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The commercialized abuse and violence of women (part one)

Larry Flynt the pornographer who fought 'Free speech'

Sexual terrorism

A Culture of Victimization

1] Sexual victimization occurs in a social context in which there exists a male dominated power structure.
2] Psychological and violent tactics are used against women in order to frighten them into submission. The ultimate goal is power,domination and control.
3] Sexual terrorism is a major form of victimizing women and is defined as a system by which males degrade, humiliate, dehumanise, objectify and frighten, in order to control and dominate women.

 Components of Sexual Terrorism

1] Ideology – The ideology of sexual terrorism is patriarchal.
2] Propaganda – This ideology is disseminated in all expressions of popular culture such as films, television, music, literature, advertising and especially pornography. These mediums are male dominated that serve to enforce gender roles, brainwash, normalise, glamorise, eroticise and even imitate such acts of sexual abuse and violence towards girls and women.

 Amorality and behaviour changes

1] The perpetrators believe that such expressions of violence against women are normal, especially if females are viewed as objects and inferior.
2] Voluntary Compliance – An elaborate system of sex-role socialization practices that instruct women to be passive, weak and yielding victims.
3] Society's perception of the terrorist and the terrorized. (As in 'Male talent' and 'Porn star')
4] Permission giving beliefs. Constant saturation of abuse and violence depicted in adult pornography and child abuse imagery. Alters the consumers perception of normal behaviours and is more accepting of sexual aggression and callousness towards women and children.

 Forms of sexual terrorism

1] Domestic abuse.
2] Child sexual abuse.
3] Rape.
4] Prostitution.
5] Sex trafficking.
6] Revenge/Blackmail pornography
7] Online and real situational sexual harassment
8] Grooming, sexual offences such as 'Exposure' 'Frotteurism' 'Voyeurism'
9] Covert pornography, such as 'up-skirt' 'female changing rooms/toilets' photography/filming
10] Stalking as in unwanted or obsessive attention
11] Pornography

Characteristics of sexual terrorism

1] Violence against female cuts across socio-economic lines.
2] Crimes of sexual violence are the least likely to be reported.
3] Crimes of violence against females have the lowest conviction rates.
4] Blaming the victim of sexual violence is pervasive within society, the media, police/ health agencies and the judiciary.
5] Sexual violence is not taken seriously because of reasons such as the rife hypersexualization of girls and women in the media and in disparagement humour, such as rape jokes.

Pornography is in itself - A source of blatant and sanctioned violence against women

The pathology of perpetrators

Child molesters/rapists, sexual offenders, rapists, sexually motivated murderers, pimps,punters and pornographers all share three crucial elements in common.
Firstly, they are all sadistic, sexual psychopaths. Secondly, they are fantasy driven and thirdly, they strive to obtain a 'Perfect victim'

 The 'Perfect victim' is more often than not, young and attractively pleasing to the perpetrator.
She will usually be of small stature, passive, submissive, yielding and preferably emotionally and psychologically vulnerable. Thus easier to manipulate,have power over and control. She is often a product of a dysfunctional family, where violence and sexual abuse is commonplace. Or/and has been sexually assaulted or raped on one or more occasions. So, will often display high-risk sexual behaviours, self denigration, abuse, hatred, worthlessness and suffers from dissociation. In some young women there is a high amount of anger and aggression, which is manifested into bravado and mental toughness. This is not who she really is. It is a coping and survival mechanism.
 She is usually drug and/or alcohol dependant and is usually willing to do absolutely anything for money to feed her habit. This then becomes a perpetuating cycle, of which there is little escape. Because these types of males will 'promise to look after her' 'Love her'  'Pay her with goods, drugs, gifts or money' Or 'charm her and flatter her beauty/sexiness'  She will most likely submit to him. Because it will most likely be, the first time in her life that she has received such attention, affection and rewards. Of course, her perceptions of kindness, care and love have been considerably warped. Furthermore, because of such a power imbalance, where she is naive, gullible and sees him as a protector, Boy/friend and mentor. He, on the other hand is extremely savvy, manipulative, exploitive and deceptive.

 Sexual violence in plain sight

The retribution of pornographers, porn actors and consumers who make and enjoy hard-core and Gonzo porn. Seems to have arisen from the humiliating rejection that they felt from 'Hot' Girls' Who they either pursued or knew that they could 'Never have' during their adolescence. These men most likely assumed that it was because 'They were not cool enough' or 'Attractive enough' When in reality, it was probably because the girls sensed the hostility, psychopathy and creepiness within them.

What could be a better way to exact revenge than to 'collect' a constant stream of hot girls and humiliate, degrade, brutalise, rape and hurt them. Not just for themselves, but for the male consumers of pornography who connected and identified with their own adolescence. And of course, making tons of money in the process must really sweeten the deal
As you can see, the absolute hatred and violence in pornography is blatant, undeniable and exceptionally palpable.  

The hate speech of pornographers

The Content of the Most Popular Contemporary Pornography

 This is what pornography looks like
 By Robert Jensen

 The name 'Khan Tusion' is a pun on 'contusion' (bruising)


A vile pornographer degrading women being interviewed, because they are
not 'Hot enough' You tube (Not graphic)


Scene from Max Hardcore where he is trying to coerce a young woman to continue his facial abuse of her, after she ran away in distress.

Belle Knox shocking behind the scenes abuse on the porn set
(Nudity is blurred out)

 Empathy is a pornographer’s nightmare. The men using pornography are supposed to identify with the men in the video, not the women. If men ask the question, “Do women really want to be penetrated by two men at the same time?” the pornographic game is over. Women must remain less-than-human if pornography is to work. If women become anything more than -- in the words of notorious “extreme” pornography producer Max Hardcore -- a “cock receptacle,” then the men seeking pleasure might stop to ask how it feels for the real woman in the scene, the woman-who-is-a-person.
 By Robert Jensen.


  1. For further edification, go to the above video excerpts as they appear on YouTube, and take a look at some of the comments.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I have forced myself to stop reading that absolute hatred. I won't waste another minute. I am totally focused on my research and spreading awareness.