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The importance of fantasy in sexual offending

Although alcohol and drugs, often play an important role as facilitation tools in sexual offending. The most crucial and significant element in a perpetrators vision, direction and motivation is the 'Fantasy'.
All serial perpetrators (whether they offend against children or adults) who sexually assault, rape and murder; Fantasised about their crimes before committing them.
Apart from offending paedophiles, most of these perpetrators have criminal backgrounds which often include burglary, theft, arson, animal cruelty, domestic violence and assault. They are often power/control driven, angry and possess high degrees of self entitlement. Most are misogynistic and perceive women as mere 'Objects' That are to be used, abused, punished and sometimes tortured and murdered. Some even de-feminise women by cutting off their breasts and mutilating the reproductive system.

We know that boys don't grow into adult men and then one day - just decide to become serial rapists or murderers.
There has to be an inherent callousness, psychopathy and a degree of sadistic tendencies which are fuelled by external influences and factors.
This I believe, emerges and escalates during pubescence.
 The time of sexual awareness and raging hormones in normal, well adjusted boys, leads to frequent masturbation and the seeking of healthy sexual relationships with others.
But, what about boys who display psychopathic, callous and sadistic traits? The ones who need to feel power, control and take pleasure in causing the pain of animals or indeed human beings?
What happens when they become sexually aware?
Normal, healthy sexual relationships do not interest the sexually aggressive and sadistic males and cannot be attained. Because women (And men) do not want to be violently abused, raped and murdered.
So, what do they do in order to derive such warped, unhealthy and deviant 'versions' of sexual pleasure?
Firstly, they seek out extreme and violent pornography, after discovering 'Normal' pornography in magazines or more so on the internet.
The only way they can become aroused is by sexual violence. They reinforce the moulding of sex and violence by masturbating to such combined acts. They not only just view and masturbate to the material. They develop complex and detailed fantasies about subjecting real victims to the very sexual violence and scenarios that they are aroused by.
After a period of time and after exhausting the whole spectrum of violent and deviant pornography. They become completely desensitized, frustrated and both psychologically and sexually flaccid.

This is where they cross the line. It is their only option.
They have developed, refined and invested in their 'Perfect fantasy' and now they need to find their 'Perfect victim'. Some of them even 'Make' their own
'Perfect pornography' whilst raping and murdering their victims.

The following extracts are from the book 'Sex related homicide and death investigation' By Vernon J. Geberth

 Criminal psychologist- The problem with porn and sex offenders

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During the 1950's/60's/70's Many serial rapists and murderers collected, real men, detective and true crime magazines to aid their fantasies. Here's a selection
of the covers, which eroticised sexual violence and were extremely gratuitous.

Some examples of serial murderers fantasy ideas/interiors
David Parker Ray's 'Toy box'

Fritz Honka
Issei Sagawa
Col. Russell Williams

Cameron Hooker head box
Cameron hooker
BTK drawings
Gerard Schaefer drawings

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