemouth contacted police with allegations of rape, sexual assault and kerb-crawling that have been linked to Worboys.

The wealthy cab driver owned a share in a holiday property in Poole which was used as a studio to record adult films. John Worboys took advantage of his established position of trust as a licensed black cab driver in London.
"He used this position to entice women into his cab where he took the opportunity to commit his frightening, degrading and humiliating attacks.
"The very nature of the drugs he used incapacitated his victims, producing an anaesthetic and amnesiac effect."
He added: "Some of his victims can recall everything that happened to them, but were powerless to resist. Others can remember segments of the attack they experienced.
"Others suffered a frightening loss of memory for several hours. Many of these women are left questioning exactly what did happen to them in that missing period of time.
"The nature of the drugs used was different from those purportedly common within drug-facilitated sexual assault.

Jean Clayton, who separated from Worboys in 1995, said that Worboys had confessed to being a sex addict and to following a drunk woman home and sexually assaulting her.
After the couple split up in 1995 she discovered the former stripper and amateur porn star had also assaulted her daughter Carrie-Ann. "John Worboys is the biggest pervert, he peeped at my children and sexually assaulted a drunk girl while we were married.
"At the beginning I didn't know he was peeping. He would come home, his trousers covered with mud."

John Worbys rape kit

 Police repeatedly failed to respond to the complaints of his victims and now believe that Worboys may have drugged, raped and assaulted more than 100 women over six years.

Documents discovered at the home of convicted rapist John Worboys, a London taxi driver, gave a chilling insight into the ordeals of his woman passenger victims.

2) Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw
An "extremely vulnerable" woman raped by a man she met on a dating website killed herself shortly before she was due to face him in court.
Hours before attacking her in her home on November 25, 2014, Andrew Shaw, 37, sent text messages and emails to friends or acquaintances that showed clear evidence of planning to rape her, Hull Crown court heard.
One, which was sent to Ted Jones and an online contact called Kodabear, said: "I've met this mentally ill girl I'm going to ... rape her ... do u want to see I'll film it for u." Another to Kodabear said: "I'm in a raping mood, boys, girls, animals."
Later the same day he messaged acquaintances, saying: "... its sick I no [sic] but I love it ... might have to rape her I'll film it all for u xx."
In a 92-page download of messages from his phone were other references to "wanting to rape", prosecutor David Gordon said.
Shaw had met the 29-year-old woman on dating website Plenty Of Fish and they met for consensual sex the week before the attacks. She was on medication for her mental health illness and living in shared accommodation provided by a mental health charity, having recently been an inpatient at a mental health hospital.
The victim later told police she should have stopped contacting Shaw when he started talking about watching pornography and having another man there when they had sex. But she "spoke of being flattered as this was the first man that had ever paid her any attention", Mr Gordon said.
Before raping her, Shaw got her to smoke cannabis, which she did not want to do. He then got her to sniff "liquid gold", described in court as "some kind of aphrodisiac or legal high", while attacking her again. She vomited at the side of the bed during one of the rapes.
The victim repeatedly told Shaw she did not want what was happening to take place. Asked by police how she reacted when he ignored her, she said she "just went into shutdown mode".
When Shaw was arrested, police found indecent images and films of children on his mobile phone. There were 11 images at Category A, the most serious, three at Category B, and 21 Category C images. It also contained four prohibited images of children and five Category A videos.

3) Casey Tennent

Casey Tennent
A MELBOURNE man who tackled a heavily pregnant woman off her bike andtried to rape her had “deviant” sexual urges in the lead-up to the attack.

Casey Tennent was addicted to online pornography and had been drinking heavily when he came across his victim earlier this year.
The 21-year-old later said he “couldn’t help it” and rambled: “I imagined doing it and then dreamt about it, and then did it tonight”.
He will be jailed after admitting to the terrifying attack, the Victorian County Court heard on Monday.
Tennent’s victim, in her third trimester, was riding her bike home from work at night when he tackled her off the path and into bushes.
She struggled and screamed for help, but he was too strong and told her “shhh” as he pushed his arm against her throat.
Tennent also pushed on her stomach, despite her telling him she was pregnant.
“When he was pushing down on her stomach, she thought he was trying to kill her baby,” crown prosecutor Nahrain Warda said.
 The court heard Tennent was addicted to online pornography and had violent dreams in the months leading up to the offence.
Forensic psychologist Dion Gee, who has diagnosed the 21-year-old with major depressive and borderline personality disorders, said Tennent wrongly believed watching “deviant” pornography would quell his urges.

4) Cameron Hooker

Cameron Hooker
Colleen Stan was 20 years old when she was abducted in May 1977 by Cameron Hooker and his wife Janice and taken to their home in Red Bluff, north California.
She was held captive as a sex slave by the couple and spent years locked in a homemade wooden box for 23 hours a day, brought out only to be raped, beaten and emotionally abused.
Ms Stan accepted a lift from Mr and Mrs Hooker, near her home in west Oregon. But while she said the pair – who had their baby with them – initially seemed nice, things soon turned ugly.
According to the magazine, around half an hour into the journey, Mr Hooker stopped the car and threatened her with a knife, before tying her up, gagging her and forcing her head into a box.
She endured perpetual sexual assault and violence, including being chained up and imprisoned under the couple’s bed, until Ms Hooker helped her escape seven years later in 1984.

He would whip her, burn her and give her electric shocks, according to the broadcaster, and told her that if she ever told anyone, a secretive, powerful authority would kill both her and her family.
 After Ms Stan’s escape, Mr Hooker was sentenced to 104 years in prison, with his wife accepting immunity to testify against him.
Colleen Stan

Colleen`s horrific story is indeed the story of the ``Perfect Victim.``
Only a perfect victim could have endured the tortures devised by Hooker, who apparently got most of his ideas from pornography. He moulded Colleen into a human automaton who could spend years accepting torture but who also took care of his children and worked outside his home to support his family.

The 'Head box'

5) Peter Samuel Cook

Peter Cook
Was a serial rapist who attacked women in the city of Cambridge and so became known in the press as the Cambridge Rapist. The majority of Cook’s victims were students of the University of Cambridge, whom he attacked after breaking into their bedsits and flats. He was active between October 1974 and April 1975, and was also called the 'hooded rapist' because of a distinctive leather mask he wore whilst carrying out his crimes. The mask was reported to be "stitched from an old leather shopping bag. The zipper-mouthed mask had the word 'rapist' painted in white across the forehead".

Cook, who was arrested following what was one of Britain’s biggest police manhunts, was escaping from the scene of an attack wearing a long blonde wig as a disguise when he was apprehended. At the time of his arrest, Cook was 46 years old and working as a delivery driver for a wine company.
At his trial in 1976, in addition to six rapes Cook was also convicted of wounding two other women and committing an act of gross indecency on a ninth. A further victim had fought him off when he forcibly tried to gain access to her flat. On each occasion he is believed to have spoken to his victim. Following Cook's conviction, Mr Justice Melford Stevenson gave him two life sentences and recommended he should spend the rest of his life in jail.

 On 3rd December 1974 detectives had visited 47-year-old Peter Cook, who lived in a caravan with his wife in the village of Hardwick, five miles from Cambridge. Cook had been in trouble with the police many times, and had a number of convictions for theft and burglary. He had spent time in both Dartmoor and Broadmoor, but after getting married in 1968 he appeared to have calmed down.
Cook worked as a delivery driver for a wine and spirits business and was also well known around the boatyards on the River Cam, where he often earned extra money as a handyman. At five feet five inches he was a similar height to the descriptions of the rapist, said that their attacker was a much younger man.
Cook provided convincing alibis for the times of all the attacks and although he had a long criminal career, there was no record of any sex offences. Police did, however, find dozens of hard-core pornographic films and magazines scattered around his home. Cook had refused to provide a saliva sample, claiming it was an infringement of his civil liberties. He told police that he looked nothing like a Photofit picture of the rapist, and to either arrest him or clear off.

6) Richard Baker

Richard Baker
Richard Baker, described by police as one of the most prolific sex offenders in recent criminal history, was yesterday told by an Old Bailey judge that he should expect to be sent to prison for life after being found guilty of eight offences of rape, attempted rape, indecent assault and affray.
After the Old Bailey verdict, it was revealed that Baker, a 34-year-old disc jockey from Bodmin, Cornwall, had previous convictions for rape and sex with an underage girl. Police believe he may also have carried out at least 50 attacks across Britain and in Spain, where he drugged young holidaymakers with the date-rape drug Rohypnol.
Commander Paddy Tomkins, in charge of the three-force inquiry that eventually trapped Baker, said: 'He is one of the most prolific sex offenders this country has ever seen.'

 Trail of terror
At this time Baker was staying with a friend in north London while working as a runner for a television production company at the Chelsea Flower Show. He dreamed of a career in television.
May 19, 1998: A 35-year-old woman is indecently assaulted in an empty garage in Highgate, north London, at 10.15pm. Pages from a pornographic magazine are found there with scientific evidence which matches Baker's DNA profile.

Baker pleaded guilty to this attack. 

The court had been told how Baker would tour southern Spain with pornographic pictures and a bottle of the date-rape drug Rohypnol. He was caught after a tip-off from his brother, Kevin.

 One of Britain’s most notorious rapists had a tablet computer containing hundreds of vile images of children as young as four being raped - which was hidden behind a wooden picture frame in his prison cell, a court heard yesterday.
Richard Baker, 51, who is serving four life sentences, downloaded disgusting images and videos after becoming obsessed with child rape over five months at a medium secure mental health unit in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. 
Computer experts discovered a bookmark on the former nightclub DJ’s browser titled ‘best jailbait ever’ and found he had regularly visited illegal pornographic websites featuring young children, Aylesbury Crown Court was told.
Baker was given four life sentences in 1999 for a series of rapes in the previous year which he committed after returned from working in Spain.
He had already been jailed for six years for rape in 1987 and is suspected of raping more than 100 women, including scores of teenagers.

Justin Rixon
A deaf man was jailed for rape yesterday after admitting that he could ‘feel’ his victim’s anger despite claiming that he did not hear her shouting ‘No’.
Justin Rixon, who has been profoundly deaf and mute from birth, had denied raping a friend with whom he had fallen out and insisted he would have stopped if she had said she didn’t want to have sex.

But, communicating in court by sign language through interpreters, he admitted he could ‘feel the vibrations’ of his victim’s angry shouts during the attack.

Rixon, 41, was already a convicted sex offender when he carried out the assault, but had previously been shown leniency because of his disability.
In 2003 Rixon – a volunteer with a children’s charity – had been caught with a hoard of child pornography on four computers in his Cardiff home following an FBI sweep against internet sex criminals. 
His victim told the court over a video link he had forced himself on her when she told him she wanted nothing to do with him.
Rixon admitted she had not said she wanted sex, but claimed she had not said ‘No’ either.
He insisted: ‘If she had said she didn’t want to, I would have stopped.’  But he admitted: ‘She was so angry I could feel the vibrations of her shouting.
She told me she would report me to the police.’
Caroline Rees, prosecuting, said that during the rape inquiry Rixon’s computer was seized and was found to contain extreme pornography and indecent images of children.

An inmate charged with being the “Ether rapist” was sentenced this month to 156 years in prison after pleading guilty to nine charges of rape.
Howard Bruce was serving a 64-year sentence for attempting to blow up a police officer’s home when a DNA test linked him to 40 rapes in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado
Bruce was known for using chemicals to subdue his victims, one of whom eventually moved to San Luis Obispo.
It was 1996, two days before Robert Sachs’ daughter’s 18 birthday and the week of finals at her high school. After working at a restaurant in New Mexico, she arrived home at about 1 a.m. and went to bed.
Sachs’ daughter awoke to discover a man holding a cloth soaked in ether over her face beside her bed. She caught the man’s hand between her teeth and clamped down. He eventually ripped his hand from his potential rape victim’s mouth and fled through a bedroom window.

 A woman has told of her shock after she discovered her husband of six years was a serial rapist.
Joy Lynn Martinez first met Robert Bruce - who she describes as a 'Ben Affleck look-alike' - in a bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and after a two year romance they tied the knot.
But following his arrest three years ago, she was stunned to learn that her partner had been leading a double life, and over the course of 20 years he had committed a string of sexual assaults.

Nine months after they met he proposed, but Ms Martinez admitted that she didn't say 'yes' at first because she didn't like the way he talked about women.
She said: 'I heard him talking about other women in a cold, even harsh, manner. He often commented on how they were dressed, calling any girl in shorts or tight jeans a slut.'
But a year into their marriage Ms Martinez described that her husband became increasingly
'controlling - and cheap', and after she discovered that he had secretly filmed the two of them having sex, she decided to leave.

'There I was, on-screen, clearly unconscious as Howard had sex with me in our bed. My head spinning, I stopped the tape, ran to the bathroom, and threw up,' she recalled.
'How could he do something like that to me?  My mind was made up.'

Further evidence that Robert Bruce filmed his own pornography
During the rapes

9) Patrick Hlomane

Patrick Hlomane
The Rhodes Memorial rapist Mthunzi Patrick Hlomane pleaded guilty to several charges which included rape, kidnapping, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and robbery with aggravating circumstances and was sentenced to nine life terms by Acting Judge Mushtak Parker, who presided over the case in the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town. As he handed down sentence, Parker said, “The absolute fear over which potential victims lived with on a day to day basis in Cape Town, is still in our memories.”
It emerged during the trial that the rapist started his raping spree in November of 2015 up to the time that he was arrested in March of 2016. All in all, it was revealed that six women were attacked and out of these, five of them were students at the University of Cape Town. Only one of the women managed to escape without being raped. The Rhodes Memorial Rapist, whose real name is Mthunzi Patrick Hlomane, apparently had a preference for women that had braided hair, a feature which he seemed to have adopted from the pornography that he had watched prior to embarking on these escapades.
It emerged during the court trial that when Hlomane, who also used the name Patrick, met his first victim on November 19 in 2015, he slapped her and stole her belongings before raping her once after threatening her with a knife. Less than a month later, he was at it again when he attacked another of his victims on the 10th of December. This victim was not so lucky as she was raped repeatedly and also lost her cellphone and other belongings. There was a repeat of the sustained rapes when he met his fourth victim in the first month of the new year. There were two more attacks in the new year and in all cases, the victims sustained severe injuries that included a dislocated jaw. One of the victims was apparently forced to go and withdraw money from the ATM for the perpetrator.

10) Larry Takahashi

Larry Takahashi

Larry Takahashi, one of Canada’s most notorious rapists, has been granted day parole in the Vancouver area.
Takahashi, dubbed the ‘Balaclava Rapist’, was known for breaking into homes and sexually assaulting women while wearing a ski mask. Edmonton Police said at the time that it was likely he assaulted over 100 women before being arrested in 1983.
In 1984, he faced 70 charges involving 22 women but was only convicted of 14 charges, including four counts of rape, sexual assault with a weapon, and six counts of disguise with intent.
He was given three life sentences.

Documents from the Parole Board of Canada say Takahashi used a knife and other sharp objects to threaten his victims, and in one instance threatened the infant child of a victim.
He also sexually assaulted a victim in front of her children and another while her family members slept in the next room.
The documents say he also used a rope on at least one victim and repeatedly punched another in the face.

He started his crimes by peeping into women’s windows and masturbating, which quickly escalated to breaking into women’s homes and raping them while wearing a balaclava. - See more at:

He has admitted to raping other victims but it is unknown how many.

Takahashi, 61, was living a double life as a model citizen with a wife and child during the day, and a rapist by night. He started his crimes by peeping into women’s windows and masturbating, which quickly escalated to breaking into women’s homes and raping them while wearing a balaclava. - See more at:
Takahashi, 61, was living a double life as a model citizen with a wife and child during the day, and a rapist by night. He started his crimes by peeping into women’s windows and masturbating, which quickly escalated to breaking into women’s homes and raping them while wearing a balaclava. - See more at:
Takahashi, 61, was living a double life as a model citizen with a wife and child during the day, and a rapist by night. He started his crimes by peeping into women’s windows and masturbating, which quickly escalated to breaking into women’s homes and raping them while wearing a balaclava. - See more at:

 He started his crimes by peeping into women’s windows and masturbating,which then led to breaking into the women’s homes and raping them.

The Parole Board says multiple psychiatric assessments showed Takahashi has a tendency to be “selfish, callous, and remorseless.”
They deem him to be a moderate-to-high risk for sexual and violent re-offending. Though he admits he continues to have fantasies about raping women, the Parole Board believes he is able to “manage them.”  It also notes that he’s been clean from drugs for years, has abstained from pornography and displays increased accountability and transparency with his case managers.
 Takahashi is under strict conditions not to consume alcohol or drugs, and not to purchase or possess any type of pornography or electronic device that allows Internet access. He must also follow a treatment plan, avoid contact with any victims or college or university area, or pick up any female passengers while driving.

11) Matthew Gill

Matthew Gill

A rapist who brutally attacked a 14-year-old schoolgirl at knifepoint has been jailed for life.
Matthew Gill, 23, pounced on the terrified victim as she walked to school in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, before dragging her into a hedge.
When she begged for her life, pleading with Gill 'I don't want to die' he chillingly replied: 'Do you want to be stabbed and have an ugly scar?'
Gill then knifed her in the thigh and gagged her with a scarf before tying her hands behind her back and raping her, a court heard.
The night before the brutal 20-minute attack, Gill had watched a porn film on his laptop entitled '16-year-old held down and raped'.
He was caught when the schoolgirl told a friend what had happened and police caught him a short distance away from the crime scene.
Police found a rucksack holding Gills rape-kit, including a knife, gag and condoms.
Gill was given a discretionary life sentence at Shrewsbury Crown Court after he admitted rape and two charges of attempted rape.

12) Magnus Meyer Hustveit

Magnus Hustveit
 TODAY MAGNUS MEYER Hustveit got put in jail for the repeated rape and sexual assault of his former girlfriend.
Meyer Hustveit is going to jail almost seven months after his initial sentencing and four years after his initial confession to his ex partner.
Today the Court of Criminal Appeal said suspending the entire seven year sentence was legally in error and Magnus Meyer Husveit will now spend 15 months of that sentence in jail.
One of the issues raised about this case was the minimisation of crime and harm that started with Meyer Husveit himself.
He initially reasoned that because his partner was asleep his actions of raping her – even though he appeared to understand it to be rape – were ‘victimless’.
 Hustveit, confessed to sexually assaulting the 28-year-old Irishwoman up to 10 times over the course of a year.

After one episode the victim woke up and confronted him, prompting Hustveit to write an email for her to use as evidence against him.
Despite the victim revealing that the attacks had caused her to develop anxiety issues and an eating disorder, as well as leading her to attempt suicide, the Irish judge decided not to jail Hustveit. 
During the trial the victim described how Hustveit had admitted raping her in early 2012 - just a few months after the couple moved in together.
The victim, who is described as a deep sleeper, told of waking up to find herself covered in semen. Upon asking Hustveit what happened, he is said to have immediately admitted to raping her.

Despite her horror over the incident, the couple continued to live together.
But several weeks later the victim woke in the middle of the night to find Hustveit penetrating her while watching pornography on his computer.
Several months later Hustveit wrote his email to his by then ex-girlfriend confessing to using her body for his sexual 'gratification' - although he attempted to shift the blame on to the victim by claiming he had only done so because she had not allowed him to watch pornography.