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Research surrounding sex offenders and pornography (part one)

Although there are studies and research pertaining to the links between sexual offenders and pornography out there. It is not really visible, unless you are actively looking for it. And although the links are sometimes acknowledged in the courts or in the media. Such as cases of sexually motivated murders of children and the heavy use of child abuse imagery. For example - the murdered children April Jones and Becky Watts.
 These links are not generally recognised or acknowledged in sexual assaults, rapes and the sexually motivated murders of adult women.

The only reason that I can attest to this invisibility, is that the multi billion,adult porn industry, sexologists, paedophiles, sex traffickers and indeed the general consumers of pornography. Do not want this kind of information in the public domain. The porn industry preaches it's sex positive existence and will combat/deny any negativity or evidence expressed by the anti-porn organisations into sex trafficking or even research undertaken into ED. (Erectile dysfunction)

'Follow the money' Is the relevant old adage there.

Pornography is also revered by sexologists who have a vested interest in the porn/sex industry. Many are paedophiles or pro-paedophilia. They make money by teaching, seminars, articles, books and advertising the lucrative sex toy industry on their blogs etc. 'Sexology' is not a science. The father of 'sexology' was the sexual sadist Alfred Kinsey who was a fraud and a criminal who (Amongst other things) Paid real paedophiles to sexually abuse babies and children. (There will be a more informative post on this subject)

Pornography is important for paedophiles, as they regularly use it as a grooming tool, both online and in real situations. They use it to show the child that it is 'Normal' behaviour and as an arousal facilitation tool. Although paedophiles would prefer 'Child pornography' They would not be arrested for having adult pornography.

Pornography is also regularly used by sex traffickers/Pimps and is utilised as a tool to threaten, frighten,demean,humiliate and teach young victims what kind of sex acts are required for both pornographic media and prostitution

 As for the millions of men who regularly masturbate to pornography. Well, they just don't want their fantasies marred by such horrendous facts.

*Before I am inundated with 'Research' that points to 'How pornography reduces sexual offending. Here is an example of one -  'Milton Diamond is a Professor Emeritus of anatomy and reproductive biology at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa'. Who made the following research data available

An overview of Milton Diamond and his flawed research


Legalizing child pornography is linked to lower rates of child sex abuse

 (I will be making a post about Kinsey, Diamond,sexologists,pornography and paedophiles soon)

The following excerpts and links are provided from sources found on the internet. Unfortunately, I do not have access or am unable to pay the fees for access for much of the research.

*Please click on the images to enlarge

The role of pornography in sexual offences


Pornography Use and Sexual Aggression: The impact of frequency and type of pornography use on recidivism among sexual offenders

Pornography and Sexual Aggression

Experimental Effects of Exposure to Pornography

Pornography and Sexist Attitudes Among Heterosexuals

Pornography, Individual Differences in Risk and Men’s Acceptance of Violence Against Women

Pornography and Sexual Aggression: Comment on Diamond

The flawed 'Porn Report' - pornography rarely depicts violence against women

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