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The hatred of women

Over the last forty years, I have studied and researched sex offenders, serial rapists and sexually motivated murderers, in order to understand their behaviours and motivations. There is one commonality amongst these offenders that underpins their violence against women; That of pure hatred.

There are many reasons as to why a significant amount of men harbour a deep-rooted hatred of women. Not just 'individual' women, but women in general.
The reasons for hating women vary, and negative consequences occur on many different levels, depending upon psychological factors,such as narcissism, egotism, sexual sadism and psychopathy. Strong religious beliefs and the 'Virgin-Whore dichotomy'.

For example; A boy who has been dominated, humiliated and controlled by his Mother, may grow into a perfectly well adjusted man who understands that his Mother was an abusive human being, and can go on to form normal relationships with other women. Whereas a man in the same situation, but having certain personality disorders, can develop a powerful hatred of all women.
On one end of the spectrum, they may avoid women and live a solitary life or spend their lives belittling and demeaning women. If they are sexually driven, deviant and had incestuous desires, they may seek domineering women to chastise and humiliate them, just as their mother did. In extreme cases, some of these men have gone on to violate and murder women, including their own Mother.
Some murderers hate women so intensely that they are not content enough with the act of raping and killing itself, they will literally destroy women's bodies. Often de-feminising them by the removal of breasts,vagina and uterus.
One of Richard Cottingham's victims
 Or forcefully penetrating their vaginas with objects such as baseball bats, so deep that the bat protrudes from the victims abdomen on the outside. These murderers often need to humiliate and degrade the victim, by posing her dead body in degrading positions or throwing her into a dumpster like 'Trash'. Rapist and murderer William Suff raped, tortured, stabbed, strangled, and sometimes mutilated twelve women.
 During the autopsy of one of his victims, they found a large, intact light bulb had been inserted into the vagina and womb, as an act of humiliation.

Over the last few decades, a significant number of serial sexually motivated murderers, were not only high-use pornography consumers. They would make their own 'pornography' during the rape, torture and killing of girls and women. I have so far collected over seventy pornography related murders. This is not an easy task, because most police agencies, courts and media do not feel that it is a relevant, and therefore fail to admit these contributing factors in court or are not mentioned in the media.
(Please see my other posts on this)

Hate is also a strong motivation for rapists.
There are many reasons as to why men rape. One being 'Anger rape' when the male possesses an extreme hatred towards women and the aim is purely to humiliate, debase and hurt the victim.
Another, is 'power rape' where the male compensates feelings of inadequacy. Raping victims feeds their issues of mastery, control, strength, authority and capability; to assert their competency and validate their masculinity.
The power rapist fantasises about sexual conquests and believes that the victim initially resists them, and once they overpower their victim 'she will eventually enjoy it'. Lastly there is 'sadistic rape' in which there is such a sexual transformation of anger and power that the aggression itself is eroticised. The excitement is achieved by inflicting pain and maltreatment upon his victim, he finds immense gratification in the victims torment, anguish, distress, helplessness and suffering.
One of the most extensive reasons for men's common hatred of women is 'Rejection' 
This is a deep rooted hate that stems mainly from sexually driven narcissists, who were rejected by 'Hot' women that began in their teenage years.(Unattractive women are not an option to them) These individuals are sexually self entitled and possess extremely fragile egos that are 'Painfully' destroyed by rejection of those females who they want, but can never have. They feel humiliated and emasculated by women and see them as a threat to their masculinity. Hatred becomes 'Anger' and thus 'women control their emotions' and they have lost control in their lives. Loss of control is a weakness and they perceive that an 'Entire sex' is controlling them, which often leads to resentment and revenge. Elliot Rodger was a prime example of a sexually driven narcissist. He once stated online:
‘Don’t you want to punish women for rejecting you?
He could not understand why women rejected him as he was 'The superior one' and 'The supreme gentleman' His retribution was to 'Slaughter every stuck-up blond slut' at the Californian University sorority house. His plan backfired when he could not get into the house, and so he began a killing spree in which he killed six people and injured fourteen.

"If I can't have you..Girls..I will destroy you"

And another rejected male on a website stated: 
"Women have a powerful tool between their legs"

Here are some examples of other misogynists comments on 'Men who hate women'

Whilst rape and murder are extreme examples, we need to look at the hatred of women in the wider context. Of how it is used in women’s everyday lives, such as social/cultural subjugation, objectification, sexual harassment, assault, domestic abuse and victim blaming.

Although you can find rampant misogyny on websites such as the 'Men's rights movement' 'MGTOW' (men going their own way) or on 'Pick-up Artists' forums in which they exact revenge by 'Hate fucking' as many women as possible.

[Link] Inside the world of the woman haters

One of the most popular, misogynistic and primary vehicles for the hatred of women is conveyed through commercial pornography. 

Pornographers, male performers and male consumers of violent pornography all fall into the category of haters of women. In my opinion, they share the same attributes as sex offenders.
Not only can consumers watch women being destroyed, they can comment and share their feelings on these disturbing videos. Haters rarely hate alone. They feel compelled, almost driven, to entreat others to hate as they do. Peer validation bolsters a sense of self-worth and, at the same time, prevents introspection, which reveals personal insecurities. Individuals who are otherwise ineffective become empowered when they join groups, which also provide anonymity and diminished accountability. Hate is the glue that binds haters to one another and to a common cause. By visually and verbally debasing the object of their hate, haters enhance their self-image, as well as their group status.
And what better place to exact revenge than through pornography, and the more pornography they consume..the more hateful they become.

Most of these misogynists do not torture, rape and murder women in real life, so what's the next best thing..
To masturbate to these violent fantasies of degradation, humiliation, defeminisation, sexual assault and torture..even murder. 

This 'Sexually driven' anger and hate from males against females, often manifests into perversions, depravity and sexual sadism. Of which humiliation, suffering and degradation plays a crucial part in the arousal reward system. These men also feel avenged and are regaining their power and control through the violation of women.

The following are screen-shots taken from the worlds most popular porn site which promotes hatred and sexual violence against women, disguised by words such as 'Fetish' 'Kink' 'Bondage' 'BDSM' 'Rough sex' and 'Hanging play'

Ironically, Pornhub has the complete audacity to state which content is 'Not allowed' on their site. This includes 'Rape' Torture' and 'Hate speech' (Obviously these do not apply to women)

*Trigger warning*
Although the images are disturbing, I have blurred out all breasts, buttocks and genitalia.

The male inserts a tube into the woman's mouth and vagina. [Although this particular women has her limbs bound tightly to resemble an amputee, there are real amputees,disabled and women with birth defects being sexually abused, further down the post. Many are home made videos and are highly suspicious.These vulnerable women are probably in Violent relationships or it could be a carer exploiting them]

He then 'Milks' her with force.

 He also inserts a metal hook into her anus.

He leads her to a place where she performs oral sex on him.

He then prepares her for 'Electric play' which includes her eyes.

He inserts a tube into her mouth and proceeds to blow up the face mask into a large sphere, before covering her mouth so that she cannot breathe.

Amputees, Disabled, Birth defects, Polio,Spina bifida and Anorexic women performing fellatio and other sex acts.

I did not have the stomach to watch any of these videos and cropped most of this image, as it was beyond repulsion.

The two males stuff her own knickers into her mouth, tape it up, place a plastic bag over her head and then bind her neck with rope. She is frantically trying to breathe as the bag is being compressed onto her face.

A masked male ties up this woman,then ties a knot around her neck and leaves her to 'Die'

The camera focuses on her vagina, buttocks and fetishised shoes.

This is a home made video taken on a mobile. The female does not appear to be enjoying this and is protesting verbally and with her body language. The male pulls the string from the stool that supports her weight and then dives, and holds her body up to prevent anything life threatening. He does this a few times. This is real footage of a woman being hanged for the males sexual arousal, and uploaded onto pornhub for other men's misogynistic and sexual gratification.

Such a romantic title..and this woman appears to be angry and upset. At one point she lashes out at the male and shouts at him. He thrusts his fingers into her vagina, penetrates her vaginally and anally without expression, whilst 'Hanging' her in a noose as her feet do not quite touch the floor.


Painful torture of woman's breasts, nipples and genitalia.

'Stupid fuck meats learning their true calling in life'


 'Donkey punch'


  1. From s.Korea i saw this from feminism site in s.korea web site. We got furious n felt anger . Long way to go for all the girls in the world. I think money is really play ing big role for this misogyny.n it industry could be the new way to make eqal pay for both gender. Also i really support heartily all the girls in their careers n doing their nbest to make their life better in this harsh world 4 female.

  2. and them we cant hate men...we are the real criminals when we hate them as a response to this insanity

  3. And liberal feminists say that porn is empowering.... but empowering for who???? Not for women.

  4. Is there something we can do about this? to stop or keep these off sites?


  6. There are porn which is not nice and there are a lot that is very arousing. Not all men hate women and I love being in company of them,more then men. Just remember, women do have a perverse kinky side they would love or do explore.

    1. Lol, keep saying that until someone believed you XD

  7. I had a question, theres a disscursion about that if pornography could make mens more misogine and agressive against womens or if they see torture porn cause they want that before, what do you think? In addition, is pretty obvious that porn normalice torture and sexual sadism, and is an industry which use poor and abuse womans, and the suicide levels are higger than other "profesions".
    Also, what kind of disociated mind had mens when they say "is porn, in not real", is just like, wtf, is literally real, the only fake in these scenes are the enjoy of that woman.
    Saludos, gracias por tu arduo trabajo, que sepas que te lee mucha gente, desde muchos sitios.